101 – Climbing Mount Democrat and Cameron

I am filming today’s show on location outside. It’s a beautiful September day and we have a lot to talk about today so join us!

We celebrated our 100th show just last week. When I first started the show, I never imagined I would get this far. When I first started off, the show was called Slice Your Age in Half, then it was Slice Your Age, and now it is The David Madow Lifestyle Show. I think that The David Madow Lifestyle Show sort of tells the whole story. It’s all about lifestyle and I am doing it. I am trying to help you do it too!

Looking back on last week’s show, the 100th birthday party, I am not sure I expressed my feelings of gratitude towards you and towards what I am doing. And I wanted to take just a few seconds to thank YOU so much from the bottom of my heart for being a friend of mine. Even if you have never met me personally, I consider you a friend. I feel your energy, you’re here with me, and we’re changing the world one person at a time. When I first started, I had a few listeners. But over the past two years and 101 podcasts, people from all over the world have been watching the videos and listening to the audio podcasts and I am just so humbled. Thank you! I always say if I can change just one life of someone watching or listening to this; then that makes my day. And it’s evident that I have changed so many more. I read a lot of your stories last episode. I have two or three more that came in late and I don’t want to miss them entirely. So I wanted to give them a chance to express how they feel.

Michael Cowgill“Good Morning Dave! I must say much more of my life has changed because of you. I look at myself and the world differently now, not just what I eat, but other things too. I am into conservation and meditation now. And due to a lower back injury, I will begin yoga to repair lower back muscles. I drink purified water. I exercise more than ever. I am hiking. I use a step machine. I even recycle as a way to help our planet. I guess turning 60 really opened my eyes as to what direction I needed to go in. I don’t preach but if asked I will tell others what I do and believe is a healthy way of life. I have just changed a few people’s way of eating and lifestyle and it feels great! I wish more people would just realize how changing a few things could change their lives for the better to become healthier and happier. I have lost 72 lbs. at this point. And it’s interesting because I know what I need to eat to maintain my body weight.  I think I will lose another 20 lbs. and be right where I feel comfortable.”

Congratulations! That’s very cool! It’s very interesting when you start eating and living a healthy lifestyle, you know what and what not to put in your body. You know if you eat something in particular it will cause you to gain weight and become less healthy. If you eat healthy plant based whole foods, non-processed, with minimal salt, sugar, and oil, it is very easy to maintain your weight. Thanks so much Michael!

Jay U. “Good Morning Dr. David & Yoko from Australia! Thank you for sharing your world with us. I am so thankful you’ve entered my life through your podcasts and guiding me through some of the toughest times in my life. Sharing your thoughts, experiences, and your views which have tied a lot of puzzles in my life.”

Wow Jay! That’s so cool! I am glad we are able to help you all the way in Australia. And if you have never heard of Jay, Jay has been a listener for a long time. Jay actually came to the U.S this past May to run the Bay 2 Breakers race 12K with us. And we hung out and did a meet up and had a really cool dinner. It was great meeting up with you in San Francisco and let’s do it again sometime soon Jay! I am so glad that your life is really good now!

Millie Slater Thompson“Your enthusiasm and passion for all you do has always inspired me to push to be the best I can be.”

Millie, I am so glad to hear that!

It’s not too late, if you want to write in to me and ask a question or send a comment about how I have changed your life, I will feature you on the show. It’s greatly appreciated!

I also want to talk to you guys today about something that Yoko and I did about three weeks ago while in Colorado. We did a podcast after a we ran a half marathon that had an elevation over 12,500 feet. A half marathon is typically about 13.1 miles so it’s not easy to begin with but when you are running a half marathon over 12,500 feet it’s definitely not easy. Actually someone wrote in to me and said it’s one of the world. I am not sure if it is but it is really tough. We did have a great time doing it. A week after the half marathon, Yoko and I set out to hike two 14,000 foot mountains (otherwise known as a fourteener). Our plan was to hike one which was Mt. Democrat. It was a 45 minute drive from where we were staying in Breckenridge. Part of the difficulty in the hike is just getting there. One you may your way to the town of Alma, CO and head towards Kite Lake the road is extremely difficult to navigate. The road is in poor condition, with bumps, potholes, and all kinds of irregularities like grooves and ditches. And if you don’t have a good four wheel drive vehicle you probably won’t make it up that road. It was a crazy drive. I was really worried that we were going to get a flat tire or break down in the middle of nowhere. We finally made it up the road to Kite Lake and it’s still dark because we left very early. We put our head-lamps on and get our packs and start the hike up to Mt Democrat. It starts out on a level path which isn’t too bad but it very quickly begins to go uphill. It was a lot of slow walking and climbing over large rocks. The altitude was difficult but what made it really scary was that the rocks are a bit wet and slippery in the morning. As I am climbing up these slippery rocks, I begin thinking that this is really dangerous. I had my pack and my hiking poles. I knew if I took one fall that could really be a serious situation. My even bigger concern was going downhill. We met some amazing people during the hike. Including a young woman who was carrying her 35 lb. mountain bike up to the summit which is something I have never seen before. I could not have done it, it was unbelievable! We all made it to the top and spent some time taking photos and talking to other hikers. Luckily on the way down, it has warmed up enough to dry the rocks and the descent was not too difficult. It was much easier and faster than the ascent. We made it to the saddle between Mt. Democrat and Mt. Cameron and now we have a decision to make. We could go back down to the car or as Yoko suggested we could climb another fourteener today. Of course, I am thinking, Yoko are you crazy? We just did one fourteener and a half marathon the week before, let’s cool it for a bit. But she said no it’s right there, let’s go up another 14,000 foot mountain. I agreed and we began hiking the next mountain which was Mt. Cameron. It was a little easier than Mt. Democrat. There was a more defined trail instead of the rock scrambling we did on Mt. Democrat. It took us about 2 hours 15 minutes to reach the summit of Mt. Democrat and probably about an hour or so to summit Mt. Cameron from the saddle. It was a great day! It was difficult but I felt a serious sense of accomplishment after summiting TWO 14,000 foot mountains in Colorado.

So where am I going with this? I have found that over the years mixing up my training is a great way to stay in shape. Doing the same exercise every day is good; at least you are moving. But don’t be afraid to mix it up. Do something fun! Do something you have to train for such as a half marathon or 5k. Get out and do something different!

I also want to share some exciting news! My son, Evan, and his lovely fiancé and getting married next month in San Diego. So Yoko and I will be heading out there. It’s going to be a great family event with tons of friends. This is what life is about! These great moments!

Thanks so much for being with me and being a friend. Please feel free to share my show with your family and friends.

Also see me on Periscope. I am having daily broadcasts sharing tips and advice. Periscope is an app that you can download on your smartphone to watch live video broadcasts. Follow me on Periscope @DavidMadow.

Come see me on Saturday, September 26th at the Charlottesville Vegetarian Fest at 2pm. I will be speaking about plant based living. Hope to see you there!

“Thank you very much for listening! The show is literally downloaded by the thousands each week now. In fact, we have passed the 275,000+ downloads mark! Wow! I so appreciate you listening and sharing this show with your family and friends. I love to help people live a healthier life! It is so great that we have listeners from all over the world from the United States to the UK to Canada to Europe to Japan to Australia. I love hearing from people all over the world on Facebook, Twitter, Email, and our phone hotline too!” says Dr. Dave.

Did you enjoy today’s show? Do you have any questions for me? Do you have any comments or feedback? You are not alone! We want to help you live better, stronger, happier, thinner lives!

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