120 – Body Language, Smelly Things and Vegan Options

This is the show where I help you live stronger, thinner, healthier, and happier. Do you like all four of those? Do you have a favorite? Would you rather be stronger, or thinner, or healthier, or happier? If you had to pick one, what would you be? I’m curious. I always talk on my shows about how I think that no matter how much we eat or exercise, happiness is the most important thing in our lives. So maybe I would pick happiness over everything.

I am actually stuck in Kansas City, Missouri at the moment. I was speaking in Denver, Colorado a few days ago and tried to make it back but as I am recording this we are experiencing a blizzard on the East coast and the furthest I could get back was Kansas City. I could not get any further East. It is cold here but if you are on the East coast you are probably experiencing a lot colder and snowier conditions so I hope you are ok wherever you are.

Smelly Things

So I am stuck here. When I traveled to Denver, I tried to pack very lightly. I only packed a few things. A couple things I needed when I was on stage speaking and of course some casual clothes. I didn’t take anymore because I like to travel light. I learned that a long time ago. I used to carry way too many things when I traveled. But now, my dilemma is, that I have very few clothes. So I have to keep wearing the same things over and over again. Probably the first thing that comes to your mind is “Oh god, Dave must smell really bad.” I haven’t done any laundry and I probably won’t because I just don’t need to. The weird thing is, I don’t think I smell bad at all. I have probably talked to you about this before, but I have noticed something really strange and I swear to you it’s true. When I became plant based, I noticed a lot of cool things. I felt stronger, I lost weight, and when I went to the doctor my blood work was incredibly good. There are so many positives besides saving the animals and eliminating suffering or reducing it. There are so many great benefits but another benefit that I didn’t even think about is that I don’t smell anymore. I never smelled bad but you know, as human beings were programmed to go to the pharmacy and buy deodorant and antiperspirants and perfume and things that mask body odor and all kinds of smells. Well, it’s really bizarre, but since I went plant based, I don’t use deodorant or antiperspirant anymore. I am always double checking to make sure there are no weird smells coming from my body and I ask my wife as well. I just don’t smell bad anymore. There is no smell at all.  When I see people buying perfumes and colognes and all these things that “smell so good” but basically what they are trying to do is mask some type of a weird bad smell on their body. I swear to you I notice a tremendous difference. Right now I have on a t-shirt that I have probably worn already for three days since I’ve traveled to Denver and I gotta be honest with you it just doesn’t have any bad smells whatsoever.

When human beings eat meat (we are not really carnivores), the meat will actually putrefy in the gut. And it sends out all kinds of toxins through your bloodstream and your body and some of these smell. The putrefaction process smells. I know there is a break down process as well for veggies and other plants but it just doesn’t seem to smell bad. Give it a try if you are concerned about being as pure as you possibly can.

Just to back up for a bit, I have a lot of new followers and whether you have been listening to me from the start (over two years now) or whether you are brand new to me, I really appreciate you. My goal is that for every episode I record for you, there is some really good useful information to change your life or to make your life better. Stick with me and make sure you subscribe via iTunes so you get an automatic download every week when a new episode is released on Monday. Also be sure to check out my Periscope broadcasts each day. Not only am I recording a video as I do it but it is in real time and you can ask me questions, you can hang out with me, and make comments.

Vegan Options

Also, in my travels I am noticing that over the past couple years many restaurants are really leaning towards having some vegan options on the menu.

I really don’t love traveling. If I am going to a really cool place that’s one thing. But hanging out in a hotel room does kinda get old. I try to make the best of it.  There’s a natural grocery store not too far away so I got some hummus, celery, whole wheat bread, dates, and organic green tea. Whenever I travel, I try to stock my room with really good healthy food.

So when I was traveling to Denver, I flew Southwest which is known for having low fares. One of the things they do to keep the fares low is that they do not have assigned seating. You line up according to the number on your boarding pass, and as you come on board the plane people pick their seats. I typically board my plane early and get to pick just about any seat on the plane. I always pick an aisle seat that’s relatively close to the front. That’s where I feel comfortable. Plus being on the aisle gives me some extra leg room since I am pretty tall. One thing I dread if I am not traveling with my wife, is who is going to site in the middle seat next to me. M


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