128 – You Have a Friend, Three Effective Ways to Combat Sadness

Welcome to episode #128! This is the show where I help you live longer, stronger, healthier, and happier. I have a really important show for you today. I did a Periscope broadcast about this the other day that was very popular, but I have noticed that many of you are experiencing some type of sadness, depression, or anxiety. Or maybe you are just not feeling good about what the future has in store for you. I want to devote a good part of the show to helping you with that today. Even if you are not experiencing some type of sadness, I want you to stick with me.

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When I started this show close to 2 1/2 years ago now, I really didn’t know which way it was going to go. I’ve got listeners from all over the world now and I want to make it very clear that even if we haven’t met in person, you have a friend right here. You can talk to me about anything, you can tell me anything, you can ask me a question. I want you to consider us as friends. And I truly mean that! As you know this podcast doesn’t cost you any money and I don’t make any money from this. I do it because I feel like I have a mission in life. I have work to do! I am your friend and if there is anything you need from me please let me know. When I did the Periscope broadcast the other day it got a lot of attention. I didn’t know this at the time but I am finding out now that as we transition from Winter to Spring, people are sad. I am not sure of the actual reasons why this is happening, but I have spoke with many people over the past week that have told me that they are sad and depressed. They’re not really feeling good about they way things are going in their lives. And they feel that there is no solution. I am here to tell you that there is. I am going to share three things with you that I really do believe will help you.

Unless you are chronically depressed (which is a very serious condition), please realize that if you have a day that is not going the way you would like it to be or you’re sad about something, it is going to pass. When you are in that state of mind, sit down and recognize that it’s going to pass and sometime later that day or the next you are going to feel better. A lot of times that’s enough to sort of get you through.

However, I think you will find that if you do the following three things, you are going to feel a lot happier. A lot of the depression and the anxiety is going to go away. Even if you are not sad or anxious or depressed these things are important anyway and I know they make your life much better.

  1. Magic Four – Try your best to get outside and walk four miles every single day. This is a commitment and will take some time. I don’t recommend that you do it on the treadmill, although the treadmill is better than nothing. But I really do believe there is something about being outside in the air that is good for us. Number one, if you get outside and it’s light and sunny, you will get your fix of vitamin D which so many of us are deficient in. Try your best to do four miles but if you can’t, you can’t. I know we all have time constraints and it does take an hour. But when you get out there, there is something about the four mile point that you are going to start feeling better physically and mentally. Physically it just makes sense. When you are out walking for an hour, it’s aerobic, the blood is flowing, your metabolism is going, and you are doing a lot for your body. Somebody asked me the other day if it was ok to do this in increments. So if your goal is four miles, you could walk one mile four times per day. My answer is that it’s ok but I really do believe it’s best to do it all at once. When you hit that four mile mark you’re going to feel things in your muscles that you wouldn’t feel if you were splitting it up. It’s almost meditative, when you are out there for an hour you can let your mind go. You can do different things; you can think, you can plan your day, listen to music, breathe and be mindful. There are so many things you can do. For example, I listen to a Japanese language program because I am trying to learn more Japanese. I also listen to a financial podcast. Those that plan financially, tend to do better. It has nothing at all to do with how many money one makes. But it depends on how you are at planning and how responsible you are with it. As you walk you are oxygenating your brain so much that ideas start to come to your mind. You’ll start reaching goals. It’s really amazing what happens. If you don’t believe me just try it! There is something magical about it and I have been saying this since I wrote my book in 2007 and I still believe in it so strongly. Get out there and walk every day if you possibly can.
  2. Eliminate Processed Foods – Eat all healthy whole foods preferably organic. What does that mean? It means that if the food is free of additives and chemicals. I take it one step further since I am vegan and only eat foods that come from the ground. I highly recommend it but that is your choice. At the very least let’s start with eliminating processed foods, junk food, sugars, oil, and salt. When you start eating whole foods you will begin to notice a tremendous change in the way you feel and the way you look.
  3. Meditate – This is something I have been doing on a regular basis for a couple years now. Mediation is a life changer. I will tell you how I do it. There is nothing crazy or esoteric at all. Basically I sit down in a comfortable position sitting upright. In a quiet room, I close my eyes. I suggest setting a timer so you don’t have to think about the time. Start with five or ten minutes. Take a deep breath in, hold it, and then let it out. While I am breathing in and out, I am repeating a mantra during each breath in and out. This helps to clear your mind of other thoughts. “Sweep” the thoughts from your mind and focus on slowly breathing in and out. When you do this on a regular basis it is such a game changer. You will feel so much better, your mind will be clear, you will be more positive, little things won’t bother you anymore, your blood pressure will go down, the list is endless. Go online and Google the “health benefits of meditation” and you will see that there are literally hundreds. It’s unbelievable! It really works! If I miss a day, I really can tell the difference. I am urging you to please try it. Especially if you are experiencing mood changes between the seasons or if you are feeling not quite right.

All of these things will make a big difference. Once you can eliminate the bad food, and you are walking, and you’re meditating, you will definitely begin to see big changes in how you look and feel. These are three things that I will personally guarantee that will help you live longer, stronger, healthier, and happier!

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