132 – Buffets, Persistence, Grand Canyon and More

Highlights from today’s show…

  1. Dr. Dave is on the road again! Find out about his hippie road trip currently in progress. 
  2. Why I think everyone should stay away from buffets. 
  3. Repeat after me. NEVER give up. Why persistence is the best policy. 

Welcome back to the David Madow Lifestyle Show, I am David Madow a.k.a. Mr. Vaygan! This is episode #132. And this could perhaps be one of the most fun episodes that I have ever recorded. And one of the most fun episodes for you to listen to. Let me explain why!

I am recording this from my car and I am on day 2 of what I call my hippie road trip! My #hippieroadtrip from Phoenix, AZ to Little Rock, AK. I had a gig speaking in Phoenix and I had a choice after that. I had a gig speaking all day long in Little Rock, AK this coming Friday (April 15th). I thought, well I could get back on a plane and do what I always do; head home for a few days then fly to Little Rock. Or I could get into my rental car and take 5 days to do whatever I want as long as I make it to Little Rock in time. So yesterday I left my hotel in Phoenix, AZ and I got in my rental car and started driving north on I17. I didn’t know exactly where I was going to go. I originally started out heading towards Albuquerque, NM but then that I would probably kick myself if I didn’t visit Grand Canyon National Park. It is one of the coolest places on the planet. So on Day 1 of my hippie road trip I drove about 3 1/2 hours to the Grand Canyon. I stopped off and got some food and loaded up on healthy snacks on the way there. I did a 3 mile daytime hike on the Bright Angel trail. It doesn’t sounds like a lot but 3 miles in the Grand Canyon is not a walk in the park. Hiking out of the canyon is all uphill and it can be steep and relentless. But I did it and it was a beautiful day. There was a little rain and even some snow during my hike. If you have never seen the Grand Canyon, write this down in your goals – “I will visit the Grand Canyon in the next year”. And I want you to do some hiking there because it is just awesome. You will never do anything else like it. You will love it!

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I am on day 2 of my journey already. I am currently staying in Flagstaff, AZ. Last night I dined at a great Himalayan restaurant. When you make last minute reservations for things like hotels you can get some great deals from sites like www.hotels.com or www.hoteltonight.com. I got a very nice hotel room for about $60 for the night. It was very clean and very quiet and I got a great night’s rest.

On this hippie road trip, I did not make any plans or any reservations. I can do whatever I want and it’s such a great feeling. Several of you message me saying that you were living vicariously through me or that you wish you could do this. Here is where I take issue with that. I want you to do something like that because what is life? Is life working every day? Making money and working harder and making more money? To be spent when? When you are older? We have to live life to the fullest. It can’t always be about making money, and working harder, and being successful, and having things. Life cannot be about that. The reason I am able to do a trip like this (and other trips like this) is because 1) I have been very smart with my money over the years. I spend much less than I make and I am able to save a lot and invest a lot. And 2) because my lifestyle is such that I just don’t require a lot of money to live. You can do this kind of stuff too. Don’t live vicariously through me. It doesn’t require a lot of money. You might be saying to yourself, “but I have a job and if I take time off, I will get fired.” You have to put your priorities in place. I am not saying to get fired but I honestly believe there are ways that you can work out your schedule and work out your life. If you never take the time to figure out how to do it, you will never get there. I am looking around the desert and it’s just beautiful and peaceful. I want you to be able to experience something like this. Please just try it! I am having a blast! I am sure you can feel my enthusiasm. This is one of the coolest things I have ever done.

Now, let’s talk about eating for a moment. When doing a trip like this, I try to eat really healthy. And you can eat healthy on the road. I always try to stock up from a natural foods store such as Whole Foods or Natural Grocer (common in the western part of the U.S.). One thing I always try to do as well is to eat ethnic food as much as possible. Because when you eat Indian, Thai, or Vietnamese you can almost always get vegan options. I am totally plant based and I don’t eat meat even when I am on the road. I do recommend that you stay away from buffets whether you are traveling or not. It has been proven, psychologically speaking, that when you eat at a buffet you are going to eat 28% more food than if you went to a regular restaurant and just ordered off the menu. I am guilty too! I know that when I go to an Indian buffet, I eat more than I should. It’s interesting because I know on one of the Facebook groups I am involved in back home in Reisterstown, MD, a lot of people are fighting for a Golden Corral buffet restaurant. And they were very upset when a chinese buffet closed up just a short time ago. But I am going to say to you, as my friend and as my listener, let’s not go to buffets. You will eat more appetizers, more entrees, and even probably more of the desserts too.

I also want to talk to you just a bit about putting things off. I know what you are thinking. You are listening to me and thinking this sounds great. My advice to you is that there is no better time to do it then now. When you make your mind up that you are going to do something I want you to do it. And not only for a road trip like this but for life. For example, when I first started this podcast, I have a very small number of listeners. I can count them on one hand – mom, dad, my wife Yoko, and maybe a few others if I was lucky. In the first couple episodes, I would see the statistics and they were not very good. And it would have been very easy for me to say “oh, you know this thing just didn’t really work out for me, I need to give it up, I need to do something else. And these days we are a society that wants instant gratification. You want things to happen right away and if they don’t happen right away then you’re on to the next thing. Whether it’s learning how to play guitar, speak a language, starting a podcast, starting a new business, whatever. It could be anything. But here’s what I am going to tell you, I want you to persist. I want you to keep going. Because if I had given up my podcast; well, I wouldn’t be speaking to you today and I wouldn’t have the following that I have today. But I knew that if I just kept this thing going, and gave good information, and connected with people, I knew my listenership would grow. And I was right! I went from a podcast that started with just a handful of listeners to a podcast now that has YOU and people from all over the world listening to every episode. I look at my statistics but I am not obsessed with them. The most important thing is that I am giving a good information every week and that I am connecting with you. But every week now it’s growing. The point is not to brag about my podcast but to tell you that I could have just given this thing up. But I didn’t and I am going in the right direction. Whatever it is that you are trying to do, please don’t give up. I want you to persist and keep it going. Forget about the instant gratification that just doesn’t seem to happen. I know it happens in the movies and on TV in reality shows, and sometimes with people but in general we have to work for what we want to get. Whatever you are doing, don’t give up quickly. I promise you it will work for you.

Thank you so much for being with me on my hippie vaygan road trip day number 2. I love sharing this stuff with you. It’s fun and if you can learn something from it that’s even better. Until next time…

– Dr. Dave

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