143 – This Man Was Crazy and Much More

Highlights from today’s show…

  1. Dr. Dave has a very exciting announcement! Are you on the list yet?
  2. Dr. Dave talks about practicing what he preaches… 
  3. Dr. Dave wishes a Happy 4th to all his American listeners! 

Hey there! It’s Dr. Dave and welcome to episode #143 of The David Madow Lifestyle Show. This is the show where I help you live stronger, thinner, healthier, and happier. And a lot more than that!

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Happy July 4th if you are in the U.S.A.! We are celebrating Independence Day today. So to all my American listeners, I hope you have a great day today! Celebrate, remember what you are celebrating, and be safe as well. Please have a great day!


I have some exciting stuff to share with you today. I want to share something kind of funny with you right off the bat. You might remember that in previous episodes that I sometimes record outside. And somehow noise tends to follow me. And I have a great example. It’s crazy. I can’t explain it. I don’t think it’s negative.

So I am ready to do this conference call yesterday. I found a place that was very peaceful and there was no one around. So I made the call and we were talking. And about 5 to 10 minutes into this call a landscape truck show ups right where I am and unloads I can’t even tell you how many people with lawn mowers and other equipment and they start working right in the middle of my call. Now I realize that they have a job to do but I tried to find the most peaceful place ever and within 10 minutes this truck pulls up and I had nowhere to go. So I had to walk around and try to avoid these guys on these really loud machines.

I know that there’s energy out there in the universe. We pray, we hope, we look for positive energy. I swear I am not out looking for noise. But what I think it does it make you realize that there are not a lot of quiet places anymore in popular areas. Our peace and quiet is getting more difficult to find. You might not realize it if you are not out recording something or on a very important call. You probably don’t notice the extraneous noise. But let me tell you something, take a microphone and start recording something outside and you’ll see how incredibly noisy it is almost everywhere.

Weirdness follows me for some reason. It just follows me. I have a great life and I am living my lifestyle, The David Madow Lifestyle. But for some reason, it follows me and I can’t explain it. Like one day, several episodes ago, I was in my car and I found this back parking spot in a very large mall area. I was meeting someone for lunch at the mall. So I parked a ways away from everybody. And sure enough a whole landscape crew found me and surrounded me.

Exciting Announcement

I have something incredibly cool to share with you now. A couple weeks ago I was doing my Periscope broadcast. And many of you that are listening to this now are regulars on my Periscope broadcasts. If you are not sure what Periscope is, it’s a free app that you can download on your tablet or phone and watch live streaming broadcasts. So you can pick it up and turn it on and start to broadcast. And if your title is interesting enough, people all over the world will pick it up and start watching you. Over the past year, I have developed a really good following and audience. I do a daily broadcast generally Monday through Friday around 8:15a.m. EST.

So I was doing a Periscope broadcast a few weeks ago and on the spur of the moment I had an idea. I have several of you guys and gals that are really interested in living this lifestyle and maybe even changing a lot of the things you are doing in your lives. So I came up with this idea that I would love to have kind of a 2 day retreat. You would come into my home and for two full days you would hang with me and my wife Yoko. We only want to take 10 people. We want it to be very intimate so that we are teaching 1 on 1. We want to teach you how to live this lifestyle and show you every single day. Now, you won’t be sleeping at our house because we just don’t have the room to hold 10 people to sleep. But there are some nearby hotels that we are going to recommend.

I started talking about this a little bit and as soon as I said I wanted to limit this to 10 people, people began messaging me that they want in and that they want to do it. I am not sure how many are serious and are gonna do it but I’ve got a list going already. I want to keep it to 10. It’s going to be awesome! Our friend Sandy who is a Yoga instructor came over yesterday and after Yoga we began brainstorming and she was crazy about the idea. We are going to be teaching Yoga, meditation, and cooking demonstrations. We’ll also be taking some group mastermind walks where we will be sharing ideas and looking at nature. We will have a drum circle. If you don’t know what that is, stay tuned because that’s incredible in itself. We will be answering any questions you have and I will be sharing my life and opening up about things that I have never ever talked about on Periscope or here on my podcast or shared from the stage. Yoko and I will be sharing everything. The group that comes will be like an elite group that will be privy to the exact way that we live this lifestyle. And it’s not difficult. By the time you leave, if we haven’t totally changed your life than we haven’t done our job.

Nothing is set in stone yet and we are looking at calendars. From what I am seeing there is a very good chance that it is going to be in April of 2017. That’s how crazily booked I am up until then. But it’s most likely going to be a weekend in April 2017. I will keep you informed as to happenings. Right now I am calling it the 2 Day David Madow Lifestyle Retreat but we might come up with a catchy name. As a matter of fact, if you have a really cool name idea, message me and let me know.

We’re also going to have 2 lunches and 2 dinners together. I’m actually going to pick 4 places that Yoko and I love. The meals are going to be vegan but even if you’re not vegan you will be living a vegan lifestyle for this 2 day retreat. We are going to teach everything. I have not come up with an exact pricing yet, but I am going to make it fair. I promise you will get much more than your money’s worth. Unfortunately we can’t put the whole thing on for free. There will be expenses involved. It will be planned out and it’s going to be an amazing weekend.

If you are interested and want to be on the list, send me a Facebook message here or you can email me at rundrdave@gmail.com. I will confirm that I received your message and add you to the list. There is no commitment just yet and we will remove you from the list at your request. But it will give me an idea who is interested. However please only sign up for the list if you are seriously interested.

It’s super exciting! And we hope to see you there. We want to hang out with you. We want to change your life! If you’ve come this far, it’s about time to really totally change your life. And we are going to do it!

Practice What You Preach

I want to finish off by sharing something that happened to me the other day. I want to share this with you because I preach a certain lifestyle. I was coming home from work the other day. It was a rainy day. I live in a rural area. I was going to make a left hand turn on my street and there was a car coming towards me making a right. He was going very very slow and I felt that I had plenty of time. I felt that I had plenty of time to make the left turn in front of him before he was even going to get to the intersection to make the turn. So I made the left hand turn not thinking anything of it. Next thing I know I am driving down my street and he is behind me. Not only is he behind me but I see he is really tailing me and it looks like he is not really happy. He is trying to swerve around me and pass me. He is honking his horn and this guy is going crazy. At first I was trying to figure out what they story was. I couldn’t imagine why he could be so upset. The only thing that I could possibly think of is that maybe he felt that I cut him off. But this guy was going nuts and he was trying to pass me but I was not letting him. In a situation like this, you have to think fast. What do you do? This guy could be a mad man. He could be looking for a confrontation. Who knows?! I thought that if I let him pass me, he would have the upper hand. So I was not going to allow this guy to pass me. It was maybe a mile from my house. He was honking the horn and trying to come around me. I felt that the smartest thing to do would be to not drive into my driveway because I don’t want this guy to see where I live. My license plate does say Go Vegan so the guy could have very easily remembered my license plate and do a search. So I decided to keep driving straight past my house and I would try to pull into a fire station or police station even though I was pretty far from anything like that out in the middle of nowhere. I was not going to let this guy intimidate me. But I was going the speed limit and I was not going to give him the finger or anything like that. I kept cool.

What ended up happening is that he turned off into a small side street before you get to my house. And was never to be seen again. I continued on and turn into my driveway and that was pretty much it. I didn’t get pissed off, I didn’t get upset,my blood pressure didn’t go up, I didn’t feel that I needed to go find this guy and take revenge or anything like that. I practice what I preach. I let it go. The last thing I want to do was to have this ruin my day, my life, ruin my week, or step into some type of revenge. It’s not worth it.

When I got home I told my wife Yoko about it and I think I talked about it on my Periscope broadcast. I wanted to share that with you because it’s a learning experience. I do practice what I preach and what I teach to you. I teach not to be stressed out, and not to fight with people, don’t take yourself to their level, try to do the right thing. Maybe I made a mistake. Maybe I should have waited for him to make the turn.

My lesson for today is to please don’t let idiots stress you out. Recognize that they are idiots and some things are just totally out of your control. Think and try to do the right thing. That’s just one part of The David Madow Lifestyle. There are so many things I want to teach you and so many things that I have taught you over the life of this podcast.

Thank you so much for hanging with me. I hope you enjoyed it! We got through this without any landscaping trucks finding me 😉 We did it! Happy Holiday! I’ll be back next Monday. Have a great one!

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