145 – Live Your Life Not Theirs

Highlights from today’s show…

  1. Dr. Dave is LIVE from Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA! 
  2. Dr. Dave talks about happiness and living your own life. 
  3. Dr. Dave tells us what the “Magic 4” is…

Hey there! It’s Dr. Dave. Welcome back to The David Madow Lifestyle Show. This is episode #145. And as you know, this is the show where I help you live stronger, thinner, healthier, and happier.

You can take those four word however you want. Stronger does not necessarily mean physically strong. It could, but you can be stronger in many ways. I am so glad to have you back. If you are a new listener, welcome! I am so glad you are here.

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I take 20 minutes of your time only once a week. I give you things that I’ve got from my heart, my soul, my mouth to help you live your best life ever. It’s normally me and I talk for 20 minutes straight. I hope you like it! I try to keep you entertained and have some fun here while I teach you The David Madow Lifestyle. Once in awhile, I will have a guest on.

It’s a beautiful today. Today, I am at the University of Pittsburgh attending the Vegetarian Summerfest . This is my first year being here. It has been going on for many years and let me just say it’s an awesome group of people. There are hundreds of people that attend from all over North America. Luckily, it’s only a three hour drive from where I live. There are classes, incredible vegan meals, and wonderful people that I am networking with. This is incredible. If you are vegan, vegetarian, or just thinking about it, be sure to check it out next year. I hope to be back!

This morning, I led a class titled “10 Ways to Supercharge Your Life” and it was really well attended. I performed two vegan parody songs here Thursday night. I think it went really really well. I am hoping that they invite me back as a speaker/performer next year. Even if they don’t I am sure I will be back as an attendee and network and meet new friends. I look at it as like a summer camp or vacation. Come join me next year!

For those of you that are brand new, if you know my name (David Madow) you can pretty much find me anywhere. Just hang with me. The more we hang together, the more we will help each other. I will help you in any way I can. I just love living this lifestyle, The David Madow lifestyle. The only reason I call it that is because I have learned things over many many years and have made tons of mistakes. I do not have all the answers and I am not perfect. But I can tell you that in my 61 years of being on this planet, I can pretty much from experience tell you that I can teach you (and myself) how to live the best life. One of the ways that I talk about is taking animals out of our diet. Not using animals for clothing or for entertainment with the exception of pets. As long as you are not using them to do crazy things because “we are human beings and we are better than them.” No, no that stuff’s not good. There may be vegans that disagree with me on that, I don’t know. But I have three cats and I love dogs. I love all animals. I try to respect them all.

But that’s not actually the topic of today’s show. Today’s topic is “Live Your Life Not Theirs”.  What I mean by that is, and I am not saying you, but a lot of people are living a life that is not really yours. What I mean by that is that you’re concerned with what your next door neighbor may be driving, the new kitchen they just put in their house, or the country club they just joined. You maybe even begin to compete with them and you don’t know you’re doing it. It becomes a subconscious thing. When we are not happy with ourselves from within; we are constantly trying to look at others, compete with others, we become jealous of others. We start to gossip with others because we are not happy with ourselves. We don’t love our self. And I am not talking about narcissistic personality disorder. I am talking about being so happy with who you are and so happy from within that it doesn’t matter what other people around you are doing or thinking about you. A lot of us know one of those people. I probably used to be one of those people.

I am going to take a quick diversion for a second. Animals don’t really have any true possessions. Sometimes humans evaluate our lives and others’ lives based on the possessions that they have. Some people think that the more money they have and the more possessions that they have, then the better they are and the happier they are. But think about this. Animals don’t have anything. The only thing they have is their lives.

We all need to live our very own life. What about what we do on a daily basis? What about what we do for a living? Are we truly doing it for ourselves? Or are we doing it to look better than someone else?

Let me tell you something. Other people aren’t looking at you as much as you think they are. You’re trying to impress other people with you fancy car and what you have and other people are not at you as much as you think they are so do things that you want to do.

I know I have talked about this before but this is my 145th episode. There’s nothing that’s like brand new out there that’s going to be earth shattering. A lot of times I may talk about the same topic but with a different twist on it. And I have definitely talked about what type of relationship are you in. Are you trying to impress others with your relationship but you’re miserable? Are you trying to impress others with the job that you hold or the profession that you are in but you truly know that you want to be doing something else? Are you afraid to do it because of what others might think? I hope that’s not the case. And this is crazy but I have seen people groom their kids to do something they love and they think is so cool and that they think is going to impress a lot of people. But maybe they don’t really want to do that. Let’s live our lives the way we want to live it. Let’s give our kids choices. Who cares what others think?! Live your life and not theirs.

Have I always dones this? Admittedly, no. But for quite some time not I have. And I’ve never been happier. I have several businesses that I love. I am living the life I want to live.

When I was practicing dentistry friends and family members told that I couldn’t get out of practicing dentistry to do something crazy like teaching other dentists and helping other dentists. What are people going to think of you? I personally don’t care what other people think of me. I hope many people think that I am doing a great thing for other people. I am also helping animals all over the planet. I am teaching other human beings to live their best life ever and to be compassionate and care about other beings. And I am proud of it! And I love it! And I am thankful every single day that I am doing what I love.

I do a lot of running and walking outdoors on the streets and sometimes on trails. I remember when I was younger I used to do a decent amount of walking on the track. I haven’t done workouts on the track in a long time. So I am thinking to myself that I am 61 and I am still able to run really well, I walk, and I backpack, and I ski. But I think it would be a really good idea for me to get back to the track. As a matter of fact, we just moved our Madow Brothers office to a smaller space. So many of our staff work virtually these days. So we just moved and it’s adjacent to a high school with a beautiful track. So I think I am going to go over to the track and do some workouts. I think it will be good to actually time myself for a mile or half mile and then start to compete with myself a bit and try to get a little bit better over time.

On Thursday morning I led a really nice walk/run with about 20-25 people. I was the leader and it was 6:30 a.m. And I led the group for all fitness levels. I am leading another run tomorrow morning. It will probably be more people tomorrow since most people show up for the weekend. So I will probably have about 20-30 people. I am going to start off with a nice walk like we did on Thursday. I plan to share with people that you don’t have to be a runner to be in great shape. I think that walking is the best exercise known to man. I do a lot of different things but when it comes down to it, I am not saying that you should only walk but it is such a powerful exercise. I really believe in the power of the “Magic 4”.  The “Magic 4” refers to getting out and trying to walk 4 miles every single day. And it is best to do it in one clip or 4 miles straight without stopping. You’ll notice tremendous changes in your body and in your psyche. It’s life changing!

We need to live our lives like they are ours and not theirs. Do not live your life based on what other people want you to do. did you write that down? 😉 Say that phrase every day.

See you next time!

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