158 – Why Are They Making Fun of Us?

Hey it’s David Madow! Welcome back to The David Madow Lifestyle Show. This is the show where I help you live stronger, thinner, healthier, and happier. I’ve got a great one for you today maybe even a little surprise for you.

So I am in my car driving back from speaking at the Charlottesville Veg Fest in Charlottesville, VA. And let me tell ya it was awesome! This episode I am going to share a lot of my thoughts with you and my feelings on life. You’ll like this a lot.

There were definitely many hundreds of people there. It was a hot day in Charlottesville, VA. A lot of exhibitors, a lot of booths, a lot of vendors, a lot of people selling food. Wonderful vegetarian and vegan food. I went with my wife, Yoko. I spoke at around 12:30pm to a room packed full of people.

I started off with a little sound check this morning. They were a little bit disorganized but that’s ok they were trying to get their stuff together. They couldn’t have been any nicer.

I was a little concerned that the equipment wouldn’t be ready in time but they got it all together. Not only that I was worried that it wouldn’t be a full room. I was in an indoor location a little bit off the beaten track where the main stage was. So I had concerns but as time went on, they were kind enough to let me make an announcement from the main stage. I just kinda pimped my talk a little bit from out there.

By the time I went on, there was standing room only. All the seats were taken and people were lined up on both sides of the room and there were people standing in the back. It was incredible!

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I’m not telling you this to tell how great it is speaking to a packed room. But the main thing about this veg festival is that people kinda came together for fun, learning, peace. Was everybody there vegan or vegetarian? No but there were a lot of people there that were interested in learning more about why they should change their lifestyle. They were eager to learn. They were asking great questions. It was a really positive experience. I was so happy to see so many people come out from the community. This week was Charlottesville, VA, next week I’m going to be in Morristown, NJ. All over North America there are are people that are curious to know how they can make their lives better, how they can go vegan, how they can go vegetarian. I am a big proponent of going vegan and not vegetarian but vegetarian is definitely a step.

But there are people that are hearing the message and they’re trying. It’s not everyday all day. But they’re trying. They’re changing. We’re all changing lives of people and of animals.

I was having a conversation with Yoko as we’re driving. We have about a 3 hour drive going back. And I was asking Yoko as we were driving, and I want to be nice about this. But it kinda just puzzles me. As I have said before many of my friends and family aren’t vegan yet so I don’t judge anybody at all. Everybody is kind of in their own timeframe of life for where they want to be and where they can be. It took me 58 years to figure out that this is the absolutely best way to live but not only for me, not only for me at all, but for the planet and for the animals that don’t want to die. That have committed no crime. They feel pain and sadness just like we do.

Yoko and I were staying at a bed and breakfast before I spoke at the Veg Fest. They have 2 baby goats there that are just so cute and so happy to be free and loving life. I held them and we kissed them. These animals don’t want to die. They don’t want to be your food. They don’t want to be on your plate, trust me. And the same thing with cows and chickens and pigs. They do not want to be cut up on your plate. They want to live their lives just like we do.

So I was saying to Yoko on the way home here that it just puzzles me why when we go to a family gathering let ‘s say for example a holiday, and everybody is celebrating, and in order to celebrate they are cutting up birds or cutting up animals? I still just don’t have the answer.

So Yoko said that when she was in Japan recently her family totally respected the fact that you don’t want to be eating meat. And when they had her over for dinner or whenever they went out, they were always very careful to not only take her to a place that had vegetarian options but to totally respect and not make fun of your lifestyle.

So I am puzzled. I am a little bit sad sometimes. Because I hear the comments and hear from family members that just want to get their jabs in about how I’m a little weird, and I’m not normal, and I eat this weird stuff. They are the normal ones because they eat meat. After everything I have been through and studied and observed, I don’t think that’s so normal. I don’t think it’s normal to be eating a cut up animal that had to suffer on your plate. I don’t necessarily think that’s so good. If you’re going to do it that’s ok, I still love you but please be careful not to make fun of somebody like me or Yoko who tries to be so compassionate and peaceful and so loving. Please don’t make fun. Don’t make fun of vegans on Facebook. Don’t make jokes about it because in the end it’s really about the animals that we care so much about. Try to be very careful and compassionate.

I’m going to pass the mic to Yoko just for a little bit and listen to what she says because if you listen to her words she totally gets it.

Yoko: “Hi! There are many many different kinds of people on this planet and each one of them has their own beliefs. We should respect each other so that we won’t have any fights. That’s my big big thing. So David and I really believe being a vegan is good because we can save the planet. We can be healthy. And also we can save animals. And then somebody may make a sarcastic [comment], oh we can be healthy eating meat. Of course you can. But that’s what you believe. If you want to do it, it’s ok. I respect you but you can’t respect me. I really felt comfortable being at the Charlottesville Veg Fest. Because people care about other people, and care about animals, and people care about the earth. There were lots of booths. People selling eco-friendly soaps, signs for human rights petitions and of course animal rights too. Some factory farm just abusing animals is what I really don’t want to happen. So that’s why I became vegan. Whatever you believe is ok but I hope that whatever you believe has compassion to others, either environmental or ethical. We all live on this planet. If we don’t have compassion for the place we live and the things surrounding us, then what’s going to happen? It’s gonna destroy everything and make it more uncomfortable to live on this earth. Right? So I really hope everybody has compassion for others.”

Yoko, somebody a couple of weeks ago that I was sitting down and having dinner with sometimes makes fun of me being vegan. In a fun way but you hear it enough and it gets kind of annoying. If you’ve been a long time listener you know that I would never force you. I would never ever do that. That’s not the way I teach. I teach by example and by compassion. And if you choose to follow one thing, some things, or all things, that’s ok. I really appreciate you listening to the podcast. It’s very important for me to have you as a listener.

Anyhow, he sat down with me and said, “Dave I understand what you are doing but you are not going to save the world. People are always going to eat meat and you are not going to be able to change this.” And I said well, I understand what you are saying and maybe it’s not going to happen in my lifetime but I am definitely making a difference. And not only that I think the number is something like 80 BILLION land animals that are killed every year for food and clothing. 80 BILLION! So I said to this person that even if I’m helping just a few of those 80 billion by me not eating meat, and by Yoko, and all of the other people that are following me and my message, I’m doing a job. That animals that are being saved are happy. They are living their lives.

So I do believe that I am making a difference. Yoko is making a difference. You are making a difference. If you are my follower or friend, you are making a difference because you are hearing the message. Whether you are vegan or not, I thank you because you are making a big difference. Just by being here and listening to the message, you are one step ahead of most people out there. Because the average person goes about their lives not thinking where this thing may have come from that is on their plate. They don’t consider it. YOU are at least thinking. That is all I want you to do. If you’re not going vegan now, I get it. But just be mindful of what’s going on around you. And when you’re ready, if you are, great!

But after this Veg Fest I feel like I am on top of the world. I hung out with hundreds of my closest friends. They are just so compassionate and I love it! I’m pretty much always in a really good mood because the way I live my life I follow my principles. Today I spoke about 10 Ways to Supercharge Your Life and I do everyone of those. And it really helps a lot. Being on top of the world and being positive, I am able to inspire others. No matter where you are on the timeline, you are doing it and we are all making a difference.

About a month or so ago, Yoko and I did a podcast together about climbing two “14ers” Mt. Cameron and Mt. Lincoln. We felt so great after climbing those. And I had Yoko on the podcast. We talked about our day, and what we did, and how we felt. And I had so many people message me and tell me how great it was to have Yoko on the podcast and hearing her voice again.

So we were having a really good conversation today in the car about Veg Fest and about why do people not get this. And I said, “Yoko we have to record this so that I can get it out to my listeners.”

I want to Thank Yoko for being with me and supporting me today. I had a bunch of people come up wanting to talk to me and ask questions. And while I was doing that Yoko was kind of in the background packing up my guitar, packing up my laptop, packing up everything else to make room for the next speaker coming on stage. It’s just so great traveling with Yoko. I want to publicly thank her for that and for just adding so much positivity to my life.

If I inspired or helped one person in the room today, it made my day. If I get one person or just one idea to change their lives, I’ve done my job. And today I have a feeling I did a little more than that. So thank so much! I’m Dr. Dave. Thank for being with me! And I can’t wait to see you next week!


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