178 – Hippie Road Trip 4 Begins

Hello! Hey, welcome back! It’s Dr. D the “V”, David Madow. I am really excited to be bringing you this news today. As I record this it is Sunday, March 5th, 2017. Today is the day that I am departing Memphis, Tennessee, that’s where I am right now. I am departing for Hippie Road Trip #4 in literally a couple hours.

I just had breakfast and I am getting a couple things ready. I am going to jump in the shower and hit the road. Hippie Road Trip #4 is going to be from Memphis, Tennessee down to West Palm Beach, Florida where I am speaking.

I just spoke yesterday here in Memphis, which by the way was to a great group of people. Speaking with my brother Rich. And we’ll be speaking again in West Palm on Friday so I’ve got a lot of time. I just need to be in West Palm by Thursday.

So I am going to be hitting the road going through Atlanta, Jacksonville, Florida, and then to West Palm. This Hippie Road Trip is a little bit different than my past Hippie Road trips because I’ve got somethings planned along the way. And that’s good and bad. Good because I’m seeing some friends, some family, and some people that I want to meet up with. Bad because a true Hippie Road Trip has no schedule whatsoever. Since I am trying to meet up with some people, I’ve got to have a little bit of a schedule because I have to have consideration for these people, like my daughter and son-in-law in Jacksonville, Florida. They want to know when I’m coming in case they want to prepare a dinner or something like that. They need to know. I can’t just roll in at any time.

So, even though it’s a Hippie Road Trip, it’s a little bit more structured. Which I don’t really like the structure but I’m going to deal with it this trip.

What am I going to be doing? I am going to be learning, and giving, and broadcasting. By the way, y0u can follow this. I’ll be broadcasting and taking a lot of pictures. Follow my Hippie Road Trip on Facebook. I’m going to be live streaming and I am going to be posting. I’ll try to do a Periscope or 2 or 3 or 4. But it seems as if since I got away from Periscope a little bit lately, my following on Facebook Live is so much stronger than Periscope. When I broadcast on Facebook, I get between 500 and 1000+ views on the video. Which is definitely a lot wider of an audience than I had on Periscope. So I’ll continue to use Facebook Live streaming so that you can keep up with my Hippie Road Trip.

What does it matter to you? I’ll tell you why. I’ve learned that I share with you along the way. I am going to try to meet some interesting people along the way. Get into conversations with some strangers. Help them with their lives in any way that I can. I’m going to be setting examples. I am going to be eating my totally plant based vegan diet. I don’t eat any animal products whatsoever. So I share along the way if I possibly can.

I’ll talk about anything that I can. Anything that comes to my mind. This morning I actually put a very interesting post on Facebook. The post was a little bit of a setup because it was a line from a song. What I posted was, “If I had a million dollars, I’d ________________.” For those of you that know the Barenaked Ladies song, the true answer is, “If I had a million dollars, I’d be rich.” That’s how the song goes. But it was very interesting and I am still following every answer. It was still interesting to see how many of my friends and followers who thought, “wow, if I had a million dollars my life would be totally different. I could do anything I want.” People were talking about if they had a million dollars, they would buy land, they’d buy islands, they’d buy restaurants.”

You know? A million dollars is good but I don’t think that if you have a million dollars you’re super wealthy or anything. You’ve got to be careful because that million dollars can be chipped away so fast. Faster than you’ll ever believe! And you’ll be right back to the same situation. Very few people said I would invest it for the long term. Everybody’s got to be buying something. That just goes to show how the average person out there thinks about wealth, about financial matters. Everyone wants to just buy something. Now granted, some of you said I want to buy something to help other people or start something to help other people, which I loved by the way. you’ve got to reevaluate that.

I’m talking about all kinds of things on this Hippie Road Trip. I’m really excited. I’m feeling great. I am going to try to share with you ways to travel very inexpensively. When you travel you don’t have to spend a lot of money. My friend Steve from Oklahoma city told me that I should “boondock” along the way. If you’re not familiar with what the term boondocking means, it means pretty much staying in your vehicle. Not renting a hotel room.

Right now I’ve got a rental Toyota Rav 4. It is large enough for me to put the seats down and I think I could fit in there as far as sleeping. But I only carried a backpack and a small bag with me so I don’t have a sleeping bag or a pillow. I don’t have anything to be comfortable in the car so I am not sure what I am going to do. I really hate to buy even inexpensive ones just to throw them out. I guess I could donate them. I could probably buy a sleeping pad and pillow for under $50 at the Target but would it pay to do that? I don’t know. Where I am going I don’t know if there’s going to be a lot of national parks or anything along the way. I don’t even know if you can boondock in a national park. I guess you could.  I don’t know that much about boondocking but it would be very interesting.

My first stop is going to be in Atlanta. And my good friend Mike, who is probably listening to this episode, has been gracious enough to offer me a bed and a place for the evening. So I might be sleeping in Atlanta this evening and visiting with my good friend Mike and having a cool vegan breakfast tomorrow morning.

So I am not sure what I am going to do. Do I go to Target and pick up a cheap sleeping bag, a pad, and a pillow and just donate when I’m in West Palm Beach? I don’t know. Maybe!

The first stop that I have to make before I get on the road is Whole Foods. As you know, I carry healthy vegan food in my car. I try to stay away from restaurants. I’ll probably slip into a restaurant for dinner at some point. But for lunch on the road, I make a healthy sandwich from my Whole Foods purchase. I carry some stuff in the front seat and I carry some stuff in the back. I just have stuff with me. And I am going to share with you how to travel for pennies on the dollar.

As you can tell I am excited! I have some stuff to do in the room here before I get out of here. And I hate to think I am on a time schedule but something’s telling me that I have to get going pretty soon. So what else do I have to share with you guys?

I’m going to figure out a way to get some exercise in a long the trip as well. I’ve got a Hippie Road Trip playlist I’ve made up. It’s on Spotify and I will share it with you on Facebook. And you can play it right along with me.

So, how are you doing? Is everything good in your life? I want to help you in any way I can. And that’s one of the reasons why I do this David Madow Lifestyle Show. I get on the recording once a week and I ask you to follow along with my life. You don’t have to do everything I do. You don’t have to copy me exactly. I give little tips about living a great life. Try them out! I’m pretty sure they’re going to help you! I’ve learned so much over my almost 62 years on this planet.

One of the things I’ve done recently if you’ve seen pictures of me on Facebook, is that I cut my hair pretty short. I let it go totally grey. I don’t color it anymore. I’ve colored it for so many years, I think it’s kind of like a fake. For so many years, a couple decades or so I had brownish hair and I’ve tried red at one point basically to cover up the grey. Which was stupid because there’s nothing wrong with grey hair. I’m proud to have grey hair. And maybe the grey hair makes me look a lot older than had I died it. But it is what it is. This is what I am.

I do everything to stay in shape, and to keep young, and to look as good as I can, but you know something? Why do I need to mask something that is just there? There’s nothing wrong with grey hair. I should be proud of my grey hair. And so many people that have seen me in real life have told me that I should never go back. The hair that I’ve got now looks better than it did before. So I’m not going to go back. I’m not going to color it again.

You’ve got to be proud of what you have. I am totally fine with aging. If you would have asked me this when I was 30 or maybe even when I turned 40, I hated my birthdays back then. I hated the fact that I was getting older. But I think it’s because I wasn’t really happy within. I wasn’t happy with who I was. But now I am 100% happy with my life. How things are going with my wonderful wife. And it’s ok. As the years pass, yeah you get greyer. You look older. But that’s the way it is. We can’t change that. So embrace it! Have fun! Enjoy it!

I think I am going to look back in 10 years when I am 72 and think 62 was so young. And I am embracing it. I am going to be skiing with my good friend Mike. Mike, I can’t wait to hit the slopes with you in Park City (UT) in a few weeks. We get in the chair lift and we get immature like we always do.

I think that being you and acting really young and immature is that secret to a long life. Joking around, having fun, acting like a child. I think it’s the secret to a long life. I find that the people that smile the most and laugh the most and act like kids the most, are the youngest. I’m glad to fit into that category there.

So I’ve got a lot going on. And I am just happy and proud enough to share it with you, my friend. If we’ve never met in person, if you’re listening to this somehow, I still feel like there is a serious connection between me and you and I am so glad that you are with me. We’ve got a lot to talk about.

So I’m gonna end this a little bit earlier. A few of my episodes lately have been a little bit over. I like to keep my episodes to about 20 minutes but a few of them lately have gone over so I feel like it’s ok if I take off a little bit early today. I’m going to get going.

It looks like it’s raining out but the rain does not stop a Hippie Road Trip. Nothing stops a Hippie Road Trip. The planet needs rain. The planet needs water. The beautiful green lush vegetation I’m looking at out my window here in Memphis, it just looks beautiful. If we didn’t have rain, we wouldn’t have that. So embrace all types of weather. Embrace all types of situations in your life. Embrace whatever life throws at you. And make it a good one. Make it better if you can.

Hey, I love you! Keep following me! I am so excited for the Hippie Road Trip. And I’ll see you again on the David Madow Lifestyle Show in a week. Follow me on Facebook. Follow me on my live stream broadcasts. Follow me wherever you can. We can have fun together. We’re going to learn. And we’re going to teach. And we’re going to just maximize this life. I’m Dr. Dave.


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