183 – Movement and The Law of Attraction

Hey, it’s Dr. D the “V”! Welcome back to another episode of The David Madow Lifestyle Show. It’s the show where I help you live stronger, thinner, healthier, and happier. I appreciate you being here with me.

By the way, before we get started, I want to thank you so much for being here. I’ve got so many people reaching out to me asking how my mom is doing after last episode. If you missed last episode, about a week or so ago I took her to the emergency room at the hospital. She called me in the morning saying that she had been having chest pain and shortness of breath for about 2 weeks. Yeah, she waited 2 weeks to call me and tell me that.

So, I took her over there, they admitted her, did a lot of tests, and they didn’t find anything. Fortunately, they couldn’t find any definite reason. So, they released her. They told her she has to lose some weight. Not work as hard. And relax a little bit more.

She’s got a few more tests but I think she’s fine. God bless her! So, thank you so much for the outreach of love and concern. It’s greatly appreciated! I will keep you informed if there’s any change in her health.

You know, it’s tough having parents that are aging. My dad will be 88 in a few months and my mom is 83. It’s tough. Things just happen and it’s stressful for the kids. Thanks again! Thanks so much for your love. I appreciate that!

Home Gym

I am in my home gym right now getting ready to go outside. I’ve talked to you very often about getting out there and doing the “Magic 4.” The “Magic 4” is walking (or running) 4 miles every day. It will make a tremendous difference in your body, in your health, in the way you feel physically, your psyche, all kinds of things. I’ve talked to so many of you that are doing the “Magic 4” every day.

But I want to stress that it’s not just walking that’s going to keep you healthy. I’ve got a little home gym here. And when I say gym, I use the word really loosely because there are just some things I do also around the house. You do not have to belong to a gym and you don’t have to pay any kind of membership fee. I will share with you again the things that I do in my home to stay healthy besides walking or running.

  1. Squats – I like free squats which generally means that I am not holding any weight. I start standing up then lower myself to the floor. You can also look them up on Google. It’s a great exercise. Think about doing a set of 10 of a set of 15 throughout the day. It really does help quite a bit.
  2. Curls & Shoulder Presses – I’ve got 2 (15) pound dumbbells and I do curls and shoulder presses with them. They don’t cost a whole lot.
  3. Push Ups – I love push-ups. Push-ups have been in my repertoire for quite some time. You just feel good after doing sets of push-ups. How may should you do? That depends on the level you are at right now. You should have a goal for a certain number of sets per day and slowly increase the number as you can.
  4. Chin Ups & Pull Ups – As I’ve told you before, I’ve got a bar that sits inside my closet door. I got it at a pharmacy around here years ago. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made for something like $20. It’s really strong. It’s really sturdy. Pull ups are a difficult exercise if you do them properly. It’s hands facing out not in. See how many you can do. Start from hanging and see if you can pull yourself up even one time. As you do that, try to increase to 2 and then to 3. You’ll see some definite changes in your body when you’re able to start doing pull ups.
  5. Crunches – I do crunches. I have a little crunch bench here that’s inverted so when I’m doing crunches it becomes a little more difficult to do crunches that way. It’s a very important exercise for your abs.
  6. Abs – I’ve also got an abs wheel. I don’t use it all that often but when I use it I feel really good. It works well. You can go online and find one. It’s nice to have in your arsenal (in your home).

I like to change things up a lot. If I am doing the same exercises all the time, it becomes routine and monotonous and you get bored with it. I am combining a walk and a run today. I’ll probably go for about 5 to 6 miles or something like that. I’ll also do some squats outside. If there’s a comfortable area, I’ll get down on the ground and do some push-ups while I’m out there. Switch things up. There is no right or wrong. Be creative!

I am going to be running in the Bay 2 Breakers 12K next month in San Francisco. And I just have to make sure that I am in shape. In the winter, I’m doing a lot of skiing but that doesn’t mean I am in shape for running. So, I am out there today running and walking to get in shape for the 12K. A 12K is about 7.3 miles. Not only do we run/walk the race through beautiful San Francisco in costumes but we also walk back to the finish so that day is at least 14 to 15 miles of pure fun.

If you’re going to be in the area, let me know so that we can catch up. There’s literally probably like 100,000 people on the roads of San Francisco doing this. It’s an incredible day! I know I have talked to you quite a bit about it in the past but it’s something we started about 10 years ago and we got hooked. It does help that my daughter and son-in-law live in San Francisco. So, it’s kind of an excuse to go every year to have some fun, exercise, see my son and daughter in law, and eat some good vegan food of course.

Those are just some of the things we love to do. Getting out on the trail in the woods and hiking. Running a trail or walking a trail. When you put a backpack on when hiking a trail, let me tell you something, it takes the hike to a totally different level. I’ve talk to you in the past about how I’ve done some backpacking that’s been 2 to 3 to 7 days long. And when you’re backpacking for 7 days and when you’ve got to carry basically everything you need for 7 days on your back it’s a work out. That backpack can weigh 40 pounds. You could backpack around your neighborhood and load your backpack with a bag of sand.

You’ll start to notice some tremendous differences in your body immediately. One thing I noticed is that, with heavy weight, your abs have to get very strong. Your core is balancing everything so your abs get strong and thin really quickly. If you want a good abs workout, believe it or not, backpacking is it. It really is! Most backpackers have really thin stomachs.

I always want to try to help you live the life that I live. I figure things out over many years. It’s always a work in progress. But if I can just share with you the things that I do, and you pick and choose the tips you want to use here and there; I’m telling you, your life will be pretty good.

Vision Board

I have something else in my home gym here that I am going to suggest that you check out or try. It’s called a vision board. It looks like a thick piece of black board that you can get at the office supply store. Then I started cutting things out of magazines that I wanted to see take place in my life. So, for example, I have a picture of a man who is definitely a lot younger than I am. I know I can’t get younger but the reason I cut him out and put him on my vision board is that he has some really strong looking abs and that’s always been a goal of mine. So, I put that on my vision board.

I’ve actually got something that says be kind. So, when I look at my vision board I am reminded every day to be kind. You never know what somebody else’s story might be. Somebody that’s acting like a jerk to you, you never know what’s going on in their life. Give them a break. Be kind to them.

I also put a picture on of a scale to remind me to stay at my ideal weight. Now, I am not at my ideal weight right now. I am actually a few pounds over but I am working to get down to it.

I also have something on here about skiing moguls. The past few years I’ve tried to get better and better at skiing moguls. In case you are not a skier, those are the big bumps in the snow which can be difficult and intimidating if you don’t know how to ski them.

But vision boards are great! They really do help! It’s very similar to writing down your goals and reading them every day. Instead of writing them down, you’re looking at a vision of a goal which really does help a lot.

So that’s a little bit of a tour through my home gym and what I recommend doing for keeping your body in the best shape ever. Again, it’s not just physical, a lot of it is mental and psyche. And when you work out and exercise and move your body, your brain is going to feel better in so many ways.

I’m going to leave you with this. Get out and do something! Just enjoy the day and enjoy movement! I am going to try to talk to you very soon about the law of attraction too. I did a little Facebook video yesterday on it which has gotten a lot of views and I’ll just leave you with this about the law of attraction. I used to think that I had to be friends with everybody. Everybody that came into my life, I had to be friendly and close with them. And if we weren’t good friends, something was wrong with me. I’ve learned over the years that as soon as I was able to clear out some of the people that I was not in alignment with it makes room for more people that are aligned with me. And my life has never been better as far as that goes.

Don’t feel that you need to keep somebody in your life if you don’t feel the positive vibration. We have talked about this before. Don’t wish them any harm. Just release them to the universe. It will make room for so many more great people that are vibrating with you on your frequency. Trust me it works! I’ve been doing this and there’s nothing like it. I may be doing an entire episode on this because it is really powerful stuff.

I’m going to get out and do a beautiful run/walk right now. Until next time! I’m Dr. Dave and I love ya. See you later!


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