231 – The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

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Dr. Dave: (00:00)
Hey there. How are you? I am Dr. Dave and welcome to microdose U today. I’m gonna be sharing with you the absolute beginner’s guide to microdosing magic mushrooms. Um, I’ve been doing these videos for probably close to a year now. And, um, I, I seem to get like the same questions over and over and over again. So a lot of times I refer people to one of my videos or another video, but today what I’m going to try to do is to give you all the information you need to know in one video, that’s very easy to understand, very easy to digest. So this could kind of be your go to video. If you have any questions at all, from start to finish about microdosing, you should refer back to it because I’m gonna really try to answer every single thing you need to know about microdosing.

Dr. Dave: (00:47)
If you’re a beginner or if you’ve gotten into it and you have questions. Um, and this is also the type of video that if you have anybody that you know is interested in microdosing and they have a lot of questions, and they’re asking you, then refer them to this video because Dr. Dave here at microdose, you will take care of all of the questions. So let’s dive right into it right now. Let’s start with a question that’s, um, basic, and we need to start with this. What exactly is microdosing? So in this video and really in all my videos, when I refer to microdosing, I’m, I’m talking about microdosing magic mushrooms. The active ingredient is SIL Sabin, and there are a lot of other things you can micro dose with people, micro dose with L S D uh, MDMA. Uh, the list goes on and on, but my experience, and I was gonna say my expertise, but my experience is definitely only with magic mushrooms.

Dr. Dave: (01:41)
So I’m referring to magic mushrooms in this video, you can extrapolate to other plant substances if you like. But, um, in this video in particular, we’re only talking about magic mushrooms. So microdosing is taking a subception dose of magic mushrooms. So you’re not getting the psychedelic effect. You’re not going on a trip per se, but the subception dose is enough over time to take care of things that you might want to change in your life, things that are going on in your life that you wanna see improve. And that’ll actually segue right into the next section. What do people use it for? Why do people want to microdose? And the answer to that is, well, I’ll give you a list of things that I have used it for and continue to use it for. And there are others too that maybe I won’t even know about, but there, there microdosing has helped people with many different issues. The most common in some of the ones that I’ve used at four are depression, anxiety, um, insomnia, PTSD addiction. I personally have never had an addiction problem, but I know many people have. And I know that microdosing magic mushrooms has been very, um, instrumental and, and people have used it successfully in combating addiction problems.

Dr. Dave: (02:59)
Some people want to be more present in the moment, more mindful in their lives. And microdosing is an excellent, excellent tool for that. Some people wanna be more spiritual, understand the, their purpose of life. Um, things like that. And again, microdosing really helps with, with that as well. I actually had a problem sometimes when I wasn’t, maybe I was going through depression, anxiety. I just felt like I couldn’t get things going. I just, you know, I would wake up in the morning and just, I would just Dick around. And, and I had maybe like a list of things I wanted to do for the day, or even in my mind, but I just, I just couldn’t get going. I was just lazy, procrastinating and magic mushrooms have really helped me quite a bit with that. And some people wanna be more creative, better at their work.

Dr. Dave: (03:45)
Um, just enjoy things more and, and, and get the most outta life that they can. Magic mushrooms, microdosing, magic mushrooms are, um, in my opinion, perfect for these things. So before I get onto the next section, I just wanna reiterate magic mushrooms, microdosing magic mushrooms. You’re taking a subception dose. You’re not getting stone. You’re not getting high. You’re not going on a psychedelic trip. You’re not hallucinating if you I’m gonna touch on that a little bit later. But if you’re, if you’re experiencing any of that, then your dose is too high, but I’m gonna have a, a section here totally on how to start, how to, how to know what dose, um, what, how to know what dose you should be taking. I want to mention something about where to purchase, where to buy, where to source magic mushrooms. And I wanna make it very clear on my channel here.

Dr. Dave: (04:33)
I do not, I do not have anything to do with selling. I’m not a distributor. I’m not a, uh, I don’t sell magic mushrooms. I don’t recommend, uh, sources. I, I just wanna stay away from that area. I want, I want, I’m giving you information, but I don’t, I don’t at all get into where to purchase them. If you have a little bit of creativity, I will tell you like about a year and a half ago before I started, um, I had no idea, no idea where to get them, but with a little bit of research, a little bit of ingenuity, uh, a little bit of poking around it. I will tell you it, it’s not a problem at all. It’s very, very easy. I also wanna mention that on almost every video I do. Um, there is a group of scammers that come on and, and typically what they say is, um, we have, we have mushrooms.

Dr. Dave: (05:20)
We have DMT, we have LSD. We have, they, they name a whole bunch of drugs and they say, follow, go to my Instagram handle, or she’s got this, or he’s got this. I wanna make it very clear. These are all scammers. They have nothing to do with me. I’m not promoting them. I’m not asking them to be on my channel. I try my best to delete them and block them from the channel when I see them. But it seems like it’s, they’re like weeds. They, you get rid of one and, and four more popups. So it’s pretty much impossible to get rid of all of them. But if you ever see any of these scammers on my channel, please keep in mind, do not take their bait. Do not communicate with them. They are scammers. They will take your money. They are doing something illegal and terrible and ripping my people off.

Dr. Dave: (06:02)
If you succumb to that. So I’m making it very clear. These are not my people or my recommendations. If you see them, you can try to report them as well. Because I think you’re, you, you can click a couple buttons and report them, but I have no way of getting rid of them again. They, they multiply like, like, um, bunny rabbits. It’s just it’s oh my God, they need a life, but it’s a shame, but they do that. So let’s get into the next section. Now, how do you ingest magic mushrooms? What are the recommended forms? Well, the possibilities are, first of all, whenever I talk about magic mushrooms, I’m always talking about dried mushrooms. Typically also dried ground up mushrooms. You can grind them up in a coffee grinder, but, um, it’s very rare that, and I don’t have much experience in, in ingesting fresh mushrooms that are just picked out of the ground and they’re, and they’re still moist.

Dr. Dave: (06:49)
I, I don’t have experience with that. Every time I use them. It’s ground dried mu well, not necessarily ground, but at least dried mushrooms. Also, they come in edibles. I know some people that sell them as far as edible chocolates and, and all kinds of goodies they’re mixed in. And, and those are actually good, but those are more for macro dosing, more for taking larger doses with microdosing. Generally we don’t use edibles. Um, also some people use, um, teas. They soak, they soak the, uh, ground mushrooms in, in, in, in, in, in hot water and tea. And they, um, drink that and that’s, that’s okay. But the most common way to ingest a micro dose. And this is the way I almost always do it is in capsule form, dried ground mushrooms in capsule form. If you just take a bite off of a dried mushroom, stalk, or cap, um, the Sy in a mushroom is not uniformly dispersed.

Dr. Dave: (07:49)
So you could take a bite outta one and you could get either a lot of psilocybin or you could get almost none. That’s why I recommend take, if you don’t do it yourself, um, have their people that do this, um, grind, the mushroom in a coffee grinder, mix it all up, uh, several at a time maybe. And that way thes aside will be uni, uh, uniformly dispersed. And it won’t, you’re not eating the wrong party. You’re not eating too much or too little when you weigh it out, you’re, you’re getting an accurate, um, dose every single time. That’s why I highly recommend using pre-measured weigh out ground dried mushrooms in capsule form. And again, I can’t discuss where to get these, but you have to trust me. It’s not difficult, but remember, do not get taken advantage of by a scammer. Please do your due diligence.

Dr. Dave: (08:39)
Do your research, talk to other people. Okay. So how do you start? Where do you start? How, how many milligrams, how many grams now, when you’re getting into microdosing or using mushrooms, um, it’s really good to know grams and milligrams and the conversion back and forth. And I’ll give you a little primer. It’s really simple. It’s not difficult. You just basically move the decimal 0.3 times each weight, depending on how higher you’re going. So one gram of magic mushrooms, one gram, well could be one gram of anything is 1000 milligrams. So if you’re taking a half a gram of something, that’s 0.5 gram, that would be how many milligrams that would be 500 milligrams, 500 milligrams is 0.5 grams. Um, 100 milligrams is 0.1 grams when you get down below a hundred. So like 50 milligrams is 0.05 grams, know this, know this backwards and forwards.

Dr. Dave: (09:38)
So you don’t make a mistake and take way too little or way too much. You gotta be very careful. So know your metric system, write it out, make sure you’re right. If you, if you don’t understand it, just go on a computer and do conversion a milligrams to grams. And it’s very, very, very easy. So where do you start? A micro dose is generally, but somewhere between 50 milligrams. So again, that’s 0.05 grams, 50 milligrams, and about 300 milligrams. That’s kind of the very high end. Maybe some people would say 250 milligrams. Um, that’s a typical range of a micro dose. So where do you start? And how do you know where to start? My recommendation is to start at 100 milligrams. Unless for some reason you feel that in, in, during your life, you’re, you’re always extremely sensitive to medications and alcohol or whatever.

Dr. Dave: (10:31)
There’s no real correlation, but if you’re really sensitive and you normally take way lower dose in almost everything. And then I would probably start at 50 milligrams, but typically I’m gonna recommend starting at 100 milligrams. And how many grams is that? How many grams? 100 milligrams do you know? It’s 0.1 gram. So I’m gonna recommend you start at 100 milligrams or 0.1 gram. How do you do it? You generally take your dose first. This is what I do. First thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Okay. First thing in the morning, don’t eat because that will allow the medicine to get into your stomach and go through digestion and without having any other type of food or anything else interfere with that. That’s the cleanest and easiest way to do it and quickest as well. So let’s say on day one, you’re taking 100 milligrams do that in the morning.

Dr. Dave: (11:26)
Then a little while later, you eat your breakfast the first time you ever do it, the first time you ever dose. Now, remember this is a microdose. So it’s, subception, you’re not supposed to feel high. You’re not supposed to feel trippy. You’re not supposed to be seeing triangles and all kinds of patterns. No, you’re’s a micro dose. So if you ever take a micro dose and you feel like it’s really interfering, or it’s making you feel trippy or wavy, or you can’t really function, then that’s too much, then you need to back off. So let’s say you let’s just say you started with 100 milligrams and let’s say for some reason, I doubt it’s gonna be the case, but let’s say for some reason, 100 milligrams made you feel weird. You just felt like you couldn’t really function well and you just didn’t feel right.

Dr. Dave: (12:08)
Then the next day I would recommend backing down to 50 milligrams. Now this is more often, this is gonna be the case. If you take a higher dose and it’s gonna be too high from a microdose, and you wanna back down say from like 250 milligrams, you’ll probably go down to like 200 or two or, or 150 it’s it’s generally, generally not gonna happen with a hundred milligrams. That’s pretty darn low, but, but it could, it could. So on day one, you want to take your first dose. And again, we’re starting with 100 milligrams. Um, the first time you ever do it, people ask me, well, can you go to work? Can you drive? Can you be with your kids? Can you do this? And can you do that? So generally the answer is yes, but remember it’s subception, but the first time you ever do it, you don’t really know how you’re gonna react.

Dr. Dave: (12:54)
You might have upset stomach. You might feel trippy. So the first time you ever do it, I recommend just being by yourself or being with somebody that you know, can watch after you. Again, you’re not gonna go on a trip, but somebody just, that can be with you if you want. I didn’t. But, um, I wouldn’t microdose for the very first time and drive into work and then have to work an eight hour day. I, I just would be very careful the first time you do it, chances are 95% chance that you’re gonna be totally fine. You’re not gonna really notice anything really, really different. So on. If that’s the case on day two, you take the same dose at the same time on day three, you do it again. Now if day one and day two has been fine, you feel okay? Then I’d say day three is pretty safe to, you know, if you felt totally fine, if you have any effects, day three is gonna be safe to go into work, be with your kids, drive, whatever you need to do, because you’ve already tested for two days and you had no, um, you had no percept perceptual effects.

Dr. Dave: (13:55)
So I’d say that’s pretty safe. Now people always ask me how many days on a road do I do it? Do I need to take a break? And the answer is, yes, you do need to take a break. There’s a certain pattern we go by. Because if you do it every day, you’re going to develop a tolerance and it’s not going to work. Or at least it’s not going to work nearly as well. So the pattern I recommended, this is how I did it. When I started, there’s nothing said in stone and there’s, there are many different ways to do it. And there are different techniques that a lot of people, different people use, but what I’m gonna recommend for a beginner, for somebody who’s just starting is to do three days on. So that means you take day one in the morning, day two in the morning, day three in the morning, then you take two days off, two days of rest, introspection, just reevaluating.

Dr. Dave: (14:41)
See how you feel. And then if all is good, you go your next round three days in a row after you take your two days off and then you do it again. You take two days off after that and you do three days in a row. Now, after several cycles of that start noticing how you’re feeling. If you are taking the microdose for let’s just say the most common is probably depression and or anxiety. If you are not feeling any, okay, let let’s, let’s go back for a second. The best scenario is you’re starting to feel a little more relaxed. You’re starting to feel a little bit better. You’re starting to not ha be, not feel as depressed as you normally do. That’s great. Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t change the dose. If you don’t notice any difference at all, after a few cycles, like I just feel still very anxious, very depressed.

Dr. Dave: (15:33)
I just, nothing seems to be any different. Then let’s say again, it’s not set in stone, but let’s say about maybe the third or fourth time around you wanna up your dose. And I would go from 100 milligrams up to one fifty, a hundred fifty milligrams. And how many grams is that? How many grams is 150 milligrams? It is 0.1, five grams. You getting the knack of this. You just move the decimal 0.3 places over. That’s all. So now you’re at one 50 because the 100 you, after several cycles, you didn’t really feel any change at all. So now you’re one 50 and you keep doing the same thing. If it, if you feel too high too, like it’s too much, like it’s CRA, then, then you back, you have to back off again. But if you still feel okay, you do this for a few more cycles, three days on two days off.

Dr. Dave: (16:26)
If after a few cycles, you are not noticing any difference with your anxiety and depression, then you go up again. So you’re gonna go up to what you’re gonna go up to 200 milligrams, which is 0.2 grams. And you do the same thing. Now, at some point, at some point you are going to say to yourself, I’m starting to feel better. It is going to happen. It will happen. I mean, there’s nothing, that’s a hundred percent and everybody’s different. And they’re, anti-depressants that work on some people and don’t work on others. But this is a plant medicine it’s been around for centuries and 10, I’d say tens of thousands of years, indigenous people have been using this. Um, it’s nothing new. It really should help you. It, it helped me incredibly. It, it totally changed my life around to, to the point where I was depressed, anxious on high blood pressure medication. I couldn’t sleep at night. Um, about a year later, about a year. It’s not, it’s not gonna be a quick fix. It’s not gonna happen overnight, but, but over time it really helped me. And, and I felt changes almost right away. But one year later, I’m, I’m over a year now, but at one year, at the one year point I was off of all medication, totally. 100% off of everything. And I have never felt this good in,

Dr. Dave: (17:49)
I say in decades, probably since my childhood and I’m 67 years old right now. And I cannot remember feeling this, calm, this relaxed, this confident I’m sleeping well, it’s it, it does work, but you have to give it a chance. You have to believe in it and it will work for you. So you need to get to a dose where you feel comfortable with it. It’s not too high, that it does not get in the way of you going about your normal day and watching your kids and going to work and driving, but also a dose that is working for you. So you can going up until you can get to that point where it’s you can’t function or it’s you feel a little weird. And then, and then you just back off 50 milligrams and then kind of, that should be your dose and, and you just keep doing it.

Dr. Dave: (18:35)
Um, you can, depending on how you feel, you can kind of get the feel for like, I was never on a, after, after the first couple months, I was not really on a strict, exact three days. On two days off, I, I kind of did it as I felt I needed it. Sometimes, maybe I did four days in a row. Sometimes, maybe I only did one day then took a few days off. But after you get into it and, and get into a rhythm and feel it, you will you’ll understand what I’m saying. Um, you don’t understand it now because you haven’t done it, but you will feel the mushrooms and you’ll feel the mushrooms working for you. And you’ll take it from there. You’ll kind of be your own boss. It’s not like you have a doctor looking over that says, you’ve gotta take this two times a day.

Dr. Dave: (19:18)
You know, I’m talking about another type me. You’ve gotta take this medication twice a day. And if you miss a day, you’re in tr you know, no, it’s not like that at all. Um, when I first started, people told me that you get to a point where you feel you don’t even really need it anymore. And I thought to myself, wow, that’s really cool. But if it works so well, I hope I always need it, but no, I’m at a point now where I can go for some time now without ingesting any magic mushrooms at all, and I’m fine. And then I’ll take a maintenance dose. And, um, I might take a little bit of a larger dose, but larger doses is beyond the scope of this video. I don’t wanna get into talking about larger doses or macro doses in this video. We’re only talking about microdosing and that’s really all you need right now.

Dr. Dave: (19:59)
Okay. Now a really, really common question I get asked is, should I take my microdose or should I use matching mushrooms? If I’m currently on antidepressants? Now I want to back up for a second and make it very clear that, um, this is not medical advice. This is advice I’m giving you based on my experience, my story, what I’ve done, but I am absolutely not going to tell you that you need to stop your antidepressant. That’s up that’s between you and your doctor. That would be irre, medically irresponsible for me to say, get off your, all your medication, get off your antidepressants. Get off. No, I, I can’t say that, but I will share with you what I did when I first started microdosing, I was using Lexapro. Lexapro is an antidepressant. It’s an SS I, which stands for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Um, it’s a very, very common antidepressant.

Dr. Dave: (20:55)
Even if, if you’re taking antidepressant, that’s not Lexapro. There’s still a very good chance. It’s an SS I, or S N R I, I think I got that right. S N R I they’re fairly similar. They all have to do with the, uh, uptake of serotonin or, or how serotonin is handled. So I was taking Lexapro and I did not quit my Lexapro. That would be again, that would be stupid irresponsible. I didn’t wanna do that. And you have to be very careful when you discontinue and, uh, and antidepressant because you can’t just stop cold Turkey. You’ve gotta taper off. Anyway. So along with my antidepressant, I started microdosing and almost immediately I started feeling better different. Um, it took like the edge off that it was even there with my antidepressant. It just took that edge off that I felt really, really good. Now over a period of time, over a long period of time, when I was very confident that the microdosing was working, I started weaning off of my antidepressant.

Dr. Dave: (22:02)
Now I am very lucky cause I have a doctor who is very, let’s say, um, psilocybin, magic, mushroom, friendly. I was very upfront with him. I told him what I’m doing. He was all in favor of, because he said, this stuff’s gonna be mainstream pretty soon. He said, it’s just, it’s, they’re doing studies. They’re doing clinical studies at Hopkins and many, many, um, you know, um, universities, um, it’s gonna be mainstream. So he he’s, he understands that. And he said, yes, Dave, you know, try it. So I did. And we got to the point where I felt I wanted to try to wean off of my Lexapro, which I did. And I did that. I start, I was on Lexapro at 20 milligrams, which is the most, um, so I started gradually taking it down. I took it down to 15, uh, did that for quite some time for a few weeks.

Dr. Dave: (22:50)
Um, then I took it down to 10. Ultimately got down to five, got the end two and a half and two and a half men breaking a five because five, I believe is the smallest, smallest amount, smallest tablet. So I, I was like cutting fives and half to two and a half. Finally, over several months, it took me several months and I was in no hurry at all. Um, I was totally weaned off of the Lexapro as I am right now and I feel fantastic. So again, is there a danger in using microdose magic mushrooms with Lexapro or an antidepressant? Um, again, from my experience and only my experience, no, your mild may vary. Be careful. There is something called serotonin syndrome, but that’s generally with taking much larger doses. And along with antidepressants, and even my doctor said to me, he said, you know, you really have, and this, again, this, he told me, it’s not what I’m telling you, but he said, you there’s very, it’s very unlikely the doses you’re taking the micro doses, that you’re gonna run into anything, even close to serotonin syndrome, which could be dangerous.

Dr. Dave: (23:53)
But he said, that’s not even anything to worry about. So I’m pacing that on to you again, it’s not medical advice. It’s friend to friend, I’m telling you what my doctor told me. And I think it’s pretty safe advice, pretty sound advice. But that’s the way it is. I certainly would never recommend saying to yourself, I’m just gonna get off of all my medication and then start microdosing again. I think that’s not good. It’s irresponsible. You’re not even sure whether the microdosing is gonna work or what dose it. So I think, um, at least in my case, I chose to do both together at the same time, but now I’m off of the Lexapro. If I hope that really helps you. Okay. So I wanted to touch on now how, again, I think I touched on this a little bit, but I’ll go back to is it’s very important.

Dr. Dave: (24:35)
How do you know if it’s working? Well, my simple answer to this is you will know. You will know if you feel better. I mean, if you feel every day after then, it’s probably not working, but there’s a reason and you can tweak it just because it’s not working when you first start. That doesn’t mean you need to quit tweak it as per my instructions at the beginning of the video with dosages. I mean, if you tweak it and you keep this up, if you’re looking for an overnight fix, this is not for you. This is something that is going take a little while. But hopefully even at the beginning, you’ll start to notice subtle differences. But it’s something that will take a little while. But again, the answer to the question is you will know you will be certain that it’s working. And I wanna touch on this too, because a very common question I get asked and I’ve run into many people that said when they started microdosing, they were, it got them super anxious.

Dr. Dave: (25:27)
They were just, they increased their anxiety. Well, I’m here to tell you that the reason it increases their anxiety is because they think it’s going to, they’re worried. They’re afraid of ingesting this medication, cuz it’s gonna make them go crazy. I will tell you, it will not make you go crazy. It will not make you more anxious only if you think it will. I’ve been doing this for well over a year. Now say 15 months, I can count the number of times on one hand that I’ve had anxiety from matching mushrooms. And that number is actually zero it’s, zero. It’s never, ever, ever made me anxious, micro doses or even larger doses. I’ve never really taken a macro dose or what they call a threshold dose, which is a very, very high dose. But I’ve, I’ve taken upwards of, you know, one to two plus grams and in all of my microdosing and macro dosing, um, again, I’ve zero anxiety.

Dr. Dave: (26:22)
It’s never made me anxious. So again, I think it’s only gonna make you anxious if you’re going into it worried about something or thinking that it will, and then it, anything can make you an any kind of medication that you take will make you anxious. If you think it’s going to, um, it it’s, that’s that’s gonna happen even though we’re still talking microdosing. If you’re worried about being anxious, first of all, don’t be because it’s not gonna make you anxious, but the first few times you do it just be in a relaxed setting. Um, put, if you want sit down and you’re in a comfortable room in your house, on the sofa on a really nice, comfortable chair and put something on TV. That’s funny. I like to a comedy, the three Stooges, something like an old funny show generally, um, is really relaxing and it gets, uh, your brain going in that direction where you’re laughing and you think things are funny.

Dr. Dave: (27:11)
It it’s it’s, it’s not going to make you anxious. So please do not worry about that part. So we’re wrapping this up. Another question I’d like to answer that is very common is how long do I need to microdose? Meaning do I need, is this something I need to do for the rest of my life? The answer is, and I did a whole video on this. So check back. I think the video was called, how long do I need to microdose or something like that? Or can I quit micro? I can’t remember exactly what it’s called, but I’ll see if I can put a link to it somewhere. Um, the answer is, I don’t know. It depends. Um, as I said, I’ve gotten to the point where I can take pretty long breaks and then I just kind of take a maintenance dose or sometimes I still do three on two off and, and depending on how I feel.

Dr. Dave: (27:56)
Um, so the answer is how long will you the answer to the question? How long do you need to microdose is again, there’s not a definite answer. Everybody’s different. You may feel that after a period of time, it it’s worked so well that you just don’t really need it or you which taking occasional dose. And that’s totally fine. You might find that you love it and you love the way you feel and you may never wanna stop it again. It’s personal, everybody’s different, there’s no right or wrong. It’s how you feel and how it works for you. So I think I’ve covered everything that I want to cover. I’ve covered the most common questions. I’ve covered everything you need to know. I think I did, uh, from start to finish and final thoughts would be just, this is not a pharmaceutical medication. It is a, a natural plant medicine that has been used for, I think, tens of thousands of years, uh, with indigenous people.

Dr. Dave: (28:56)
Um, it, it got a bad rap in the sixties and seventies when people were using it for partying and, and tripping all over the place. And that’s why, you know, because the war on drugs, they had to make it illegal and it became kind of a mess. I think we’re going to the other direction now where it’s going to become a very, very, uh, respected plant medicine, uh, that is going to be able, you’re going to be able to use this legally, um, right now in, in most areas where I’m in the United States, most areas, not all, but most areas, it remains illegal. It remains a felony. Is that the craziest stupidest thing? I can’t understand that, but yeah, if you get caught with this medication, um, you know, it’s possible you could become a felon. I mean, as ridiculous as, as that sounds, I think if you’re super, again, my opinion, I think if you’re super careful, um, you do this in the privacy of your home.

Dr. Dave: (29:50)
You’re not driving around with a carload of mushrooms. Um, you know, I mean, there are much more important things that I think that law enforcement needs to go after. Um, then a guy or a gal that’s microdosing these magic mushrooms for their health. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but you gotta be careful, of course. Um, that’s why I am. That’s why I never discuss and never, I never really show the mushrooms on video and never discuss where to get them. If you’re careful. Um, you’re, you’re gonna be okay if you’re, if you’re reckless, if you’re stupid about it, then you know, who knows what’s gonna happen, but you know, be careful eat these responsibly. Um, it’s gonna make you, it’s gonna change your life. It it’s, I can say it changed my life. The microdosing has changed my life for the better, like I said before, I, I have not felt this good in decades, decades, so that’s all I have to say.

Dr. Dave: (30:50)
If you have any questions, feel free to ask comment below. Um, liking this video will really help subscribe me to the channel will really help me. Uh, I, I think getting the word out to more people, to me and helping more people all over the world is the most important thing to me since it’s helped me so much. I just wanna get the word out because I found, I have found there are so many people, so many people suffering from mental illnesses, especially anxiety and depression. And, um, I think we can stop this. We can put an end to this and it’s just something that, um, has worked so well for me. That’s why I’m spreading the word. So subscribe like the cha um, like the video comment, ask questions, whatever you wanna do, refer this to others. Um, I’m here for you again, Dr. Dave, although I am a doctor, I’m a retired dentist. This is not to be taken as medical advice. This is my experience. It’s friend talking to friend and I’m here at microdose. You thanks so much for being with me. I’ll talk to you soon.


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