234 – I Saw a White Outline Visual on My Instructor While Microdosing Mushrooms

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Here is the transcript to today’s episode:

Dr. Dave: (00:00)
Hey there, Dr. Dave here, Microdose U, how are you today? I saw a really, , pretty cool, I would say visual effect that I’ve never seen before while I was just microdosing microdosing magic mushrooms. , so to start off, I will tell you I was taking, I, I took a, I would go into a class today. , my wife and I were going to a, , meditation slash sound bath class, where it was gonna be about two hours, the woman that was running, it was gonna be doing a little lecture first. And then we were gonna do some, , meditation, then a sound bath, and then some discussions. So it was gonna be about two hours and we’re sitting there in the class and I had taken a little nibble off of a, , chocolate I had at home. It was, , made by a friend of mine and it contained, , albino, penis envy.

Dr. Dave: (00:51)
And the, the entire chocolate say it was about, I don’t know about that big, but I took like just before class, just like a little nibble, like a tiny, tiny, Def, definitely a microdosed for sure. But I will tell you this, whenever I’ve taken albino penis envy in the past, it has always had like a, like a wow effect, even a tiny bit, this effect that I’ve never felt with any other, any of the regular strains, like golden teachers or any of the, you know, the normal things we usually microdose with. And it’s like, it’s like, wow. So you’re even just a little bit. So, , I did that, didn’t think much of it and we’re sitting in class and it’s, it’s the beginning of it. It’s kind of like the lecture part. And I’m looking at the woman who’s leading the class and I’m starting to see this.

Dr. Dave: (01:36)
, how can I describe it the best way I can describe it is really, , kind of like a white shadow outline, like a white outline, a thick white outline around her, around everywhere. Her, it appeared to be behind her. So wherever she would move, this outline would just move with her. And it was really, it wasn’t scary at all. It was, , it was actually really comforting, pleasing, , interesting. And it didn’t, , disturb me in any way and it didn’t, it didn’t take away from the lecture. It just, I recognized it. I knew that I had taken the nibble of the albino penis, envy mushroom chocolate before the class. So I knew what was going on, but it was really strange and it wasn’t always there. I had to be looking at her like, if I can explain this, and again, it’s, it’s kind of hard to explain, but I had to be looking at her like in a certain way. I think if I would just look regular regularly at her straight on head on, , I wouldn’t see it, but if I would like move my eyes or move my head in a certain way, it was like very vivid, very clear to the point where like, it would, I was wondering if anybody else was seeing this white outline around her, but then I realized, no, they probably weren’t. It was probably just me cuz I’m the only one that probably had the nibble of the albino penis and the mushroom.

Dr. Dave: (02:55)
, the class was really

Dr. Dave: (03:00)
Nice. I would say, I think once we did the sound bath, which was kind of, she’s playing these different, , ceramic singing bowls, , that are in tune to all of the chakras and real pleasant. I got a, I felt, I think I got a lot out of the class today. , I forgot to bring my journal then normally at the end of the class, I would start, I would journal, I would write some things in the journal, but I totally forgot my journal today. So, but that’s okay. But I just wanted to share that really interesting experience mainly with the, , very, very, very vivid white outline. I’m wondering whether any of you have ever seen anything like that. , there were no other like apparent visuals when I closed my eyes during the sound bath part during the meditation, I just had some closed eye visuals for sure.

Dr. Dave: (03:48)
But there were no, no real apparent, , open eye visuals except for the very vivid white, thick, white outline. And if I could explain again what it would just picture me a picture like this white figure, like almost like a ghostlike figure behind me. And you could only see the outline of it because I’m blocking it. So picture that. And then as I move, it’s moving with me almost like a shadow that surrounds me, but, but it’s white, it’s clearly white. That might be the best way to describe it. Like, like a clear white shadow behind her, , outlining her super interesting. I really look forward to experiencing something like this again and again, I’m just, , there’s really no lesson to this show today to this, , episode today that other than I wanted to share with you and find out if any of you have ever seen anything like it.

Dr. Dave: (04:43)
I tried to do a little bit of research online. I didn’t know exactly what to search for and , it, I didn’t really find anything about this, about this white shadow, , or white outline. So if, if any of you have experienced anything like this, I I’d love to hear about it. I don’t want, I, I, I, I really highly doubt. I’m the only one that’s experienced anything like this. So share with me comment below. , that’s all I have to say to you today. , appreciate you. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, who are you waiting for? This microdose? You, you have to subscribe. I’m Dr. Dave, none of this is medical advice, of course. And I look forward to seeing you really, really soon kisses.


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