235 – I Did Transcendental Meditation Twice a Day For One Month

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Dr. Dave: (00:00)
I have been doing transcendental meditation twice a day for 20 minutes at a time for one full month. And I’m gonna share with you exactly the changes that I have seen in my body and in my mind and in my life before I do. I just want to welcome you to microdose you. I am Dr. Dave, and on this channel I share with you, um, how microdosing magic mushrooms psilocybin has totally, totally changed my life for the better. So let’s get into the program today. I, yes, I have been, uh, doing TM, doing trans Atal meditation for exactly one month, twice a day, 20 minutes at a time. And I will tell you this, that I have found out that transcendental meditation and TM are both trademarked or copyright terms. And I am not really allowed to use them, but I will share with you, I am not associated with the organization in any way.

Dr. Dave: (00:54)
I’m not a certified instructor. I’ve never taken the instruction from them. I’ve done it from my research and I learned how to do it on my own, which I will share with you. But since I’m not allowed to call it transcendental meditation, let’s call it. I don’t know. Let’s call it just for the sake of today’s show. We’ll call it microdosing meditation. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but since I’m not allowed to call it TM or transcendental meditation, um, if I’m talking about it or giving instructions on it, we’ll call it microdosing meditation for today. So, um, what have I noticed after one month? And I’m, by the way, I’m still going to continue to do it, but after one month, I think that’s a pretty safe time to share with you the changes I’ve noticed in my body and in my life.

Dr. Dave: (01:36)
And in my mind, I have been extremely calm and my sleep has been really, really good. And not only that, it seems to me like I need less sleep. I just got back from a one week road trip and on the road trip, it was a little bit more difficult since I was doing a lot of things with friends and family and activities. It was a little bit more difficult to get the amount of sleep I normally get, but even getting less sleep, I felt totally rejuvenated and really, really good and awake, um, each day with less sleep. So again, I’ll get into whether I think this was an effective TM or a result or a product of the TM or otherwise. And I’ll share that with you too. I can think super clearly, I’ve been at total 100% peace with myself. I feel like I’ve been more forgiving of other people, more understanding, and the list goes on and on, but those are kind of the main things that I have noticed since I’ve been doing the, uh, transcendental me. Oh, not transcend, I mean, re dosing meditation twice a day for 20 minutes at a time. And again, I’m going to show share with you. It’ll take me just a few minutes. Exactly, exactly how I do it every single day from start to finish. But, um, something I am not sure of. And that is

Dr. Dave: (02:58)
Since I’ve been microdosing, these are the same changes that I’ve noticed with my microdosing. So almost exactly the same. So I can’t really be sure that either the transcendental Medi the microdosing meditation the microdosing meditation has made it better, or whether it’s just a, a, a factor that I’ve been microdosing longer and I’m going through these changes anyway, I’m not positive. Um, but I, from what I’ve heard from what I’ve read, the, um, changes that we notice from microdosing magic mushrooms and from microdosing meditation, um, they’re very, very similar. So I will say for, for those of you that are a little bit reluctant, not sure about microdosing, you’re a little bit worried about using something that is in some areas, not legal, um, doing the microdosing meditation might be a safe and viable alternative for you. So let me share with you exactly how I do it now.

Dr. Dave: (04:06)
Again, I am not a transcendental meditation instructor. I’m not associated with the organization. I’ve never taken one of their courses. So I’ve gathered this just from years of, you know, I look, I grew up in the sixties and seventies, so I knew about TM back then. So I’m taking this from my years and years of hearing about it. Uh, hearing people talk about it, researching, et cetera, here is what I do every single day, twice a day. So I find my so first, the first thing I did was I selected a mantra. A mantra is a word or a sound that, um, you say repeatedly during your meditation, it can be anything, but here’s what I recommend. I recommend that it be two syllables or two words kind of put together, um, because I use the, my mantra in conjunction with my breathing in and out.

Dr. Dave: (04:59)
So when I breathe in during the meditation, I will say to myself, the first word or the first syllable of my mantra, and then as I breathe out and it’s all done through my nose, I will say the second and I will repeat it. So don’t worry. I’ll get, I’ll get back into that a second. So, um, I suggest that you choose a mantra. It could be a word, it could be a word from another language. It could be a made up word. The only thing I’m going to ask you is that it’s not a word that has meaning to you. And the reason for that is let’s say, for example, you, um, use the word pencil as a mantra, as you’re meditating, as you’re saying pencil to yourself for 20 minutes at a time nonstop as you’re breathing, you’re gonna have, at some point, you’re gonna have a, a vision of a pencil. You, it it’s look it’s impossible not to. So you’re gonna be thinking, you’re gonna be saying the word

Dr. Dave: (05:56)
Pencil, but you’ll be thinking about a pencil. That’s why it’s better to have a word that has no real meaning to you. A very common mantra is just simply the Sanskrit phrase, sat Nam. I mean, most people don’t speak San Sanskrit, so they don’t really know what that means if it has a meaning. So if you say soft, no, um, as, and again, that is a possible and very common mantra. Um, also you could pick something that you just make up and it sounds good to you and it resonates with you. I, I don’t think there’s any right or wrong, although in the organization I’ve referred to a little while ago, I think they make a really big deal and have a big ceremony about being assigned a mantra to me. I don’t think that’s that big of a deal. It has to be something that resonates with you that you can remember that you like, that feels good.

Dr. Dave: (06:49)
And I think that’s really about it, but again, make sure it’s something that you, that does not have a true meaning to you in the spirit of microdosing meditation. I do not share my mantra and I would recommend you do not share yours. Keep it very personal. If somebody asks you what yours is, just say, this is very personal to me and I don’t share it. So what I do is I pick a comfortable location, oftentimes on the sofa over there or wherever I could be. And I just sit down, get in a comfortable position. I set my timer to 20 minutes and I normally do not play any music. I just listen to ambient sounds around, but, um, uh, I don’t really play any, any different type of music or anything like that during my meditation. And for 20 minutes, all I do is try my best to clear my mind, but it’s all it’s automatically done when you repeat your mantra.

Dr. Dave: (07:43)
So I will take a deep breath in, not too deep, but I’ll take a breath in, and I’ll say the first part of my mantra, and let’s, let’s use the word pencil, cuz that’s not a good mantra, but I’m using that example. So as I breathe in, I’ll think to myself, pen and breathing out soul pen soul, and I’ll just keep reading in. And again, that’s not my mantra and I do not recommend that as a mantra, but that’s just an example how to do that. Then you just keep doing that and you don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to, like you don’t have to intentionally try to clear your mind because that’s the purpose of the mantra. The mantra does that for you. When you keep repeating something over and over and over, along with breathing, it’s gonna do the work for you.

Dr. Dave: (08:30)
You can even be somebody that does not believe it’s going to work. You can be skeptical. It doesn’t really matter because if you perform this microdosing meditation, as I explained, it will work for you. Then when your timer goes off at 20 minutes, that’s the end, the best times to do it are in the morning. When you wake up in the morning before you really start with your morning activities and in the evening, well, before you go to bed, probably, maybe right after dinner, before you start your evening activities, but there’s no, again, there’s no real right or no wrong, but you do need to do it twice per day, 20 minutes at a time, morning and evening are the best times to do it. You can do it if you’re a passenger in a car, um, don’t do it while you’re driving, but you can do it in situations where, um, as long as you can find a comfortable place to be and have reasonable, quiet, you know, you don’t want to do it in a construction zone.

Dr. Dave: (09:25)
Um, it, or you don’t wanna do it when somebody’s using leaf blowers or it’s super, super loud. That’s probably not gonna be conducive, but as long as reasonably quiet, um, and you can maintain that 20 minutes of breathing and saying your mantra. That’s what microdosing meditation is. I urge you to try it. Um, don’t just try it one time. Don’t just try it for a few days. Try it for at least a month, at least a month. They say it even could take a lot longer to see really, really great results. Um, I’m pretty certain it’s gonna help you quite a bit. It can lower blood pressure. It can absolutely decrease anxiety, but you have to do it in order for it to work. It’s a great adjunct to, um, microdosing magic mushrooms. It absolutely is. I think the two of them go really, really, really well together. Okay. I hope this helps you again. Thanks so much for being here with micro Rudo. You we’ll have more classes in the future. If you have not subscribed yet, make sure you click that subscribe button and enable notifications. I got a lot more stuff coming, coming at you. Talk to you soon, Dr. Dave.

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