241 – It’s More Than Anxiety or Depression

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Here is the transcript to today’s episode:

Dr. Dave: (00:00)
Hey there, how are you? Welcome back to Microdose U Dr. Dave here from Rockport State Park in Utah. Um, just a kind of a quick overnight here. We, um, my wife and I just got over two weeks of covid and it was really rough and we just had to cancel a pretty long road trip that we were planning for a long time. We were very upset about this, so we figured let’s get out and at least do an overnight here at Rockport State Park. It’s a beautiful reservoir with mountains. Let me just show you because I want to share something with you that’s really, really important. Now, you can see some mountains in the background here, and there’s a reservoir. Um, and if I ask you to, let’s say you were a little kid and I you to draw me a mountain, your picture would be pretty much probably, you know, like a big dome, half dome or something, or could have like a pointed top.

Dr. Dave: (00:55)
But it would be a pretty simple picture of a mountain because when you think of a mountain, most people think of pretty simple, um, thing that’s coming out of the, out of the ground that, um, rises up into the air and, um, that’s it. Okay? But mountains are actually a lot more complex if you’re actually on a mountain or, or visualizing a mountain from, you know, from where I am, you can see that there are many, many different aspects and, and geological features of mountains that are just, it’s more than just, it’s a lot more. There are ridges, there are, um, valleys there, there many times, like secondary mountains within a mountain. There could be definitely different peaks within one mountain, a summit. It’s just, there are a lot of things going gullies. There are a lot of things going on in a mountain that are actually kind of complex, um, geologically or geographically, whatever, whatever the right word would be there.

Dr. Dave: (01:48)
It doesn’t really matter what the right word is because my point is, um, when you take something like, um, anxiety, it’s very easy to say, Well, I’ve got anxiety. And you think of a picture, you picture that as like, um, okay, I, I feel anxious all the time. I feel anxious. But there’s a lot more going on with anxiety than just simply being anxious. Um, with your, if you’re, if you’ve got anxiety, uh, chances are you’ve got a lot of other things going on in your body. Um, inflammation, um, high blood pressure, uh, maybe diabetes or prediabetes or some type of metabolic syndrome. Uh, maybe if you’re anxious, you’re having frequent, um, arguments with friends or spouse or family members because of anxiety and, um, a lot more things go into that. You probably with inflammation and, and, uh, and high blood pressure. You could be depositing, um, plaque in your arteries.

Dr. Dave: (02:57)
So my point is, you can say you have anxiety, but if you explore deeper, just like I explore the mountain deeper in, it’s just not, it’s not just, duh do, it’s a very complex geological feature or geological thing. , I don’t, I can’t think of the right word. . Um, so you’re here because you likely have either anxiety or depression or, um, ptsd, addiction, uh, insomnia. The list goes on and on because there’s so many great reasons that you might wanna microdose that could take care of, take care of your issues. But please always remember it’s a lot more complex than just anxiety. And, um, when you treat your anxiety, whether you treat it with matching mushrooms or anything, when you treat your anxiety, and I found out this, I found this out firsthand, all these other things melt away. So it’s no longer, oh, I just, I’m just not anxious anymore.

Dr. Dave: (04:10)
It’s no longer that it’s more, Hey, my blood pressure is now normal. My thought process, my brain fog is, is gone. My, my, you know, I can think clearly, my cognitive abilities are much better. I’m getting along with people much better now. I feel like I can go out and do things. Um, it’s so much more complex than just, I don’t have anxiety anymore. And a lot of these things that come along with anxiety or depression or whatever, um, they’re eating, they’re eating away. Your body, whether you know it or not, or whether you like it or not, or whether you believe it or not, they are eating away at your body. Trust me on that, please. It’s very, very important to understand this. So I want you to always picture that mountain in the background and how you would draw a picture of a mountain and then think, Wow, no, I’m not drawing the mountain correctly.

Dr. Dave: (05:06)
There’s a lot more to this mountain than I could ever draw, and there’s a lot more to anxiety or depression or PTSD or the like that, that I could ever even imagine. So when I’m curing myself, when I’m helping myself, when I’m treating myself, a lot of these other things are going to go away and I’m gonna have the picture of health. I feel that now. I totally feel that now. Um, and I hope you do too. And I really thank you so much for being with me. I really, really appreciate you. If you ever have any questions, just put ’em in the comments. I try my best to answer just about everything I can, and some people email me, whatever you wanna do. I try my best to get back to you. Sometimes I’m a little bit busy and it takes days or maybe sometimes week. But , I

Dr. Dave: (05:57)
Generally try to answer everything I can that I can. Anyway, thanks so much for being with me. Microdose you. I am Dr. Dave. And by the way, just to let, if you’re still with me, you might wanna know, um, my, so I’m recording this and my videos go to my YouTube channel first. My YouTube channel is simply called Microdose U. Um, there’s a little bit of a lag time, but then they, ultimately, the audio portion will ultimately make it to my audio podcast, which is also called Microdose u. It’s on, it’s on Apple podcast. Um, you know, so you can find it there. But, um, the, if you’re listening or watching right now, the, the video is always ahead. Um, the video’s more, um, what’s the word I’m looking for? Timely because I get them right out. Whereas the audio podcast is delayed a little bit. So if you’re like a fanatic and you want to binge and you want to hear everything or see everything, then the YouTube channel is the way to go. If you’re more of an audio person you like to walk around listening, then that’s totally fine. You’re gonna get everything. You’re gonna get almost everything almost. But, um, it’ll just be a little bit of a lag time. So anyway, that’s my story. I’m sticking to it because it’s microdose you. Thanks so much.

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