244 – Microdosing and Hiking at Alta Utah

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Here is the transcript to today’s episode:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey guys, how are you? Dr. Dave Microdose. You. Today’s gonna be a little bit of a different episode because I’m doing a hike. Uh, we’re, I’m hiking actually with my wife and a friend of ours, and we’re in, uh, little Cottonwood Canyon in Utah. Um, this is where I live in Utah. I live, it’s only takes me about, um, 30 minute drive to get into little, the top of little Cottonwood Canyon. And I just love it here. And what I wanted to share with you today is it’s a special hike because I did about a 0.3 gram microdose when we first started, or just need look before we first started. So it made the hike really, how can I say this? And sorry, I’m out of breath. I mean, we’re at 10,000 feet right now, roughly. Um, it made the hike really, really interesting and fun.

Speaker 1: (01:02)
And I’m the type of person my personality is such that after I hike for a little while, ah, you know, I get it. I just don’t feel like going any further. I, I get it, it’s fine. But today, like I didn’t feel like that. Now, right now, if I speak wor on our way down from the summit where we hiked to, we, but I’m gonna show you some, share some pictures with you, actually some pictures of video of us hiking up as well. But as I’m recording this part of it, uh, we already turned around, so I’m actually not as out of breath as I was going up, but still, we’re 10,000 feet. And so Salt Lake is at 4,200. So to come up here, it’s another mile plus into the air. So even though I’m acclimated, totally acclimated at 4,200 feet where I live, you know, coming up to 10,000, you know, you definitely feel it.

Speaker 1: (01:58)
So you feel it. But I feel great and I, I, I’ll tell you, I, I do, I do attribute a lot of this to, um, how microdosing has rewired my brain, changed my life. My wife actually a few minutes ago said, Dave, watch you be careful. You’re on a cliff and you’re, I know you’re afraid of heights. And I looked at her and said, Hey, you know, not anymore. I’m not. I just, I don’t have that fear. There are a lot of things that I used to fear that I just don’t feel like I do anymore. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s changed my life, guys. It really has. And I’m really happy to show you some of the beauty, Um, hiking here in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Um, here, let me turn this around. Here’s first glimpse of my wife ever in video, I think, and our friend, Where’s my wife?

Speaker 1: (02:53)
Where’s they’re back there somewhere. I think you can see them, maybe see them. Um, if you all want, let me know in the comments. If you all want, I’ll let you, I’ll do some more outdoor videos. Um, so I’ll be like talking as, as I’m hiking or doing something, maybe paddle boarding or just to show you the beauty. And, and I’ve not lived here all my life. We just moved here a few years ago because I wanted a change in my life. It, um, the east Coast was not doing it for me anymore. Um, I lived there pretty much all my life. And, um, it’s not, it’s not the way we wanted to live. I’m not dissing the East Coast, or, I mean, I’ve got a ton of friends and family, and probably a lot of you that are watching live on the east coast of the US and I’m certainly not dissing it.

Speaker 1: (03:46)
It’s, it’s beautiful. But I lived there for many, many decades, , um, and we just said, Look, we wanna live amongst Beau. This is what I live amongst every day. Look at this, look at the, look at the panoramic is, this is, so we’re basically, if you wanna know where we are, little Cottonwood Canyon. And if you ever ski, this is like ski al. We’re at the, actually on the mountain where people ski alpha, my wife and I ski alto in the winter. It’s really cool singing in the summer because it, it looks totally different and you don’t even, it’s hard to even figure out where your bearings are. Like, Oh look, we ski over there. But sometimes it’s hard to really tell because in the winter it’s totally snow covered and it looks, it just looks very different. So it’s amazing. Um, so how do I feel on the, how do I feel on the 0.3 grams?

Speaker 1: (04:32)
Um, I don’t really feel, I can’t tell you that I feel like, you know, uh, trippy or anything like that. Um, they’re taking, they’re taking videos. Look, do that again. . They’re taking videos of me, videoing myself, . Um, I don’t, so I don’t feel, I don’t feel trippy or anything like that. I just feel, feel like, um, amazing. That’s, that’s, that’s the best descriptor. amazing. Is that, is that a way to describe your life? I mean, can you honestly say that your life is amazing? Because if you can’t, then I want you to regroup. I want you to just take a step back and think, why isn’t it? Why isn’t it? Um, look, I’ve been through a lot of stuff. So I’m, I’m not down on anybody who has a life that’s very difficult. Cause I’ve had a life, I’ve, I know exactly what it’s like to live a life that’s very difficult.

Speaker 1: (05:27)
That’s very tough, and that’s why I turn my life around. And the microdosing has helped an incredible amount. Um, but if you’re there, if you’re looking in a rut, if your life just isn’t going the way you think it should, then, then you gotta make a change. The microdosing will help you realize that, but then you physically have to have to do something about it. You’ve gotta, you’ve gotta make the change. You can’t just, you can’t just say, Okay, I’m gonna microdose and everything’s gonna be totally fine for the rest of my life. No, no, You have to journal. You have, have to think. You have to actually make the changes that you’re gonna see come in front of you. Um, I’m going to, I’m, I’m working really hard on this guys, and so just be patient. I’m, I’m working on a microdose journal, something that you can fill out every single day, and it is gonna be awesome.

Speaker 1: (06:13)
I’m putting my heart and soul into this thing. I’m gonna use it the same way you guys are, because every single day we can journal, we can talk about how, if we’re microdosing, how we feel, how much we use, um, if we don’t, if it’s an off day or, you know, um, it’s gonna, it’s gonna have everything. It’s gonna have exactly what we want. There’s nothing like that available. Now I’ve checked, I’ve looked online, I’ve checked Amazon. There’s, there’s stuff out there, but it, honestly, it’s horrible. There’s nothing good. So bear with me. We’re gonna be coming out with this pretty soon. It’s gonna be really, really awesome. Okay, so, um, I wanna talk about dosing just a little bit. Microdosing in particular, again, because, um, I, I’m right now about, uh, close to two hours into this hike. And I may have spoken a little too soon because, um, I, as, like I said, it took 0.3, roughly, 0.3, um, grams of a, um, just a mo like, like a golden teacher type microdose.

Speaker 1: (07:13)
And I can definitely feel something now. I can definitely feel something. Um, again, it’s not, it, it’s very, very pleasant. It’s really nice. But the reason I’m telling you this is to please, please be careful of your dosing. Like, if you’ve never done 0.3 and you wanna go out on a hike at, at altitude, be careful with that. Um, it’s, it’s better to go lower and have a pleasant time than to do too much and to, um, not feel comfortable out if you’re somewhere, I, I know they say being in nature is the greatest if you’re, if you’re microdosing or even macro being in nature, But, but you’ve gotta be someplace safe. You can’t just, you can’t just go out on a hike to 10,000 feet altitude. And, um, especially if you’re by yourself, be with somebody else. Please, please be careful. I I just wanted to say be be very careful because, um, as great as this is, as beautiful as it is, you still have to be, you still have to use common sense and don’t do anything that’s out of your, out of your dosing zone or out of your comfort zone or outta your, outta your safety zone.

Speaker 1: (08:30)
Awesome. Um, let me show you some, um, some, some picks of, um, actually as we were hiking up. And, um, I’ll come back with you and say goodbye in a little bit.

Speaker 1: (09:21)
Okay. So I’m pretty much just about at the bottom right now. I wanted to, um, take a couple seconds and say, thanks so much for being with me. I really appreciate you. Um, if you wanted me to do some more outdoor type active videos like this and talk along the way a little bit, drop me in, drop me a little note in the comments or anything like that, let me know. Um, the other thing I wanna share with you is that, um, remember that each of these episodes is put out as video and audio podcast. They’re both called Microdose You. Those of you that are listening today, well, hopefully you can just close your eyes and imagine the beauty that the viewers of the video podcast saw on YouTube. Um, oh, I gotta make sure I watch my footing here. But, um, keep that in mind.

Speaker 1: (10:11)
And also, I’ve got a, um, I’ve got a resource sheet as well as frequently asked questions about microdosing. Um, just check the show notes. I always give a link from now on, I mean the past few episodes and, and everything moving forward. I always give a link to the resource sheet. So if you’re new to microdosing or need, if you have a need, a question that could be, that needs to be asked, um, just go there. Again, the link is in the show notes always. And if you have a question that I think is good for the FAQs, um, I could always add questions to that any time. So, um, I appreciate you being with me. This Mike Ordo, you, Dr. Dave, talk to you soon. See you. Hey, it’s Dr. Dave coming back to you after the show. I really appreciate you being here.

Speaker 1: (10:54)
And if you could just do me one little favor before you go, it’ll take you about 30 seconds of your time. Go onto your podcast platform and give us a rating and a review. Um, it takes just a little bit of your time and it really, really will help the show immensely. I’m trying to get the word out to people all over the world because so many people are struggling and they need help and this is the way they’re gonna find out about us. So take a little bit of your time, do it for us. I really appreciate you. Thanks so much.

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