33 – The Twenty-Nine Dollar Egg and Why It Was So Healthy / Is Gluten Bad / Questions

Slice-Your-Age-PodcastMay 15, 2014 – Episode 33 – Dave tells about his experience eating the $29 egg and what you can learn from that to make you much healthier! Dr. Dave and Yoko answer listener’s questions! A young woman with multiple issues asks how she can become healthier. What is gluten and should you stay away from it? A recipe for homemade healthy mayonnaise. Much more!
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$29 EGG? What?
Dr. Dave went to a special Mother’s Day brunch buffet with family. There was a crazy amount of food from french toast, to danishes, to cakes, deep fried potatoes, desserts, meats. No matter how much or how little you eat, it was one price for this breakfast. The only thing that was really truly healthy and part of Dr. Dave’s lifestyle was eggs! So, Dr. Dave literally got one egg and he and his wife Yoko split one french press pot of decaf coffee. Guess what? That one egg and sharing a coffee was $29. Well, it was nice to be in company of his mom and family.
The point of this story and previous episodes (such as eating during the holidays), is to encourage you to do what is right for you and your life and your body. Don’t let people pressure you into going off “your plan”. This is not a temporary fix. This is a lifestyle! You can do it! This is your life, your body, your health!
Question: GLUTEN = What is it? Should you avoid it?
Answer: Gluten refers to the proteins found in wheat endosperm. Some people have a disease diagnosed by their doctor as celiac disease (more info about celiac disease:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coeliac_disease). Other people may be sensitive and have a reaction to gluten. This is a huge hot topic and big trend right now. 5 years ago, Dr. Dave removed gluten from his diet and it had a great effect on his life and skin and health. Dr. Dave does not have celiac disease, but he did have symptoms that caused him to give gluten-free a try. So, 5 years ago, he stopped eating gluten and felt a huge difference within 3-4 weeks. Yoko also said she recently read an article that athletes are not elminMore information about Gluten: http://www.livescience.com/39726-what-is-gluten.html
90% of them are GMO = genetically modified organisms. There is a lot of controversy about this and there are so many warnings to stay away from soy beans and soy products and anything that has been DNA modified as GMO product. Phyllis Ann is one of our super fans and just sent in a recipe for a healthy non-gmo, non-soy home-made coconut olive oil mayonnaise. Check it out her recipes and some awesome other ones on our Slice Your Age website here: https://www.davidmadow.com/healthy-recipes/coconut-olive-oil-mayonnaise-pufa-free/
Question: I suffer from bi-polar, ADD, Anxiety, and Depression. I have many changes in my life to live a healthier life like running, yoga, meditation, and gave up smoking a few weeks ago. Help! What else can I do?
Answer: “Congratulations for making so many fantastic, wonderful, and healthy changes!” replied Dr. Dave.  If you can get up to the “magic 4 miles” of walking, jogging, running, or a combination each day, it will make a tremendous impact on your life. Don’t give up and keep doing it. Make sure you are eating as healthy, fresh, unprocessed, and clean as you can. Please see past episodes of very specific things to eat and eliminate: https://www.davidmadow.com/18/ = Food and Eating 101 Episode. This includes sugars, desserts, caffeine, sodas, and the like. Also, make sure that you are well rested and get good sleep each night. Yoko said keep a good consistent rhythm and schedule in your life. Organize your day and routine with a range that you will wake up, eat, exercise, go to sleep. Organizing the rhythm of your life and having rituals will help with anxiety and anxiousness.
Don’t ever just jump out of the bed and rush out the door in 5 minutes. Get up early. Get up with plenty of time to ease into your day peacefully. Dr. Dave and Yoko get up early, before sunrise, and do some type of exercise and meditation. Take time to eat a nice breakfast and enjoy the start to your day. Think about the day ahead and plan it out. Start the day with happy and peaceful thoughts and activities. Try it! You will not regret it!
Dr. Dave will be speaking to the Executive Professionals Networking Group. Dr. Dave and Yoko will be there in person. Dr. Dave will be doing a 60 minute talk on his top tips and advice how to live a better, stronger, happier, healthier life. Please come on by! For more information, connect with their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NetworkAtHsc.
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