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Slice-Your-Age-PodcastJune 5, 2014 – Episode 36 – Dave and Yoko reveal a big decision they recently made in their lives. They also answer listener’s questions including how happiness is achieved and how to manage chronic pain!  If you would like a question answered on the show or if you have a comment or want to be featured in the intro, call the new Slice Your Age Hotline at 410-429-7190. You can be a star!
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After a lot of research and studying, Dr. Dave and his wife Yoko have decided to become Vegan! This podcast will not turn into a vegan podcast, but we will be sharing all the things we use, taste, and try that allow us to live a better life. We do not use or consume anything that uses animal products or is tested on animals.
When they used to eat meat, they always went to a local known farmer that treats animals humanely and is all organic with no chemicals. If you chose to eat meat, you can do it wisely and more caring.
This decision was a long time coming and gradual. Then the less meat they ate the better they felt, the better their skin looked, the healthier they were. Some people do veggie days – like Meatless Monday. The more healthy you eat; the better you feel without a doubt!
Feel free to listen to some of our previous podcasts discussing vegetarianism and veganism like this one: Should we go Vegan? Episode 28 https://www.davidmadow.com/28/.
Also, a good movie that, is not over the top, to watch about Vegan is “Forks Over Knives” recommended by their yoga instructor Sandy. http://www.forksoverknives.com/
Question: “What is your secret to happiness?”
Answer:  “#1 I am living my life now the way I want to.” says Dr. Dave.
He went to school as a dentist and became a practicing dentist with a big house, cars, kids in private school – the whole perceived package. It just wasn’t exactly the life of happiness and all that he wanted. He had a busy successful practice and all the material things one would seem to want.
Well, he started thinking about life and what he wanted out of it. He wrote out all his goals in a notebook and looked at them every single day. He designed a life very different than what it was 20 years ago. Money and material things do not buy happiness. Listen and learn about how Dr. Dave makes goals and reaches goals: https://www.davidmadow.com/13/
“Figure out how to make your life better.” says Dr. Dave. Find your happiness. Can you make your job or life better? If not, can you change it?
Should you keep it? Can you change it? Is it something that can be worked on and changed? If you can make it better and make it work – great! If nothing seems to work, if you have tried talking, you have tried counseling, and it is just isn’t working – then you need to make the hard decision and get out.
Question: “I am confused by all these diet options like: gluten-free, wheat-free, portion control, a commercial program. It is confusing to me what is right and what is wrong and where to start. Another question is about chronic pain and how to cope and deal with that?”
Answer: “It is really confusing out there Jenn! You are right!” says Dr. Dave. There are many options and choices. There is not one way or one answer. Someone could be vegan and eat chips and chocolate and that would not be healthy.
You need to start with getting all of the artificial processed junk out of your diet! Here is a great episode we did on the A-Z of eating and where to start with healthy eating:  https://www.davidmadow.com/18/
Part 2 Answer: “Massage, Yoga, Breathing, Good Sleep are all helpful for chronic pain.” says Yoko. Yoko is Dr. Dave’s wife and a registered professional massage therapist. There are many ways to cope with and reduce pain. You should make sure you get a check up for inside and outside pain. You need to make a plan with your caregivers to make your life better and less painful.
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