37 – This is More Important Than Exercise and Diet!

Slice-Your-Age-PodcastJune 12, 2014 – Episode 37 – Zeke (an incredible personal trainer) and Rebecca (a figure competition expert) are guests on today’s show. Together, we all talk about something that is incredibly important to your overall health. You cannot afford to miss this one!   We also take listener’s questions, such as which is more important… cardio or strength training?  By the way, if you would like your question answered on the show or if you have a comment or want to be featured in the intro, call the new Slice Your Age Hotline at 410-429-7190. You can be a star!
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Zeke is a personal trainer and Rebecca is a fitness competitor in figure competitions. They both are in incredible shape. Dr. Dave had them on the show to give their perspective on health and fitness. They are not only at the top of their game; they train people to guide them to get there too!
Zeke’s typical clients are business owners. They spend the day telling people what to do. Then they come to Zeke and want to be told what to do to reach the best success most effectively. One of their weakest areas of their body are their backs. Zeke has to often fix them up first before starting to build them up.
“Every symptom of pain is related to a stressor,” says Zeke. When people feel stress sitting at their desks and computers during work; their neck and shoulders tense up as a result. Zeke says, “We need to focus on how to relax and breathe to start.”
“Wake up in the morning, Look in the mirror, and Love the person you see!” is the best start of your day and conquering stress!
Dr. Dave wants you to have a morning routine. Don’t rush getting up, scarf something, and run out the door. Do not start your day with stress! Get up early, do some breathing stretching exercises. Have a healthy slow breakfast outside on your patio or deck while taking in nature.
“Positive thinking does work!” says Zeke. Say positive things to yourself when you wake up and throughout the day. “I am wonderful, confident, and powerful in every way!” Write this down this phrase from Zeke and say it to yourself 4-6-10-12 times a day. “If you can change your thoughts, you can change how you go about your day,” says Zeke.
“You can always move forward from your past. You can remember it, but keep it in the past. Keep moving forward,” says Zeke. You also need to surround yourself with people who believe in change and the good in you and moving forward with your life and their life. “Change itself will infuse energy and vitality in your life!” says Zeke. Do not get involved or be around anyone who is negative and a downer. They will pull you down with them. You cannot be around people who have a negative thought pattern and outlook on life. It is so important to surround yourself with healthy, fit, positive people. “None of us were put here to live alone,” says Zeke.
How many of us work in a field or have a life devoted personally or professionally to helping others? And then you don’t take care of yourself as good as you could. Do you put yourself last? Do you need reminders from your partner to eat and sleep and drink more water? It is wonderful to be partnered with someone that cares about you and encourages you to be your best you!
Rebecca loves Muscle Tech Phase 8 protein shakes. She is a professional competitor and has tried many shakes. She said the components are fantastic and the taste is great! Taste is so important for people to stick to keep drinking protein shakes. She says this one http://www.muscletech.ca/products/phase8/.
QUESTIONS FOR TRAINERS: Weight Training vs. Cardio
Listener Melissa asks if weight training or cardio is better for fitness and weight loss.
Zeke says, “Weight training is more important. You can make weight training either anaerobic or aerobic. If you do a ton of cardio you will actually deplete your body’s energy stores. You can convert muscle mass to energy if you overdo it on cardio.”
#1 Diet, #2 Weightlifting, #3 Cardio is the order of importance for good health and weight loss,” says Rebecca.
Also, look up the phrase and methodology called “concurrent training”. It talks about a blend of weightlifting and cardio and how to do it most effectively.
QUESTION FOR TRAINERS: When to work out?
Listener Dawn asks, “When is the best time to work out? Morning or evening? Days off?”
Rebecca and Zeke both agree that morning workouts are the best. You have your full energy and it is a great way to start your day! End of day or later day workouts can get bumped with something called life. So much can drain you in the day or interfere with your time by the time you reach the evening. The best most successful people work out in the morning. You can consider a 2nd workout later in the day as an extra or back up or if you are in training.
First thing is to try to fix it. Try to make it as good as you can. It is time to re-think it and move forward in a healthy positive way. It is important who you share your life with and spend your time. Do not live another day unhappy or in struggle or in fear. This is YOUR life and start living it how you want. Start today by making a list of what you want your life to look like. Once you make that list; read it! Read it good! Are you living the life you should be?
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