41- Weight Loss Can Be Difficult – With Special Guest David Jackson

Slice-Your-Age-PodcastJuly 10, 2014 – Episode 41 – Two Dave’s!!! David Jackson of “The Logical Weight Loss Podcast” is our special guest on the show today. Together, both Daves talk about the difficulties of weight loss. David Jackson reveals some of his true life experiences and roadblocks on his weight loss journey!  This is a good one for anyone that is having or has ever had weight issues.
We are so happy to Yoko back! “The food is fantastic in Japan!” says Yoko. “It is very rare to see an overweight person in Japan, except Sumo wrestlers,” says Dr. Dave. Japanese eat many fresh vegetables and very small portions. Westerners would be shocked at these portions.  Even the beverages were small even the water! Yoko had a lovely visit with her family and friends and nourished by that time together and her wonderful native food.
David Jackson was in a marriage where he was unhappy the last 3 years; and just ate his pain away in burgers, fries, and milkshakes. After marriage #1 ended; David decided to take charge and lose weight. “The best revenge is living well!” says Dave Jackson.  So, he lost 20 pounds and felt great! It is great when you take off the weight and it shows so much that people start noticing!
Here is his itunes podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/logical-weight-loss/id268178375?mt=2. Here is his website: http://logicalloss.com/
Now, 7 years later David has a few pounds to lose. He is now trying many different things to take weight off again as a 40+ man. He has a calorie tracker on his phone, he steps on the scale daily, he uses a pedometer to track his steps.  It is hard because both he and his wife are overweight and they have a 17 year old eating machine! The journey is so much better when you and your partner are on the same page. Remember Dr. Michael Goldstein from an earlier show? It was so fantastic when his wife finally joined him on his health and fitness journey! Get those partners on board! There are no downsides! It is all positive and filled with great things and results.
Replace the soda pop with fresh spring water and some chamomile tea. Dr. Dave challenged David Jackson to get rid of the Mountain Dew FOREVER! Soda pop is not just empty calories, they are NEGATIVE calories. It takes nutrition from your body to process this sugary crap. It also affects your entire body chemistry and does horrible things to your body. If you want bubbles, you can drink some nice refreshing naturally effervesce carbonated water. There are many that are even lightly naturally flavored with lemon, or lime, or orange. No Mountain Dew David Jackson between NOW and end of August. Dr. Dave put this challenge to Mr. Jackson and will be checking back in with him. You can do it David Jackson!!!
Start your day naked and step on the scale! This is your tool and measurement to guide your day of eating and activity. If you are up a bit, you will be very conscious of what you eat and will want to walk or run for an extra 15-30-60 minutes. Work to rebalance things each day. If you weigh yourself weekly or monthly, you could be many pounds off of your target and have a struggle to readjust instead of just a few modifications in a day.
Are you really hungry? Are you tired? Are you stressed? Are you frustrated? FOOD is NOT the answer. EXERCISE is the answer. Throw on your running shoes and head out the door. Do not deal with stress and emotions with eating!
Do not celebrate holidays by filling your day with junk. This is a horrible way to celebrate. Celebrate the holidays by enjoying the people at the parties! Don’t make eating the central focus. Also, when pushy Aunt Bessie tries to force her cheesecake on you, politely say “no thank you”. Do not get guilted into eating anything. Do not let 2nd helpings forced on you. Walk away and stay away from the food table! Grab a glass of water or a tea and walk away from the table and socialize. You are not there for the food; you are there for the people!
Dr. Dave does not believe in counting calories. He believes in making every bit count. Only eating food of high nutritional value. Eating 6 small meals a day. Only eating what your body needs and wants. Not rewarding yourself with food. Not cheating just this once because it is a holiday or someone’s birthday.
“It is not only eating well and exercising to have your best life, you need a happy life!” says Dr. Dave. “If you are in a job you hate or in a bad relationship, you need to change it and get out!” Do everything you can to fix it to make it right. If it cannot fix it; then you need to get out! You need to make your happiness a priority.
“Thank you so much for listening! The show is literally downloaded by thousands and thousands each week now. In fact, we have passed the 100,000 downloads mark last month!!! Wow! I so appreciate you listening and sharing this show with your family and friends. I love to help people live a healthier life!” says Dr. Dave.
Did you enjoy today’s show? Do you have any questions for me? Do you have any comments or feedback? You are not alone! We want to help you live better, stronger, happier, thinner lives!
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