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Slice-Your-Age-PodcastOn today’s show we are honored to have superstar Marla Rose from veganstreet.com. Whether you are a vegan, are aspiring to become one, have a tiny bit of curiosity, or have absolutely no desire, this episode is a VERY important one that could actually be life changing!  You should definitely give it a listen!

Vegetarianism and Veganism has very definite proven health benefits. It also kind, good, and right for the environment, the planet, and the animals.

We were thrilled and excited to have 20+ year vegan Marla Rose on the show today! Marla was a vegetarian since age 15 and then in college she got involved activism and feminism and this reinforced her lifestyle choice of vegetarianism. “Every day is profound blessing to be able to experience this and work on a social justice issue, so deep and wide-ranging,” says Marla. Learn more about Marla and veganism at her website: http://www.veganstreet.com.

So many people have lost some real significant weight after being a vegan. Additionally, they have found such increased energy levels. Study after study proves people living a better healthier longer life as a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

There are so few examples of animals truly being treated humanely that are bound for being a part of someone’s meal. We do not need to eat animals to survive or even live a good life. So many people find their life and lifestyles and their connection to the planet so much better after changing to vegan. It creates such a compassionate view on life inside and out. Listen to Marla’s thoughts on treatment of animals on farms that people will end up consuming.

“With VeganStreet 2.0, expect unique recipes, eco-and-budget-friendlyDIY home and personal care tips, interviews, reviews, and smart, original, and honest content each and every week. In addition to this, you’ll find stylish Vegan Street message gear and a supportive, welcoming community as we grow. We’re also at work on our first volume of a series of books called The Vegan Street Guides that will make it easier and more rewarding to live a vegan lifestyle, build a community, speak your mind, and leave a positive stamp on the world.” from the VeganStreet website. Check it out! So much fantastic information: http://veganstreet.com/aboutus.html.
“Chicago VeganMania is a celebration of the dynamic vegan community. We bring together the vegan restaurants and food companies, leaders and entrepreneurs, doctors and chefs, businesses and organizations, singers and dancers, and we put them in one big place to show them all off to the world. You certainly don’t have to be vegan to attend or enjoy Chicago VeganMania. You don’t even have to understand or care why people would adopt a vegan lifestyle. We just want you to have fun. Chicago VeganMania is basically a big friendly party, a festival where you can eat wonderful food, enjoy great music and lively entertainment, and have an opportunity to discover unique vegan products and learn the secrets of vegan chefs. There are even places where you can learn about the whys and hows of veganism is you’re so inclined.” from VeganMania website. This year is their 6th annual festival. Check out more info on their website and if you live in Chicago or are looking for a great reason to visit Chicago here it is!
Stay tuned for next week when Marla and Dr. Dave answer questions from the hotline, facebook, and twitter about vegetarianism and veganism. It will be a great show with fantastic info. Even if you are a meat eater, everyone could use more veggies and more options in their diets. Maybe even start with the Meatless Monday movement. One day a week “no meat” for you and your family. Learn more about this world-wide international movement called Meatless Monday and get some great new recipes for all meals of the day to try too!
“Thank you so much for listening! The show is literally downloaded by thousands and thousands each week now. In fact, we have passed the 100,000 downloads mark last month!!! Wow! I so appreciate you listening and sharing this show with your family and friends. I love to help people live a healthier life!” says Dr. Dave.

Did you enjoy today’s show? Do you have any questions for me? Do you have any comments or feedback? You are not alone! We want to help you live better, stronger, happier, thinner lives!

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