45 – Happiness and Other Important Things in Life!

Slice-Your-Age-PodcastOn today’s show Dr. Dave visits an incredibly important topic – HAPPINESS. He goes fairly deep into how to achieve happiness in your life. Several other very important life changing subjects are discussed as well. Please listen very carefully to the entire episode!
No matter where you are: a party, a cruise, a vacation, a work event – make healthy choices! Do not make exceptions and think you will make it up or fix it up later. There will always be “special occasions” like birthdays, work events, holidays, weekends, dinner with your friends, dinner at your friends. Do not roller coaster on and off “a diet”. This is not a DIET that is temporary. These are lifestyle choices that are permanent! Don’t “cheat” this once! You will only be cheating yourself and your health and it is just not worth it!
Remember when you are on a vacation or cruise or a family event, that the PEOPLE are more important than the event or the food. It is about connecting with the people in your life. Do not focus on the buffet line or the food table. “Life goes really fast and spend time with the people you love,” says Dr. Dave.
It is possible to stick to your lifestyle and healthy choices while traveling and when going to events. If there are absolutely not any healthy choices or choices in your lifestyle plan, then don’t eat what they have. You are not going to die without one meal! Eat beforehand if you know and just focus on connecting with the people at the event. Or eat afterwards. Again, you can survive a couple hours without food. It is so much better to just drink some water or tea, and wait to eat healthy than fill up on crap at an event to be polite or because their are no good choices.
Dr. Dave and Yoko recently went on a cruise with their family and let the travel agent and cruise know ahead of time they were vegan and they had not a moment’s worry over their food. They had access to fantastic salads and fresh fruit and many other options. This is your life and your body. Do not eat anything out of obligation or eat bad food because that is all that is at the table. No one is going to arrest you for skipping the dessert table on the buffet line!
Do you need to make some changes? You need people in your lives that are filled with happiness and love. Are you around people in your life filled with negative energy or treat you poorly? If you can make the relationship better, try that first. Talk to them directly about how they are in your life and how it impacts you. You may need to even go to counseling if it is significant person in your life like a partner or spouse.
If you have tried everything to make it work and it is not getting better, you need to make a change. It could be a time-out, a separation, even a divorce. This is your life!
Do you love what you are doing? You need to change something! If you don’t love what you are doing and your heart, mind, and gut will know even if you are denying it with your mind. This will manifest in your health and could result in disease and digestive problems. I have heard person and after person tell me about their stress and poor health from their careers. I have heard amazing fantastic transformation stories of people changing their entire careers and doing something that makes them happy. Makes them happy to go to work, makes them happy on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Do not be paralyzed by change. I know it can be scary. I know the familiar can be easier than the unknown. You need to take steps to make change happen now! Don’t set some random future date where you put it off. Take the knowledge and information you have now and have learned from this podcast, and do something now!
“Never harbor hatred!” says Dr. Dave. You are causing yourself stress and pain. Negative energy is so harmful! Learn to forgive. You have to let it go. You need to move forward and not get stuck!
“If  you spend more than you earn, your life will be filled with problems and stress!” says Dr. Dave. If you are making $65,000 a year you should not be spending $70-80,000 and putting things on credit cards or getting loans. You need to be living UNDER your means, not just at what you are making. If you keep spending what you make, life happens to tip you over to debt. If you have a house and car you cannot truly afford, then when you need a home repair or a car repair, you have to put it on a credit card.
So many people are making A LOT of money and living outside of and above their means. They are living a lie! You do not need that bigger more expensive house. You need to not have debt, have money in savings, and money in investments for your future and your retirement. Life the life you can truly afford.
“We all need happiness and love in our lives,” says Dr. Dave. Choose happiness! Make choices focused on happiness. “If you have happiness and love in your lives, good health will follow!”
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