58 – Fourteen of Our Best Kept Secrets of Life!

In this episode, Dr. Dave and Yoko reveal fourteen of their best kept secrets of life!

1. Believe you can make your life better! Yoko says, “Treat every day like your Birthday!” Don’t just wait for one day a year to feel special. You feel so great and wonderful on your birthday. You deserve to feel this way all year long! Listen to Dr. Dave’s ideas for your daily mantra.

2. “The fuel you put into your body has a tremendous effect on how you function,” says Dr. Dave. Eat a plant-based whole food diet. Keep sugar, oil, and salt to a minimum. We have many previous episodes about what to eat for your best life and best health.

3. Daily Exercise. Walk 4 Magic Miles a day. 4 miles will make a huge difference in your life. “It will be one of the best things you will do every day,” says Dr. Dave. Yoko does her “2 Minute Sonic Care Exercise”. Sonic Care is the electric toothbrush that has a 2 minute timer included. Yoko does lunges and squats every morning while brushing her teeth.

4. Love and Family. “You must have love in your life for health, well being, and it will hurt your life without it!” says Dr. Dave. Yoko also includes pets as part of your love and family. Pets are an amazing source of unconditional love.

5. Yoga, Stretching. Meditation. Every single day Dr. Dave has a morning ritual which includes meditation. He has found 21 minutes to be the right amount of time for him to get centered and start his day off right.

6. Morning Ritual. Yoko starts with cuddling with her cats, then she takes a nice hot bath, she meditates in tub for 5-10 minutes, then she stretches. Once out of the tub, she has a great breakfast. Dr. Dave has talked about his morning ritual several times on previous episodes. Get up an hour or two before you need to be out the door each day. Create your own morning ritual. Dr. Dave would love to hear what you do for your morning ritual.

7. Turn off the television. The news channels are filled with bad negative news. It is not uplifting news. It is shocking negative news that can affect your life. Turn it off and take it out of your life!

8. Let go of the stress in your life. This could be work, family, friends. Don’t take on other people’s stress or anger. “If you forgive people for their crazy actions they have done in the past; this will change your life,” says Dr. Dave.

9. Money. “Spend below your means!” says Dr. Dave. Stop living paycheck to paycheck. Stop spending everything your have or spending more than you have and putting it on credit. “When you are financially responsible, your life will change and you will see a tremendous difference,” says Dr. Dave.

10. Sleep. You need need 7-9 hours a night of sleep. “Sleep is a lost art. Make sleep a priority.” says Dr. Dave. Getting good sleep allows you to function better, cope better, handle stress better. Sleep makes everything better. Getting good proper sleep helps you live better and longer.

11. Make sure you are current on your medical and dental exams. Do not delay or put these things off. Denial is no way to live. If you do not have your health, you do not have your best full life.

12. Be selective you have in your lives. Your life, your energy, your time is valuable. You can’t be friends with everyone. You have a choice who is in your life.

13. Happy Hour should not come from a bar. Do not find your happy hour in a bar with alcohol and bad food and bad choices. Are you avoiding other things you need to change like your job and end up at happy hour to cope with not making that change?

14. Pray. Pray in your own way. There is power in the universe from prayer. It will certainly not hurt. Yoko says to remember to do prayers not only in need, but gratefulness when your prayers have been answered!

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Did you enjoy today’s show? Do you have any questions for me? Do you have any comments or feedback? You are not alone! We want to help you live better, stronger, happier, thinner lives!

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