62 – “Chocolate Yoga” for Stress and Weight Management

What does our guest Margaret Chester mean when she teaches how “Chocolate Yoga” not only helps with stress and weight management, but nurtures the mind, body and spirit as well?
“Yoga is pure pleasure that connects your body and mind,” says guest Margaret Chester, “I want to live a fantastic flowing life.” Everyone needs some yoga or a lot of yoga in their lives. Yoga isn’t about standing on your head; it is about standing on your own two feet. Listen to Margaret walk you through some yoga moves on the show today.
Clench your fists right now. Notice something? You are not breathing when you are clenching your fists. Do you ever feel like this under stress? Not breathing does not help with stress. “Inhale.Pause.Exhale.Pause. Repeat” says Margaret “Mindfully breathe with pauses.”
A smile changes everything. Your smile warms the world and draws people in. Smiling makes everything better and is infectious in a good way!
Are you getting from Point A to Point B on autopilot? Be mindful in every moment. You can do so many wonderful things on our commute in the car. You can enjoy the sights, you can listen to music, you can do a yoga chant.
1. Stress is here to stay. Learn to deal with it.
2. Diets don’t work unless you address your stress issues.
3. Yoga postures are only the tip of the iceberg. Yoga is much deeper.
Practicing yoga will help you manage your stress and weight issues for the rest of your life.
4. Health, wealth, and happiness are created and nurtured from within.
5. There are many paths up the mountain. Find what works for you. When you get to the top of the mountain: keep climbing.
GUEST INFORMATION: “Margaret Chester, MPH, RYT, had always wanted to be a yoga teacher, but thought she couldn’t teach until she was skinny and could get her foot behind her head! After years of struggling with her stress and weight issues, she has found a way to survive and thrive by practicing Chocolate Yoga. She is currently teaching workshops and working on her next book. “ (excerpt from her website)
You can connect with Margaret online:
Website: http://www.chocolateyoga.com/
Book: Chocolate Yoga: A System of Yoga Techniques for Stress and Weight Management that will Nurture Your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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