72 – How to Get What You Want and Live Your Dream Life

If money was no object and there were no chance of failing, what is something that you would like to do? We asked this question a short time ago and the responses we received got us thinking – Most people have a dream that they do not know how to fulfill. In today’s episode we will help you achieve almost any dream!

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So many people want to do different things than what they are currently doing but they are afraid of failure. They may think their dreams are impossible or that they can’t do it. The fact is that most dreams are attainable should we choose to believe in ourselves and pursue our dreams. Chances are you won’t become a quarterback for a professional football team if you are 60 years old and have never played football but you can and should pursue any reasonable goals you may have. If you do not try, you will never achieve your goals. For example, four to five years ago, Yoko could not run a mile but now can finish a full marathon. At the time she thought it would be impossible, but through hard work and perseverance she achieved her goals. If you REALLY want it, the impossible becomes possible.

Whatever your goals, there is a way to achieve them.

First, write down your goal in detail. For example, I will own a juice bar in Breckenridge, CO by Jan 1, 2017. Be specific and realistic with your goal. As you are writing down your goal, next visualize the desired outcome of your goal. What does it look like? Who are the customers?  Focus on the positives of what you want and strive to achieve them.

Often there is an excuse or several excuses for not taking the steps to meet your goals. Reduce the excuses by reviewing your goals and taking actions towards these goals EVERY day. Believe that you CAN do it and eliminate the excuses.


“If you truly want to do it, the universe will hand it to you!”

To all of our listeners, if there is something you want to do badly enough, get it done!

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