80 – The Picture That Will Change Your Life

In today’s show, Dr. Dave reveals some things he has never before talked about in his search for happiness and change.

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episode #80

Above, Dr Dave shared a photo of himself from about 15 years ago around the time of his divorce. He was about 30 pounds heavier at that point and going through a very difficult time. Now, after making significant changes in his life, he looks and feels so much better. Had he kept going in a situation that he was not supposed to be, who knows if he would be doing as well as he is today.

Although Dr Dave, lives a great life now, this wasn’t always the case. He knew that he had to make changes, and although he was afraid, he did it anyway. Staying in the situation that he was in, would have caused more serious problems in his life. He found the courage to make changes. It was not easy and he went through period where he was depressed and felt alone. Sometimes he would even take prescription anxiety medicine to help deal with his emotions even though he knew that wasn’t the proper way to handle the situation. He also lost a lot financially but knew that there was no other way. When given a choice between wealth and happiness, he felt happiness was his only choice. Even though he knew it was going to be a lot of hard work to get his life in order.

For those of you facing difficult decisions, Dr Dave is here for you. He understands your struggles and hurdles and wants to help you achieve your dreams.

The most important thing in life is happiness (health is a close second). No matter how well you live and how healthy you are, if you are unhappy you will never live a fulfilled life. If there is something in your life that needs to be changed, work on it now! Don’t try to avoid it or forget about it. You can do this, you can get better, and you can live your absolute best life possible!

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