83 – This is More Important Than Diet and Exercise!

Today Dr. Dave reveals what is REALLY important in your life and the best way that you can do this!

To our regular listeners/viewers, welcome back! To our new listeners/viewers, welcome! Here we talk about lifestyle, how to be stronger, thinner, healthier, happier, and a lot more. If you are new to the show, the best way to reach Dr. Dave is on Facebook at www.facebook.com/davidmadow or at www.facebook.com/sliceyourage.

Two weeks ago on the podcast (Episode 81 – A Challenge For You), Dr. Dave requested that all of his listeners try a plant-based vegan diet for just two weeks. No meat or animal products and as little processed food as possible. He has received tons of great feedback. If you participated in the challenge, Dr. Dave wants to hear from you. Was it difficult? Were you able to do it for two weeks? Did you try for a day or two, then just stop? Was it simple? How did you feel after? Did you lose any weight? Do you feel like a new person? Please send all feedback, good or bad, to rundrdave@gmail.com. If you feel really good eliminating animal products from your diet, Dr. Dave suggests that you keep it going! He is certain that it will have so many positive effects on your body, your life, your happiness, whatever it may be!

By the time you are listening/watching this Dr. Dave will have had a late birthday celebration. First, he, his wife, and some friends are embarking on a three-day backpacking trip, then Dr. Dave and his wife will be participating in the Bay 2 Breakers 12K race in San Francisco, CA, and after that they will be taking a short side trip to Portland, OR. Portland is known as the vegan capital of the world, so Dr. Dave is looking forward to checking out some great food at a few cool vegan restaurants.

A long time ago, Dr. Dave did an episode discussing happiness and forgiveness and how to live a stress free life. In order to live a less stressful life, you must learn to release the bad feelings that you are carrying. Holding in anger, whether it’s against an old friend, family member, co-worker, is really unhealthy. If you have any anger or hatred or really bad feeling or thoughts about someone else, try your best to forgive and let it go. When you are able to do that you will see such positive changes in your life. Once you release all of that stress, it is amazing!

Dr. Dave always thought he lived a healthy lifestyle, but looking back he realizes it was not as healthy as he thought. In the past few years, he has made much more of an effort to live a healthy lifestyle through yoga, meditation, exercise, and diet. And he has developed a higher emotional stability by learning to forgive and not valuing material items as highly. He has learned that life is about health, happiness, and love.

When he was able to begin increasing his exercise and meditating more, that’s when he realized he was able to release more of those bad feelings. If someone gives you anger or hatred, and you can ignore that and respond to them with love and positive energy, in so many cases their anger will go away. This is not always the case but in most cases. It’s amazing how the way in which you respond to someone can dictate how they react to you. Dr. Dave shares an anecdote regarding an experience he recently had with an aggressive driver.

Living a life of peace is truly the way to go. Is every day perfect? Of course not! But let’s learn to relax, love, forgive, and don’t be as angry. Dr. Dave firmly believes that the planet will change for the better in the future! Show love towards other people. It’s one of the best things you can do!

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