84 – This Story May Change Your Life!

In this episode, Dr. Dave tells a short story that could have a big impact on your life. Please don’t miss the message at the very end!

Today’s show is being recorded in Dr. Dave’s hotel room in beautiful downtown San Francisco, CA. Dr Dave, his wife Yoko, and a few friends have just completed a three day backpacking trip in the Santa Cruz mountains in the Northern CA area. On a backpacking trip, you must carry everything that you are going to eat because there is no where convenient to restock your supplies. Water is typically available at the campsite but during the day everything else has to be carried. They hiked roughly 10 miles per day in the rugged mountains. On day two, the group encountered a gorgeous dog that appears to be lost or abandoned. The dog was fairly large and was a light tan color. The dog was very sweet but extremely frightened. The dog was shaking shivering, and had small bites or cuts on its body. They found the dog in an area where there was a mountain road passing by and they found the dog near the road when they did a road crossing. There was not a lot of traffic on this road, but every so often as they were trying to tend to the dog a car would pass and catch the dog’s attention. It seemed as if the dog would become disappointed as each passing car came and went. They decided that they really wanted to help the dog but they had limited food and water which they needed to survive. However they each pulled out a little food and water to give to the dog. The dog was so appreciative! They decided that would try to flag down the next vehicle on the road to see if there was some way they could help since they next campsite was about 8 miles away and the group was not sure if the dog would hike with them that far. Finally what appeared to be a county or state work track passed by and they flagged him down. The truck stopped and they asked what was wrong? Dr. Dave went on to explain to the passengers of the vehicle that they had found this dog and that he was lost and starving. They acknowledged that they worked in the area and were familiar with the surrounding area. They became very friendly and introduced themselves as Nicole and Tim. They offered to find help for the dog and began trying to lure him to the truck with food. Unfortunately the dog refused to get in the truck. As this is happening, another car passes by and turns around. Out of this convertible comes a young man named Clayton. The gentleman gets out of his car and approaches the group. The group is hopeful that this is the dog’s owner so they ask if the dog is his. He was not the dog’s owner but instead asked for a picture of the group. He was traveling from Texas and was exploring the redwood forest. He came to look at the trees when he spotted the backpackers and really wanted to get a picture of the group. The group agreed and posed for the picture. After a few minutes of chatting, they say their goodbyes to Clayton and he goes on his way. At this point, they weren’t sure what to do with the dog but the plan was that Nicole would going to stay with the dog while Tim went and got some type of help. The group decided that the workers were very nice loving people and that the dog was in good hands. They felt they could no longer be of assistance so they slowly hiked away from the dog and the workers so as not to confuse him. About 30 minutes into the hike, the trail came close to the same mountain road again and they spotted the same truck. They yelled to Nicole and Tim once more and the window was down so they heard the group. They did not see the dog in the truck so they began to worry. They stopped the truck and we came close to the road and began speaking to them again. They immediately inquired about the dog. Nicole said “you won’t believe this! After Clayton had left the group, he noticed a lost dog sign along the road. Realizing it was the dog he just saw with us he called the phone number on the sign and told them that he knew where their dog was. The owner came to claim the dog shortly after and as it turns out the dog had been lost for two days.” If it had not been for the group working hard to find the dog’s owner, the dog probably would not have survived in the wilderness too much longer. Everything came together perfectly to save an animal’s life.

Dr. Dave has talked many times in the past about helping others, giving, living, not just people but animals too. It made them feel so good to save this animal’s life. A lot of things in life are very important, but happiness and love for others trumps everything else. Are you going to save a dog’s life today? Maybe not, but can you go out today and touch somebody’s life? Talk to a stranger? Help someone across the road? Give to a charity? Help a homeless person in some way? Teach something to someone else that will impact their life? This is what life’s about! It’s not about sitting in an office all day making as much money as you can living in a 5000 square foot mansion.

If you have never been backpacking, Dr. Dave highly recommends it. There is something wonderful about strapping a heavy pack on your back with your possessions and walking in the wilderness. No internet, no Facebook, No Twitter, No Instant Messenger. Just you and maybe a few loved ones walking, sometimes for several days.

Next time you are deciding what to eat and it’s between an animal product (meat, dairy, eggs, etc) or a plant-based food. Please remember that anytime you eat an animal product, an animal is suffering. Every animal has the same emotion as the dog that the group saved in the woods. They get happy, sad, fearful, they shiver and shake. They don’t want to suffer. This is the one year anniversary of Dr. Dave’s vegan journey and he has never felt better!

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