85 – This is What One Year Can Do for YOU!

Today Dr. Dave shows you what happened to him after being vegan for one year!

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Dr. Dave just returned from his trip to the West Coast. He had the opportunity to meet up with several amazing followers of the show and participated in the Bay 2 Breakers race. If you are listening to the show, Dr. Dave wants to invite you to meet up with him next year in San Francisco for the Bay 2 Breakers race! It’s a big party in the streets of San Francisco. You are guaranteed to have fun! Next year’s race will be on Sunday, May 15th. You have 1 year to prepare!

Dr. Dave is here to help you live your best life possible. Over the past year Dr. Dave has been completely transformed. A little over one year ago he decided to completely eliminate animal products from his life, primarily diet. After a lot of thought and research, he believed that this was the best thing he could do for his health and for the planet. Directly after the Bay 2 Breakers race of 2014, Dr. Dave and his wife, Yoko decided that they would never eat animal products again – no meat, fish, dairy, or anything else that comes from an animal. They get regular physicals and had always been in good health but within a few months of becoming vegan their blood work results had significantly improved. Other things began happening too. He began to notice that he was getting a lot of compliments about his skin and his “glow”. Not long after Dr. Dave’s one year anniversary of becoming vegan last he also celebrated his 60th birthday. A few days after his birthday, he ran a local 5k race and for the first time ever, he won first place in his age category! To say he was happy about that would be an understatement. After that he completed a three day hike in the Santa Cruz mountains. He did not use (or need) animal products or meat to keep him going. He was fueled only on plants and felt great. And after a day of rest, he also ran a 12K race at his best time ever. He is doing better now than ever before! He has lost weight and his hair is growing. After one year, Dr. Dave is convinced that it is the best thing he has ever done.

One of the most common questions that vegans get asked is where do you get your protein? Dr. Dave gets frustrated by this question. As an athlete who is performing better than ever, Dr. Dave knows that a plant based diet can fuel your body properly. In a plant based diet, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and beans are able to provide you with more than enough protein for your needs.

Dr. Dave wants to change the world! Even if it’s one person at a time. He has received so many positive and inspiring messages. So many of you have changed your lives due to his influence.

If you are looking to get started, don’t wait. Don’t say that you will start next month or next week. What does it hurt to try? Just do it!

Next episode we’ll be talking about The 5 Habits That Will Change Your Life. Stay tuned!

Off to Chicago now…

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