CRUCIAL Life Advice – Your Third Quickie With Dr Dave – Are You Living Your Best Life?

Slice-Your-Age-PodcastYour third quickie with Dave! This is a quick one where Dr. Dave teaches you some CRUCIAL life advice. Please do not miss this one!

“Live the life you love and don’t be afraid to do things! Do not wait! Go for it! Life moves to fast and we do not know what tomorrow brings!’ says Dr. David Madow. If Dr. Dave had put off things in his life, he would not be happy living the life he is living now. You might be in a dead end relationship or job, but are not doing anything about it. The day to change this is Right Now! Too many of you are putting things off and are afraid of what is on the other side of if  and when that change takes place.

Make it better or make a change. What can you do TODAY to make it better or make a change in your life? Are you living your best life possible and enjoying every single day? Why can’t you take the risk? You can do it! It may not work out and you learn from that and try again in a different way. Don’t stick with things because they are comfortable. Change can be scary and uncomfortable, but this is how you grow and evolve and lead to a life of happiness and authenticity aligned with you are and meant to be.

You get one life to live and make it the best one you possibly can. Do things! Try things! Fail at things! Better to have tried than not tried at all. Stop living in fear of the unknown or in the different or uncomfortable.


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