EXTRA – Microdosing While You Have Covid – Here’s What You Need to Know

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Dr. Dave: (00:00)
Hey, welcome back to Microdose U. Dr. Dave, how are you today? I wanna share with you, , what it was like when I had, COVID just very recently and microdosing during COVID, after COVID, let’s get right into it now. Thanks for being with me. , so I did have COVID for about two weeks and I felt lousy. I, I never felt like deathly ill. , you know, when COVID first started, if it was, you know, possibly even a death sentence or a hospital sentence, when you got COVID, everybody was super scared nowadays when you get it, it’s kind of like, , it’s like flu type symptoms, maybe even just, , a really bad cold or congestion. So what I had was, , it felt like a bad, like a bad cold, like cough, , a lot of congestion, very tired, , loss of appetite, , just stuff like that.

Dr. Dave: (00:57)
Just, I just had to do nothing basically for, for a couple weeks, but, , and, and, and I felt it would be not a good idea to try to micro dose during that time that I felt really bad, but maybe after about five or six days, five days, something like that, I started feeling better. So I figured I had, you know, I’d been 5, 6, 7 days without a microdose. I figured this might be a good time to slip a little microdose in which I did. And I remember the microdose feeling a little bit stronger than normal, and I didn’t think much of it, and it wasn’t really that big of a deal, but I definitely noticed that the microdose felt stronger. And I think I microdosed maybe a day or two after that, but then I had, and with the same, same thing that happened, it was, , it felt, it felt stronger, but then I had what we call like a rebound and it’s kinda like, I felt the COVID was going away, but then it came back and it was like the total total was about two weeks.

Dr. Dave: (02:03)
So I kind of came from, , thought I was getting better back to the same symptoms, you know, just congestion, , you know, just not feeling well at all. Cough came back just the same old thing, fatigue. , and I did not microdose during that. Like when I felt lousy, I did not microdose at all, just zero. So then when I came out of it, finally, it was about two weeks later, probably more like even 15 days later from, from the fir from the very beginning. , I took a little bite off of a chocolate that I have here, and it’s a, it’s the chocolate is infused with, , albino P envi. So ape, which is a very strong strain, but it was, it’s a two gram chocolate, but I just took like a little, little, little tiny nibble off of it. And I will tell you that little nibble sent me sailing.

Dr. Dave: (03:01)
It was very, very strong, very strong. And I had to, I remember I had to kind of just sit it out and wait it out. It wasn’t, it wasn’t like a uncomfortable feeling, except if I did close my eyes, it, it felt like just things were really, really, really weird. So I just, I just knew that, you know, if I just waited out, it’ll be fine. And it was, it was totally fine. But what I’m trying to say is that, , if you do have COVID, , be very careful with your microdosing because from my experience, and only from my experience anecdotal not medical advice, remember that , , , it seems like the mushrooms magnify what’s going on in your body, like not feeling well, feeling weird and, and they just take that and, and run with it, magnify it. So, , if I had to look back now and redo it, I personally probably would not have microdosed during COVID.

Dr. Dave: (04:06)
, the only thing is, so here’s what I noticed though. So since, , my microdosing was, was very light during COVID and I skipped a lot. I did notice that towards the end and even when I finished with COVID and, , even up till a few days ago, I started feeling that little bit of, a little bit of a funk, like, like, like something was coming back a little bit. And, , I’ve subsequently hopefully gotten over that from the micro doses. And even like, I did like a little, even little bit of a larger dose, , this morning even, , definitely starting to feel the way I should, but just be careful because, you know, if you have COVID in it last, you know, a week, two weeks, and you’re not dosing at all, , nber one, be careful when you do it could be STR it could feel stronger and, and just realize that you, , everything you’ve worked for through the microdosing might start to creep back a little bit.

Dr. Dave: (05:06)
And so you have to, , you know, maybe when you’re finished totally, totally finished COVID you might have to take a couple, , slightly larger, slightly larger doses just to kind of get you back where, where you were. And again, none of this is scientific. This is, I’m just kind of experimenting as I go, because first of all, I’ve never had COVID, , I’ve only been microdosing for a year and a half, so this is all new and it it’s experimental and I’m just trying to work through it. And there’s really no right. Or no wrong, but I just sharing this with you, just so you’ll know that if, and when you do get it, , just be careful and know what to expect and know what to look for during and after. I think that’s all I have to say. It’s microdose you by the way. , if you made it this far, I really thank you. , every episode is available on my YouTube channel right here, which is called microdose

Dr. Dave: (05:56)
U and also I published the audio version, the audio version only in an audio podcast, also called microdose U available on apple podcasts. And, you know, all those platforms, Spotify, wherever. So wherever you like listening or watching, that’s totally fine with me. , I do have a resource page if you’re brand new to microdosing. , and I it’s always, I just always put it in the show notes that link to it. So it just, it answers a lot of, , like the, the frequently asked questions, the facts that people wanna know, , before, and even during, when they first start off microdosing. So it’s, it’s a, it’s a really good little primer for that. , so find all that stuff there. I thank you so much for being with me till next time, Dr. Dave it’s micro. Do you see you later?

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