Extremely Important Tip – Your Fourth Quickie With Dr Dave – Workout in the Mornings!

Slice-Your-Age-PodcastYour fourth quickie with Dave! This is a short one where Dr. Dave passes on an important tip about working out. Please do not miss this one!

“Never in my life have I finished a run or a workout and was sorry that I did it. In fact, I was extremely happy that I got in and got it done!” says Dr. Dave. Morning is proven  the absolute best time for a workout. Get your workout done before life gets in the way. Don’t wait for your day to have space or time for a workout. You MAKE time for your workouts. Plan this in your calendar for the week and then plan the rest of your life around those workouts. You are important! Make yourself a priority.

Make it a goal to do the recommended Dr. Dave “Magic 4 Miles”. If you run 4 miles a day your entire life will change. Start where you are and even alternate jogging and walking. Keep at it until you are jogging the whole time. Then go for a goal to get it done in 13-15 minutes average per mile. Wherever you are start there. Strive for progress, not perfect. You will never regret the workout you DID do. You will always regret the workout you did NOT do!. Get out there and do it! I believe in you and know you can do this.



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