I want to come back to Chicago and finish the 10/10/10 marathon!

I am asking for some help. OK, it’s a big favor to ask. But maybe there is someone that can assist in making this come true for me.

It has finally hit me that I did not finish the 2010 Chicago Marathon. Maybe it was seeing all of the people at the airport on their way home with their medals around their necks. Or the “Finisher” t-shirts. I don’t know, but I am saddened that the horrible cramps would not allow me to complete the course. See my previous post here if you have not heard about my experience in the Jackson medical tent.

This morning as I was taking a two mile recovery walk/run back home in Reisterstown, Maryland, I began thinking. What if I got on a plane and flew back to Chicago? Maybe I could find a local that knows the marathon course. We could meet up at the 21 mile point and I could run the final 5.2 miles. Wow, maybe I could really finish this one. I am 100% confident that I could do it.

I realize there would be no one along the course cheering me on. People in Chinatown would be going about their daily business. That part is OK. The only thing I would want would be for someone to put a medal around my neck at the finish. Is that asking too much of anyone?

Here’s the favor I ask of my running friends. Is there anyone out there in Chicagoland that can help make this happen? I am willing to come back from Baltimore. I just need to be led through the last 5.2 miles of the course and have a 2010 medal place around my neck when I do. I am telling you… I can finally lick this course! Who can help me?

P.S. I’ll buy you dinner!



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