One of my followers recommended this – within 15 minutes I bought one!

Someone in our “Nakama” (Nakama means tribe/group/fanbase in Japanese) told me that she drinks hydrogenated water every morning for her health. Not having been familiar with it, I made a joke to her… “Isn’t all water ‘hydrogenated’ by definition?” That’s why they call it H2O, right?


Although that may be true, there really is such a thing as “hydrogen water” where hydrogen gas is actually added to the water.


According to WebMD it has been touted for its ability to increase energy, slow down the aging process, improve muscle recovery after a workout, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and more.


Over the next hour I did a bunch of research on hydrogen or hydrogenated water.


Basically in less than fifteen minutes I was sold.


I went onto Amazon and ordered a Hydrogen Water Bottle and it came later that day! Within three minutes I was consuming my hydrogen water!


What this is is a glass bottle with some electronic mechanism that is able to produce hydrogen gas from ordinary water that I fill it with. It’s really cool actually. Could not be any easier to use. I press a button after I fill the container with water and I watch the process. Lots of bubbles!


The hydrogenated water tastes pretty much like the water I filled the bottle with originally. No real change in taste as far as I could tell.


Another bonus… I have been drinking MUCH more water than usual because I know it is good for me. Think about this. Water is probably the substance that we put the most of into our bodies every day. Water consumption has more to do with our health than most of us realize. I am sold!


You may want some links to my research. I intentionally am not going to include any. Because you may think I am biased and sending only the good stuff. So do your own research. If you are not sure where to begin, just do a search for “health benefits of hydrogen water.” Then take it from there.


Good luck and stay hydrated, hopefully with hydrogen water. I know I am!


I just put a link in the PS because I know many of you will be curious.



Dr. David Madow
Founder of Microdose U


P.S. I am including the link here to the EXACT hydrogen water bottle that I just purchased on Amazon. Probably the BEST FIFTY BUCKS I have spent in a long time. Full disclosure… it is my Amazon affiliate link so I will get a few pennies from each purchase. But I hope you can see the value. HERE is the link:

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