Slice Your Age Quickie – Techniques to Help You Sleep Through the Night

Slice-Your-Age-PodcastTechniques to help you sleep through the night!  Dr. Dave has decided to throw in a “quickie” episode every so often in addition to his regular full length podcast episodes (which will still come out every Thursday)! The quickies will all be less than five minutes, and will not be edited. These are great for people on the run or anyone wanting to begin their day with a great tip or inspiration! In this quickie, Dave gives you some techniques to help you sleep through the night.  Enjoy it!

SuperFans and Listeners Betty and Misty asked Dr. Dave: “How do I get a good night’s sleep and sleep soundly through the night?”

Dr. Dave answers: “Good sleeping at night starts with what you do during the day. It is an entire lifestyle.” Dr. Dave starts off the day with thinking and meditation, he goes for a walk or run, and eats a very good healthy breakfast. Live a good spirited peaceful non-aggressive life. Do not eat a heavy dinner. Avoid or eliminate all caffeine and alcohol. After dinner time, do peaceful activities like reading, have a cup of tea, do some stretching. End your day earlier at 9:30-10:00pm. Very important hormones and rejuvenation happens to your body between the hours of 10:00pm to 2:00am. It is critical you are sleeping then to live your best life.

You can get so much more accomplished by living your days peacefully, ending them peacefully, and going to bed earlier. Your best success will be creating a morning routine and a night time ritual. Take some time right now and write out 3-5 things you could do every morning to start the day out right and 3-5 things you could do to end your day right. This will be life changing and these are two things you can implement right now… today… when you get home from work. Start a new night routine and a new morning routine tomorrow morning!

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