Special Episode – Eight Things That I Felt Every Day Before I Began Microdosing

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Nothing here is to be taken as medical advice. Dr. Dave is sharing his personal story with you. Please contact your healthcare professional to find out if this is right for you. 

Here is the transcript to today’s episode:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey there. Today I’m gonna share with you eight things that I felt every single day before I started Microdosing. So let’s get into it right now.

Speaker 1: (00:24)
Hey there, how are you? Welcome, Dr. Dave here Microdose U, and I really appreciate you being here, and this is a special episode, and some people might be asking me, Well, what, what exactly is a special episode? You seem to be doing one of these like almost every week, and that’s true. See, when I first started doing this audio podcast here, I just kind of, uh, used repurposed my, um, videos that I’ve got on my, on my Microdose u uh, Microdose U YouTube channel, and I just kind of turned them into an audio version, and they’re generally around anywhere from five minutes to 10 minutes long. But you all want something more than that. I know you ask me for it, I want to give it to you. So these special episodes tend to be a little bit longer. They’re more of a, uh, a longer length, and I go into more detail.

Speaker 1: (01:07)
So let’s see how this goes. And the special episodes might actually turn out to be the regular episodes. And by the way, after the episode here, um, make sure you meet up with this over in my new Facebook group. It’s a, it’s a great place where we have a lot of interaction. You can ask questions. Um, I’ve got other people there that if I’m not, if I’m not, I try to be there as much as possible. But if I’m not there, um, you’ll get great answers from some of my other experts and moderators. And it’s just a wonderful place. It’s a loving, caring place to be. So I’ll drop the, um, link in the show notes in the description. Um, please join us there. And remember the greatest gift you can give me, I don’t ask you for anything other than the greatest gift you can give me is a, a good honest review here.

Speaker 1: (01:49)
Uh, wherever you’re listening to the podcast, just go on your platform and it really does help the show. So let’s get right into it. Um, I’m Dr. Dave in case we haven’t met formally before. But, um, I wanna share with you eight things that I felt pretty much every single day before I started my microdosing, which was, at this point is probably about a year end, eight months ago, like closing in on, you know, over a year and a half ago. And I’ve had tremendous success. But before the microdosing, I would wake up almost every single morning and feel just like this anxiety that’s there now. I thought I slept fairly well, I mean, decent enough that why would, and you know, why would I wake up and have this anxiety when the day hadn’t even started yet? I could never figure that out, but it was a, a weird feeling.

Speaker 1: (02:45)
My heart would be beating faster. I’d just be like on edge. And it’s, it’s very hard to describe other than I can tell you. It was an anxious feeling that I knew shouldn’t have been there. And a lot of times this kind of just persisted into the, the day now when I started my, when I, when my docs started me on Lexapro, which is an antidepressant and anti-anxiety, and it’s an SSRI selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor type of pharmaceutical. It absolutely did help the anxiety some, but not a hundred percent. And I had to supplement some days if I really started feeling very anxious with a benzo. And that wasn’t good. I, that’s like the last thing I felt like doing is being on benzos. So it just, and, and sometimes also I would take a, even a, um, a very small amount of either C b, D or even small THC just to kind of get me through the day.

Speaker 1: (03:35)
It, it was not the way I wanted to feel, not the way I wanted to live my life, not the way I felt was, was normal, shouldn’t be like this, but it was. And I just didn’t know what to do except for what I was doing at that time, which was everything I just outlined to you. I had not started the magic mushroom regimen yet. So that’s the way I felt Also, um, depression. Now, my depression was never really bad, but it did get better and worse sometimes. Like I still to this day, remember, um, a day, it was a Saturday afternoon, my wife and I were walking from our house to into downtown Salt Lake, and I had nothing to be depressed about, Nothing to be sad about. My life was good. However, I just had this weird feeling something just wasn’t right. It, I don’t know exactly how to put it into words, but something didn’t feel right.

Speaker 1: (04:30)
It wasn’t that I was sad, but I just felt, God, how can I describe it? I guess, I guess the best way would be depressed. So again, my, um, doc ultimately put me on the Lexapro, and that did help some, but it, as far as I was concerned, it was just not a solution that I wanted to live with for the rest of my life. It, it worked. Sometimes it worked, sometimes well, sometimes not so well. I still had good and bad days, and I just knew that wasn’t the answer. So that’s why I was looking for something else. And ultimately, I would find the microdosing, but I wasn’t really quite there yet. I had brain fog. Um, what that means is sometimes I just couldn’t think clearly. You know, I just, I just, my cognitive ability just didn’t seem to be what it should have been at, at my age.

Speaker 1: (05:24)
At my age, I’m, I’m, you know, I was, I’m in my sixties, But let’s face it, your brain does not start dissolving away in your sixties, or it should not. And I’ve proven that because since my regimen of, of magic mushrooms, I am, I totally lost all the, um, brain fog, and I can think clear now than ever. But, but on a typical day, I just was kind of just going through the motions. Um, brain couldn’t think, right? It just, oh, it, it wasn’t fun. It, it, it, it was not the way I was supposed to live, nor was the way I wanted to live. Here’s another thing that I experienced almost every day when I would drive, I would, um, if I was driving long enough, a little bit more than just around town. So for example, um, I live in Salt Lake. I was driving up the canyon into Park City or on a highway for, um, a little bit longer than 10, 15 minutes.

Speaker 1: (06:19)
I would start to get into this trance where, and it was not a good trance. It was, it was not a good thing. It just, I just felt like I was almost in a hypnotic state. I didn’t feel good. My anxiety kicked in, and I just didn’t feel that it was good for me to drive. And the longer I would drive, the worse it would get. And yeah, my heart would start racing more. And if the weather was bad, I remember one time driving back down the canyon from Park City back down to Salt Lake, and, and I almost had an anxiety attack because it started snowing. It was dark. It was just a very, very horrible experience that I just don’t think anybody should ever have to go through. Something just wasn’t right. I hadn’t figured it out yet at that point, but that’s the way I felt.

Speaker 1: (07:02)
I felt uneasy driving, unsafe driving, not good, especially, um, in a weather condition or darkness or, um, a canyon road that just, um, it just, it just wasn’t good and it wasn’t right. I also felt a lot of, um, I, I guess the right word would be if this is even a wordly, unmotivated unmotivating, not motivated. That might be a better word. I don’t even know, But, but you get the point. I just, sometimes I just felt like I couldn’t do things. I ended up, uh, lying around the house a lot, laying on the sofa, tired. Um, sometimes I just didn’t even, I wasn’t comfortable even getting on the phone, uh, talking to people that I love and people that I normally love to talk with. I just, getting on the phone and having a conversation was, was difficult because it was stressful. It made me anxious.

Speaker 1: (07:58)
Um, my brain fog was, it made it difficult to have a good conversation. So it just, and the longer I talked on the phone with somebody, the worse it got. So I just, unfortunately, I ended up avoiding the phone a lot. And even again, this is really something that I’m not proud of and something that I’m not happy with. But, but even with loved ones, I just did not want to get on the phone often. And it just, um, I, I, I, I was honest with everybody. I said, I said, It’s just not a good time for me to talk on the phone. It’s just not good for me. So it, it was terrible. It was a really, really bad situation that I was in. Um, work as far as my un motivation or not being not motivated, I just couldn’t get things done. I wanted to make videos for my channel.

Speaker 1: (08:39)
I wanted to do writing. It just, it was very, very difficult to get anything done sometimes. And related to that also was, um, fatigue and insomnia. I, I told you in, in the last portion here that I just sometimes ended up just lying around the house. Sometimes it actually got even a lot worse that I would just lay down on the sofa fatigue, and in the middle of the day, just felt like I had to sleep for an hour to two hours, sometimes even three hours. It was horrible. Um, I was too tired sometimes to go out and do things. Um, at night, my insomnia kicked in, so it was either hard for me to get to sleep, or if I woke up to use the bathroom, say like one in the morning, midnight, somewhere in the middle of the night, sometimes it was very difficult for me to get back to sleep.

Speaker 1: (09:27)
And that created a vicious cycle because then in the morning, I’d be tired, I’d wake up. Most people are refreshed in the morning, but I would get up and I’d have to take a nap. Literally. I remember I would get up in the morning, um, let’s say it would be 7, 7 30 8:00 AM I’d come down, make some coffee, sit on the sofa, But then I would find myself just kind of going into this like stupor sense of feeling that I just need to take another nap. And I, I just woke up. It was really, really a horrible feeling. And I just felt like I, I didn’t even know what the answer was at that point. It was just, it, nobody had the answer for me. It was just really, really bad. Also, um, along with all this, I felt like I had a lack of libido.

Speaker 1: (10:11)
I just didn’t feel like I wanted to be intimate or, or, uh, just, you know, have any type of relationship like that. It just, it just didn’t feel like it was on the forefront of what I wanted to do. And it just, that makes life just not, not great. You know, when you just can’t do the things or you don’t feel like you want to do the things that you’re, that you want to do. It just, something’s not right there. And, and again, at that point, I hadn’t figured it out exactly yet, but this is the way I felt every single day of my life, or at least almost every single day, or at least many of these things off and on. Every day they alternated. Sometimes days were better, sometimes days were worse. But one of the worst things that happened to me was that I began questioning my health and began questioning how long am I gonna be around and how long am I gonna be able to live like this?

Speaker 1: (11:07)
Because I just felt my life was going downhill and nothing was getting better. And it was just, um, it wa I just, it just felt like it wasn’t the way that I should live or wanted to live, and I, I, I just didn’t know what to do. So that’s when I started researching. Again, I was on Lexapro that did start helping somewhat, but not enough for me. And I started researching solutions. And that’s when I found out about psilocybin and using magic mushrooms. And again, like you, if you’ve been listening to me for a while now, you know that I’ve been on this regimen of plant medicine with magic mushrooms for, uh, let’s just say, let’s see, 18, 19, 19, 20 months. Something in that, you know, going on two years, but not quite two years yet. Um, and they have totally changed the way I feel. Every single one of these eight bullet points that I just outlined, which were the anxiety, worry, depression, brain fog, driving, trans unmotivated, uh, fatigue, insomnia, lack of libido, questioning how much longer I had to do this.

Speaker 1: (12:22)
Um, and, and again, I never had suicidal thoughts. It, it’s not a suicidal thing, but I just questioned my health and how long I would actually be doing living like this. So it was just horrible. But then once I figured out the answer, the solution, the magic mushrooms, what they could do for me and how they could change my life, everything changed. And I’m sitting here this morning, I’m drinking a cup of coffee, and I’m in my house. I just got back from a little road trip. I’m gonna be going, um, up to the mountains and do a little skiing today. It’s just, my life has totally turned around and it’s awesome, but I don’t, I’m afraid to even think where I’d be if I hadn’t started this regimen of psilocybin magic mushroom. So my, um, thoughts that I’m gonna share with you today are the most important step and the most difficult step you can take.

Speaker 1: (13:24)
These steps are to get started. Because again, so many people that I share or, uh, my, my, um, journey with and, and they share theirs with me. And one of the most common things is I hear that I hear is they’re researching and thinking about it and doing it, and wondering whether they should do it, but they don’t get started yet. And that’s the thing that really worries me, because if I would’ve been in that situation and said to myself, Well, it looks good. I may do this, I don’t know. I’m not sure I need to ask more questions. I’m not positive. I don’t even know where I would be right now. It’s scary to think that because my life was just unraveling in a, in a very, very bad way in, in a way that I never, ever thought would happen to me. I’m one that at least as far as I know, never experienced these mental health issues and, and which turned into physical issues and, and crazy days, I I, when I was growing up, I never really experienced these.

Speaker 1: (14:26)
But now I see a lot of the things in my past that set the, set the groundwork for this to happen. I wish I would’ve known about this 40 years ago. I would’ve changed some things the way I did in my life. I would’ve recognized them. I would’ve, who knows what? I would’ve made a lot of changes. Let’s just say that. But I didn’t. It’s never too late, though. I urge you, please, if you can identify with what I’m sharing with you, if you could, if you have even some of the things that I’ve talked about today and you’re considering using Civil Simon or magic mushrooms, and again, I wanna stress, this is not medical advice. Um, I can’t give you true medical advice. This is my life journey. But you can listen to my life journey and see if it has, if you know, if you can, um, relate to any of it.

Speaker 1: (15:16)
And if so, then there’s a very good chance that if you follow what I did, it is likely to work for you as well. It’s the best thing I’ve done in my life, or at least the best thing that I can think of in the last decade or two, for sure. There’s no question in my mind. I wish you health, success, love, peace. You deserve all of this. I wish you a good life that you don’t have to deal with these mental health issues anymore, any longer, any, just, nobody should have to deal with this. So thanks for being with me. Um, this is microdose you again, let’s meet over the Facebook group. The link is in the description, the show notes. Please meet over there. We can chat about any of this. I’m so appreciative that I’m able to share this with you, and I’m also appreciative that you’re able to be here and listening to my story and hopefully it’s helping you. Until next time, I’m Dr. Dave. I do love you.

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