Special Episode – Why You Should NOT Be Worried About Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

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Nothing here is to be taken as medical advice. Dr. Dave is sharing his personal story with you. Please contact your healthcare professional to find out if this is right for you.

Here is the transcript to today’s episode:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey, there is Dr. Dave, and I’m gonna be sharing with you today why you should not be afraid to microdose or you should not be concerned about using magic, mushrooms, psilocybin, et cetera. We’re gonna get into all of that today. Thanks so much for being with me. I really appreciate you. By the way, this is a special edition of my podcast. Um, it’s coming out on a day. I usually release the podcast, the audio shows on Fridays. It’s coming out a little bit earlier. I just wanna test this and see how it goes. I throw in a special edition for you, special episode for you. See how you like it. It’s gonna be a little bit longer than most cause I’m gonna give you a lot of information. So let’s dig in right now. And by the way, if you like what you hear either now or when you get a chance, the end of the show, I’ll go into the, um, go into your podcast app and just give me a, uh, a good, honest review.

Speaker 1: (00:50)
It really helps the show. And I’m here to just share my personal story with people across the globe because I’ve, I’ve found out that, um, not only did I have some issues with depression and anxiety and PTSD and and things like that, but I found out that so many people, so many of you have issues that are very similar to mine. And even if they’re not exactly the same, I am a, um, really, really firm believer that microdosing magic mushrooms is the answer. It was for me. I’m not special. I’m not, I’m no different than you probably, although everybody’s different. I’m, I’m, you know, I’m not that much different. We’re all not, we’re all not that much different from each other. It will work for you. It’s, it’s, but you have to do it. But number one, you can’t be worried or afraid. Um, and that’s one of the biggest reasons that people read about it.

Speaker 1: (01:45)
Listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, and, and do a lot of research. But then for some reason, they just never start. And I’m here to address a lot of the reasons why people don’t get started. And also, um, why you should not be afraid to get started. Because there’s really, it’s, it’s actually pretty simple and there’s nothing to it. But you do have to know a few things for sure. So one of the reasons, um, that you or possibly other people do not, I mean, they look into it so much and they wanna do it, but they just don’t get started, is because they’re afraid. Um, they could be afraid of, or you, you could be afraid of several different things, one thing. But the most common things that people are worried about, well, number one, let’s just tackle this one right away. Um, it’s in most, in most places, I’m recording here from Utah in the United States, in most places, it is a felony.

Speaker 1: (02:38)
It’s a fe, it’s federally illegal. It is, um, you, you, you, you, it’s, it’s, you’ll get in trouble. You’ll get in trouble if you get caught. But having said that, I think if you are just using a little bit to microdose and you have a reliable source, um, and you’re doing this in the privacy, privacy of your own, own home, uh, the, the chance of anything really happening, I mean, I can’t say it’s impossible, but the chance, if you’re super careful like I am, if you’re super careful, uh, you’re gonna be fine with that. So the, um, oh, I don’t, as you know, if you’re been listening to me for a while, I don’t discuss sourcing here. I don’t source at all. Um, please don’t ask me where to get magic mushrooms or psilocybin or anything. Like, don’t, don’t ask me cuz I’m not gonna be able to share because I want to keep this show clean.

Speaker 1: (03:29)
Um, meaning I don’t want to tread on anything or cross any lines that make things illegal. So, you know, I it’s totally fine that I can relate my story to you all, and I’m happy to do that. And I’m being very transparent and I’ll share anything. If you, if have a question, I’ll answer your questions. Um, and by the way, if you want to email me, my email address is run dr dave gmail.com. It’s simply rundrdave at gmail. I’m going to be setting up, um, I’m working on setting up a Facebook group that we can all jump on because I know sometimes it’s, it’s hard to, you know, might be not a simple thing to communicate with me or maybe other like-minded people that, that are in this community. And I’m, I’m going to be setting up a Facebook group.

Speaker 1: (04:17)
It’s most likely going to simply be called microdose You. And that’s the letter you micro, micro microdose you. And that will give us like a, um, a place, a safe place, and it’ll be a private group that’ll give us a safe place where we can kind of hang out in between shows and talk and ask questions and answer questions and the like and things like that. So, but getting back to again, um, number one is, um, you have to find a reliable source. And going on Instagram is not finding a reliable source because 99.999% of the people on Instagram that tell you that they know everything and they’re gonna help you and they’re gonna coach you, and they’re gonna be, they’re gonna be taking your money. That’s what they’re gonna be doing. If you don’t believe me, try it out and you will lose your money.

Speaker 1: (05:07)
And please, I won’t say I told you so, but please be super careful. You need to speak to people and you need to talk to people that either you know personally or somebody that you’re extremely close with and you trust knows personally. There are no other excuses and no other, um, reasons or no other ways to, to get this. But I will tell you this, it’s very, very easy. Very easy, okay? So, um, let, let me so we got that out of the way. Um, you’re, you’re not sure where to get it and we kind of got it outta the way. Cause I, although I can’t tell you where to get it, you know, now that, um, it’s, it’s not difficult. And just do some research. And if you’re not still not sure, do a Google search for, for example, something like, um, psychedelic therapy coach followed by your name, um, I’m sorry, your town, your town or your city.

Speaker 1: (06:00)
Um, there are psychedelic coaches in almost every city in town. Um, some of them are therapists, some of them are life coaches. Some of them are just self-proclaimed people that can help people on a psychedelic journey. But the reason you’re doing that, again, if you’re not sure where to get, where to source your, your medicine from, is, um, these coaches or these psychedelic therapists, um, can generally help you. You may have to pay for a session or two to go in and meet with them and talk, but, um, in the end, I’m pretty sure you will be able to find somebody that, um, will, will help you reach that goal of finding your medicine if you have not been able to do it on your own or with the help of a friend or friends or maybe other communities. Okay? So we got that part outta the way.

Speaker 1: (06:48)
Now, most likely, what you’re concerned about or what you’re afraid of is what’s going to happen when I take this psychedelic medicine. I mean, I could flip out, I could have a bad trip, I could have psychosis, I could, I could have suicide, suicidal, thought I could just kill my, okay, well, let’s get this out of the way as well. That’s not gonna happen. We’re talking, first of all, it generally does not happen with a regular macro dose that people take, you know, larger doses like, uh, many grams, but it’s not going to happen. Remember, we’re talking about microdosing. We’re talking about a dose that is basically around a 10th, a 10th or a 20th of what somebody would take to let’s say trip or go to a party or recreationally have, um, a good time with this plant-based medicine, which I’m not even recommending necessarily.

Speaker 1: (07:46)
I’m rec, I am a micro doser and I’m using this in a serious way as a plant medicine to rewire and rework the neurons in my, the neuro pathways in my brain to get rid of this anxiety and depression and PTSD and worry and all kinds of things. Now I’ve been doing this for a year and a half medicine’s done its job. I feel great, I feel fantastic, and I felt fantastic fairly early on. Although over the months and months leading up to the year and a half, I could tell it was always getting better. But on the very first day, I, I like you, I didn’t know what to expect. I mean, I grew up in the sixties and seventies. I graduated high school in the early seventies. So I’m, you know, I’m a little bit on the older side and I’ve had a lot of experience with, uh, marijuana.

Speaker 1: (08:40)
I mean, I, I started using marijuana recreationally, um, back in high school. And to this day, I still use it responsibly, uh, when I want to. Um, never been a, never been a drug abuser. I’ve never been addicted to anything. I don’t use alcohol at all. Uh, a little bit here and there. If my wife and I are having a nice dinner, I might drink a little bit of sake or, or soju, which is a Korean, uh, liquor. But, um, I, I really drink very, very little alcohol. But I, one thing I never really got into in, back in the day, back in the high school days in college, and even after that, I never got into psychedelics. And I had friends that were using mushrooms and LSD and probably other things. And, and you know, I heard all kinds of stories. There was a guy in my high school class, I think it was 11th or 12th grade guy actually took acid.

Speaker 1: (09:31)
I’m not sure, I’m not sure if LSD actually, I’m not sure if LSD or, uh, some type of, uh, I, I’m not, It was some type of psychedelic, I’m assuming it was lsd, but I’m not sure. And the guy, the guy flipped out. He somehow ended up in, he just never showed up at school again. He, he, the word was, he ended up in a, in a mental institution for, for a while. Now he’s, okay, now I still, I’m still in touch with him, but he was put away for, I don’t remember how long. It seemed like, it seemed like weeks back then. It could have been months. I’m just not sure. He just, he just never came back to school. And I think the next year, if this was 11th grade, he may have come back, but I don’t really remember much. But this is a, uh, it’s not the normal story and it won’t happen to you because number one, he was taking large doses.

Speaker 1: (10:18)
He probably did not know what he was doing. He probably did not have his set and setting right and, and just all kinds of things were going into this. But again, he was not microdosing. Uh, the good news is, even if you were to take larger doses, there’s no real, um, lethal amount and you can’t overdose. You’re not gonna, you’re not gonna die from eating mushrooms unless you take a poisonous mushroom. So you have to be careful that you’re sourcing, of course. But if your sourcing is good and reliable and ethical, you’re, you’re not gonna be, you’re not gonna be worried about that. But again, you’re gonna be microdosing. So you’re gonna be taking anywhere from 50 milligrams, which is 0.05 grams. Now remember, you’ve gotta be good at metric and metric conversion because you gotta be able to think fast. So 50 milligrams is like the very, very, very low end of a microdose.

Speaker 1: (11:06)
It’s 0.05 grams. Um, and it could go, a microdose could go up to, um, about 250 milligrams, which is 0.25 grams a quarter of a gram. Um, and some people would say, Well, even if you stretch it up to 0.3 grams, 300 milligrams. And when I, when I give those weights, I’m talking about dried ground up mushrooms. That’s generally the way we use mushrooms for a microdose dried, totally dried ground up, like in a coffee grinder and usually put into capsules or tea at tea bags. Um, if you have a source, a lot of sources will do that for you already. But some people will sell you just, um, the mushrooms, the dried mushrooms, and then you, you have to grind them and put ’em in a grinder or, um, use a mortar and pestle or something to grind them up into find, uh, little, uh, find little, uh, particles and, is that the right word?

Speaker 1: (12:01)
Particles, Find little powder or whatever you wanna say . Um, um, and then you put them in a teabag or, um, or, or, or, uh, capsules. But again, I i, I did a whole video, uh, not I, I did a whole podcast on, uh, on this and it’s called The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Microdosing Magic Mushrooms. It takes you from start to finish, uh, on, if you’re total beginner on how to start dosing with magic mushrooms, what, what dose would you start at? How long you should do it, How many days on, how many days off it tell, it gives all that information I’m thinking about in the near future doing an update on that. But right now, um, it’s totally good. It’s accurate, it’s up to date. I just wanted to kind of do a newer one to kind of get more out there for people.

Speaker 1: (12:50)
But the one I’ve recorded a few months ago is, um, very, very accurate and good. And it gets a lot of listens on this podcast here. So see if you can find it. It’s called The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Microdosing Magic Mushrooms. Okay, so we got this out of the way that you are not going to have a bad trip. You’re not gonna be in the hospital, nothing’s, you’re not gonna get anxious. Nothing bad’s gonna happen to you because again, it’s a microdose. Now, when I first took my very first microdose, now remember I was on an ssri, I was on Lexapro, uh, I was actually on 20 milligrams a day, which is a high end dose of Lexapro. So when I took my very first microdose, I didn’t really know how I was gonna feel. I wasn’t scared. I mean, I wasn’t worried or wasn’t anxious about that, but I j I knew that it was not gonna harm me.

Speaker 1: (13:46)
And I knew that if anything, I wasn’t positive yet. But I knew, if anything, it was the beginning of my journey to stop being anxious, stop having this anxiety, stop having this depression, control the PTSD and any other things and get just, and just basically get me more motivated and, and have, enjoy my life more. Cause I was getting into ruts where I just, sometimes I just didn’t feel like could even do anything. It was horrible. So I took this very first dose and just from memory, I’m pretty sure it was 0.2 grams. It might have been 0.25, but, so let’s say it was anywhere in the range of 0.2 to 0.25, which again is 200 milligrams, 250 milligrams, dried magic mushrooms, um, in a capsule. So I swallowed the capsule, drank some water with it. Of course, it’s always good to drink a lot of water.

Speaker 1: (14:38)
And I sat back and waited. And remember, it’s a micro dose, so you’re not, so things aren’t gonna really just start happening. Like, I’m not gonna start seeing colors. I’m not gonna go on a trip. I’m not gonna be like, uh, like psychedelic a I’m, I’m not gonna be high. It’s just, it’s a microdosed. So what I did, I, um, after I drank some water with it, a good amount of water, I turned on the TV and I turned on something. I, I, I can’t remember which show was, but it’s, it’s really funny. I remember within a half an hour to an hour I was watching TV in my living room and some commercial came on and I just started laughing and laughing and I don’t know why, why I was laughing cuz the commercial wasn’t really like, particularly funny. But I just, I just started laughing at this commercial and then I thought, well, you know, okay, I know that magic mushrooms or psychedelics or special psilocybin is supposed to you, It can make you giddy, it can make you laugh at things that maybe aren’t even funny.

Speaker 1: (15:36)
You just kind of go into these laughing fits. So I don’t know whether that was like a preconceived notion that, um, I knew that was probably supposed to happen. So it made me like, almost like a placebo. So it made me laugh. I don’t know. I’ll never know. To this day, um, my guess is that it was probably like a placebo. Like I just started laughing cuz I knew that maybe that was the right thing to do, but I really did feel like laughing. I really felt that this was funny. And then after that, I took a walk. Um, I’ve got this beautiful park right across the street from my house. So I went and took a walk in the park with my iPhone with that has music on it and my, um, earbuds or headphones. I can’t remember which ones I used that particular day.

Speaker 1: (16:20)
But I went on top of this hill in the park and I just laid down and I put my earbuds in and I put on Sergeant Pepper by the Beatles. You’re most likely familiar with that album. It’s from 1967 and it’s a really nice, like psychedelic work of art. It’s just a beautiful album anyway, and my feeling is they absolutely wrote this and, and played this music while they were on some type of psychedelics. I mean, it’s, it’s so clear. But what I realized though, and this is, remember, this is the first microdose ever. I had never taken a psychedelic before. What I realized is I was laying down in the park listening to this album, this beautiful album on in my, through my earbuds. Um, I figured out that this, The Beatles absolutely recorded this album for people to listen to while on psychedelic drugs or plant medicine, a psychedelic plant medicine, I should say that’s a better word, plant medicine, drugs, drugs, sound bad.

Speaker 1: (17:24)
Plant medicine sounds a lot better. And that’s what this is. It, it, it’s natural plant medicine. It’s not a pharmaceutical. It comes from the ground naturally. You don’t have to alter it in any way. So there, so I had this new, uh, kind of like reborn feeling about Sergeant Pepper. It just sounded so wonderful. Then I went on a little, little walk and I was, as I’m walking around, I’m, I’m noticing traffic around my area and around the park. And, and something looked a little bit different about the traffic. Like, I’m thinking like all these cars on the street, like where are they going? This is just like where like people are driving. Are they really going anywhere? Do they know where they’re going? It was just like, kind of like a weird feeling that probably a weird feeling that you have when you’re on like a heavier trip.

Speaker 1: (18:16)
But again, I don’t know whether this was a placebo effect at all, but I was really enjoying my time from laughing at the commercial to listening to the music of, uh, The Beatles and Sergeant Pepper to noticing, um, traffic and pedestrians walking around. It was beautiful. And one other thing I noticed, well probably notice a lot of things, but one other thing I noticed that day was, I normally back then, I normally like to take a nap sometime early afternoon, middle of the day. I just would get tired sometimes. And I, I like to take a nap. But for some reason on that day, I did not have any urge whatsoever to take a nap. I felt like maybe more energetic than anything. And I was going still going through some, some, some health issues back then because I was still working on my, my sleep apnea.

Speaker 1: (19:04)
Um, I was on some blood pressure medication, to which by the way, I’m, I’m pretty much off of just about all medication especi and I was on, I was on Lexapro, which is, uh, you know, antidepressant and ssri. And, um, even though this is beyond the scope of today’s episode, um, I’m off of, I’m off of everything pretty much, except I just went back on a, a very, very low dose of a, um, of a, of a diuretic, a blood pressure med just, just to make sure I keep my blood pressure in check. Um, but nothing like I used to be on. So that happened almost from the beginning, like within the first month, within the first month of microdosing, I felt very comfortable. Um, and, and my monitoring my own blood pressure and, um, weaning myself off of my blood pressure medication. I mean, and along with, uh, talking to my doctor about it too, I just really wouldn’t do this without talking to my, my family, uh, doctor, my family practitioner about this.

Speaker 1: (20:02)
But, um, she was all on board. My blood pressure was low enough to discontinue the meds. So my first experience was a really, really good one. I mean, there was, there was nothing negative whatsoever. And again, I didn’t feel high. I didn’t feel trippy. Um, I could totally function. I didn’t drive that day just because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I absolutely could have driven. And then the next day I, I did the same thing because I was trying to do, I think back then I was trying to do three days on and two days off. This will be explained again, this will be explained a lot more in the, um, episode that’s called the Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Microdosing Magic Mushrooms. But, um, I did a pattern back then where I really pretty much don’t do now, and I, I just pretty much did three days on dosing for three days in a row, then taking two days off of not dosing and just doing a lot of journaling and, and thinking and, and uh, exercise and walking and things like that.

Speaker 1: (21:01)
And then I’d get back into my three days on and two days off. Well, here we are a year and a half later, and if you have any concerns now, I know this is just me, but if you have any concerns at all about I just am worried, I’m afraid hell, I’m gonna feel, I’m telling you again, please don’t worry, it’s a microdose. Micro means extremely small. If you were taking 2, 3, 4, 5 grams, I’d say, well, you need to do a little more research and thinking and make sure you’re in a, a good place and you’re set and setting or perfect and, and maybe you have a trip sitter, things like that. But you’re not, this show is called Microdose U for a reason because it’s a microdose, it’s tiny, it’s not gonna cause a problem. And here’s another thing I will share with you if it does cause a problem, which it won’t, and a a common problem.

Speaker 1: (22:05)
Some people say they do get a little bit of anxiety, I still feel that’s probably more of a placebo and they’re just worried too much. But even if you do get a little bit of anxiety, it wears off in a few hours. You don’t have to worry. You just, you can lay down and take a nap or, or, or listen to some music or something. It’s, it’s, it’s gonna wear off. This is not a permanent effect. If you take a microdose capsule, it’s, it’s not a permanent effect. You’re going to be fine. Now, one of another one of the most commonly asked questions to me and to other people that are, you know, thinking about microdosing is, but Dr. Dave, I’m on a, in antidepressant. I’m on an ssri, which stands for, what it stands for, stands for selective serotonin reuptake in her inhibitor, which does compete, the SSRI and the psilocybin actually compete for the same receptor to get, that’s a way to get into your, into your cell, into your body.

Speaker 1: (23:09)
They compete for the same receptor. So it can be argued. And it is probably true that if you are on an Ss i, it can block or compete or mitigate the amount of, um, psilocybin that’s gonna be able to get into your body as well. Now having said that, I am not going to recommend, and again, this is not medical advice I’m giving you, This is friend talking to friend, I’m your friend and I’m sharing my personal story with you. Um, you know, you might wanna do more research if you feel the need to, but again, I’m, this is, I’m not giving you official medical advice. It’s what I did. But I, I don’t recommend just getting off of your SSRI or an antidepressant because that’s not safe thing to do because you’re on it for some reason. And when you do get off of it and it leaves your bloodstream and leaves your body, you’re eventually going to be having those same symptoms, most likely for anxiety, depression, and probably more.

Speaker 1: (24:09)
So, um, what I did is I started microdosing while I was on my Lexapro and I would just do it the same way as if I weren’t. I I, you know, I started with 200 milligrams in my, in my episode, the Absolute Beginner’s guide. I, I tell you to start with less just to titrate up. But I was doing it. I was microdosing kind of pretending that I wasn’t on anything else, but I was, and that’s, it’s not dangerous. Um, but I wanted to do both at the same time. Now, there came a point in time, which is probably about eight or nine months after I started microdosing, that I started weaning off of my Lexapro and I was able to actually totally discontinue it. And I’ve been off of Lexapro now for, uh, a good a, a good eight months. And I feel really, really great.

Speaker 1: (25:00)
And I attribute that to the microdosing of matching mushrooms because once you get off of Lexapro, it’s a pharmaceutical. Once you get off of it, um, after a few weeks, your body is back to the way it was before Lexapro. In other words, Lexapro is not a cure and I’m using Lexapro, but you can substitute whatever you might be on Paxil. Um, you know, and would just substitute your, the name of your antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication, whatever it might be. Once you get off of it, you’re back to the way you were now. Psilocybin or magic mushrooms were my saving grace because they came in and did the work to rewire my brain so I no longer needed the antidepressant. But you can’t just go getting off antidepressants cuz you feel better because of course you feel better, you’re on them, you’re taking them. But until you substitute something else, in my case, and it sounds like probably in your case, is gonna be psilocybin magic mushrooms until you substitute something else that’s gonna work differently.

Speaker 1: (25:58)
You can’t just discontinue talk to your doctor about that. It’s not a good idea. It’s not safe. So I think I’ve mentioned three things so far. The three reasons why you might be worried about starting it, maybe haven’t started, and those are sourcing, you’re not sure where to get it. Number two, you’re not sure how you’re gonna feel and you’re afraid you’re gonna go into like a psychedelic frenzy. And number three, you might be on some other type of medication, namely an SSRI or antidepressant and you’re, you’re worried and not sure if you have to get off of it. So I hope these three main reasons. Now, there are other reasons why people don’t microdose and, and a a, a big one is just simply procrastinating. Some people are just so good at doing the research and looking into it and spending all their time talking to other people and watching videos and listening to podcasts.

Speaker 1: (26:51)
But then in the end they say, eh, you know, I don’t know, it’s not for me, but that, that’s procrastinating and putting something off that really could help you quite a bit. Now if you don’t wanna do it, don’t do it. I’m not, I’m not asking you or making you, or or strongly suggesting that you do it, It’s up to you. But the story that I share that it’s totally, totally turned my life around and I’m just a regular guy and it totally improved my life. That’s why I’m here sharing the story that you should. There’s nothing to be afraid about. There’s nothing weird about it. It really, really helped me and I’m pretty darn confident it will help you. So I really hope this gives you a little bit of incentive to get going and, and, and get started. If you feel you really need this.

Speaker 1: (27:40)
It’s a life changer for sure. It’s a very sacred plant medicine that’s been used for, um, generations and generations and generations. It’s not new, It’s been around way before you and I, uh, roamed this earth way before. So, um, stick with me. I’m Dr. Dave. This is microdose you. And again, if you could just take a few seconds, I would really appreciate it. This is probably the the best thing you could do to help the show, to help other people because if the show thrives, other people will learn about this. And it’s simple. Just please go in however you’re listening to this. If it’s on Apple Podcast or Spotify or whatever it might be, um, go into the app and give a review, give an honest review. I will say my reviews have been very, very high. Uh, so for some reason you don’t like it.

Speaker 1: (28:29)
Maybe instead of giving a really negative review, get in touch with me and, and we can maybe straighten it out between us instead of going on and giving a negative review. Because again, I’m not saying that because I get a lot of negative reviews. I don’t, it’s in fact most just about every review is extremely positive five star. But you know, you get one or two bad ones and it can really drag you down. So that’s why I’m asking, please be fair and if there’s something that really bothers you or you don’t like about this message me again, I gave my email address earlier. It’s rundrdave at gmail. Uh, the doctor is abbreviated Dr. Run doctor dave gmail.com. I’m here for you and, and I’m really looking forward to opening up this, um, this private group on Facebook. It will be called Microdose u Um, by the time I get this published and out to you, it’s not gonna be up yet, the Facebook group that is, but I am gonna be working on it over the next few weeks and let’s get this going. Let’s get a really, really cool community going cuz I really, I, I really am interested in having you live your best life ever. Okay, Till next time, thanks so much. This is Microdose you and I am Dr. Dave.

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