The Grand Canyon Can Be a Dangerous Place – Part 2

It’s been one year, but one of my most popular blog posts ever has been the original “The Grand Canyon Can Be a Dangerous Place.” How do I know this has been so popular? Well, bedsides the stats that I read, I actually continue to get questions emailed to me almost daily asking such things as…

“What happened?”   “What are those guys doing now?”

Now I will give you the answer that I give everyone who asks. The answer is…

“I am not sure but I wish them the best.”

It’s as simple as that, no more, no less! You see, I have learned to change my life’s attitude. Of course when you read my original blog entry you can see how upset I was and that I felt as though I had been lied to and deceived. But time has a way of changing everything. Right now, even in this crazy economy, I am busier than ever. I thank the powers above very often for this.

I do everything I can to live my healthiest life. Besides eating properly and exercising, I make sure I have a positive outlook with every single thing I do. Negativity is a very bad thing for your body. I have chosen to release all negativity.

One thing I did learn from this is that if you have any negative forces in your life, release them before they wreak havoc on your system. If you have an employee who you do not feel in your heart is a good fit, dismiss them now! If you are in a relationship that is not working, get out! If you do not do these things, you will pay later. I guarantee it!

So back to the original question… how are the two guys doing? I honestly don’t know. I am too busy to check up on them. I have bigger and better things in my life to tend to! One thing I do know (and I really believe) is that karma is a bitch. But I will end by saying I honestly hope they are doing fine. There is enough to go around for everyone.

Rock on!

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