34 – The Naked Test / Ice Cream vs Yogurt and Many More Important Questions

Slice-Your-Age-PodcastMay 22, 2014 – Episode 34 – Dave explains what “The Naked Test” is and how it can get you healthier. Dave and Yoko answer listener’s questions. One question asked which is healthier – fat free ice cream or artificially sweetened frozen yogurt. Much more! Sandy is a guest on today’s show!

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Get naked. Stand in front of a full length mirror. Be sure room has good lighting. That’s right, you need to turn on the light! Look at yourself from head to toe. Look at yourself with admiration and love. This is not about looks or criticism.

This is about taking a look in a real way at the areas you need to work on. People spend days and weeks not looking at themselves naked, quickly taking clothes on and off.

Let’s say you look at your belly and there is more there than you would want and maybe there is a little or a lot of pudge there. Then you remember that and look into taking care of slimming down and firming up this area. You could do some ab work, crunches, and planks.

Many women look at their upper arms and with age it may have gotten less firm and wobbly. You may need to focus on bicep and tricep work with dumbbells or kettlebells, or bicep push-ups, or tricep push-ups.

So take off your clothes today! Look at the truth! Accept your truth and love yourself. But study your body and know exactly where you need to improve and work hard.

(Sugar-Free Ice Cream or Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt or?)
Amy Lynn called in and wanted to have something sweet and wanted an ice cream sundae with fresh fruit. She was debating if it was better to have sugar-free ice cream or fat-free frozen yogurt.

Sugar-Free is a bad option. It is worse than sugar. Sugar-free means filled with chemicals and artificial options. Don’t do it!

Fat-Free is bad option. “It is complete crap!” says Dr. Dave. It is not real food and garbage. Again, this is filled with chemicals to make fat-free happen.

Dr. Dave, Yoko, and Sandy vetoed BOTH options Amy Lynn wanted. You need to look at the back of every package of everything you are going to put in or on your body. Do you know what it is? Can you pronounce it? If not, don’t buy it and put in your body!

Sandy recommended freezing banana chunks for that texture and consistency of ice cream. Frozen bananas are awesome in fruit smoothies and thicken it right up. Yoko wanted to mention for the most part, try not to eat fruit at night. It is not good for the body. Fruit is good in the morning!

If you are looking for something a little sweet to snack on; try dark chocolate. Go to your health food store and choose an organic fair trade dark chocolate. If you have only done milk chocolate, you may need to start with 60% cocoa. However, your goal should be to consume dark chocolate at minimum 70% up to 85%. Anything greater than 85% is really an acquired taste and often greater than that used in baking. One of our listeners, Melissa, allows herself 2 squares of dark chocolate (70% cocoa or greater) each day for her sweet snack. Some studies say this may actually be a good thing!

Listener Sabrina Hinkle asks:
“If you could only grab 3 items from the store for dinner, what would they be?”
Sandy answers:
“Plum Tomatoes, Whole Wheat Pasta, Spinach”
Yoko answers:
“Tofu, Natto (fermented soybeans)/Chick Peas,Mixed Greens Salad”
Dr. Dave answers:
“Mixed Greens, Mixed Beans, Olives”

An anonymous listener, a female dentist, really isn’t enjoying her profession because she just feels hated. Even though she helps and fixes people’s teeth, health, and mouths. She hates that the patients hate dentistry and her profession. Many people may feel their profession is not liked or respected like a plumber, dentist, or lawyer.

Dr. Dave wants you to be proud of your profession and hang around people that are positive. Change something to love your profession again. If you cannot find love for your career, this will cause you stress. If you are any job or relationship that is causing you stress, you need to change your outlook, change what you are doing, or get out of it. Sandy says you cannot change people, put you can change your experience and how you see it.

One thought is to think about 3,4, 5 positive things you are doing that is positive and helpful in your career and say to yourself: “I am helping people. I am making their lives better. I am fixing broken and painful teeth. I am making a difference. I am making them feel better and look better. My patients will leave better than they came in!”

Bottom line: try changing your thoughts and try to make it better. But if you cannot make it better and in your heart it is just not for you, change careers. You cannot live a life unhappy and stressed out by your career day after day. This is not good for your mind or body.

Sandra asked can you firm up an older, over 40 year old body. Our yoga Sandy jumped in and said she is 53 and her body is firm ;). It is never too late. Now Dr. Dave said an 83 year old isn’t going to have the body of a 20 year old no matter how much you exercise. But, no matter how hold you are and what age you are at you can look better if you do better. Dr. Dave said if you could see Yoga Sandy and his wife Yoko, you would believe they on the cover of a Yoga Magazine with their beautiful fit bodies. They make good choices and it shows!

Dr. Dave is a man who uses face cream and face serum. Yes men it is okay for you to take care of your skin and use a few simple good products. He went into the Whole Foods store and got two amazing products that is all natural and organic and just feels great on his face. If you don’t use at least a simple face cream you should. If your man doesn’t have any, please get him some. And it is okay if you even have to apply it on him! It is filled with wonderful chemical free, all organic, gluten free, vegan ingredients. For more information take a look: http://nourishorganic.com/products/lightweight-moisturizing-face-lotion

Dr. Dave speaks all over the world and North America. And he will be speaking to the Executive Professionals Networking Group. Dr. Dave and Yoko will be there in person. Dr. Dave will be doing a 60 minute talk on his top tips and advice how to live a better, stronger, happier, healthier life. Please come on by! For more information, connect with their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NetworkAtHsc.

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