Why Two Utah Mormons Ultimately Turned to Magic Mushrooms

I have been hearing from many of you lately and there appears to be a common theme. Your life is “OK” but it is not going 100% in the direction that you truly want it to in your heart. And I understand. Do you know why I understand? It’s because I’ve been there too.


But there was a point where I decided that I want to live my life exactly the way I want to and I’m not going to worry even a tiny bit if others judge me.


I just do not care any longer!


And this has been life changing. Not a little. But MAJOR life changing. I now feel a happiness that I have never before in my life felt. And you can definitely do the same.


I have discovered that when something impedes the natural path we feel our lives should take, there will ultimately be big problems down the road. I have proved this to be true over and over.


A few years ago I was driving home and I stumbled upon a podcast that seemed interesting. It was called Mormons on Mushrooms and as it turned out, it was two guys who were friends who both grew up Mormon in Utah. They went through a lot of “craziness” (my word, not theirs) until they felt they were about to burst. Something had to change.


Long story short, they both found the answer through using psychedelic mushrooms as their medicine and as their guide.


Now, many years later, their lives are TOTALLY different. They both feel that mushrooms rescued them from a traumatic life and pointed them in the right direction.


I am excited to announce that Mike and Doug will be my guests on Wednesday, May 22, 2024 as I am making this available as a free online webinar class here at Microdose U. This story as well as the information you will receive is going to be so life changing that I know it will help many of my “Nakama” here. Therefore I will not be charging for it. Yes, you read that correctly, this class will be totally free!


Your story may be totally different. You may not be stuck in a religion or lifestyle that is traumatic to you. But there is a good chance you are stuck in something, and maybe you can’t even identify what it is right now. But during this class we will try our best to help you identify what it is that is blocking your way to your ultimate best life ever.


Trust me… something is blocking you. 


Please join me, my friend and colleague Dr. Denise Morett, as well as The Mormons on Mushroom guys for what is shaping up to be an UNBELIEVABLE class! Our goal is to help you figure out what it is that is causing blockage and what you can do once you figure it out!


Here are the details:


Class title: Why Two Utah Mormons Ultimately Turned to Magic Mushrooms
Date: Wednesday May 22, 2024
Time: 7:00PM Eastern
How long is the class: One hour
Registration link: https://microdoseu.com/class


I have a limited number of spots here and when it fills up I will have to close the class to further registration. So please sign up now if you can!

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