Week 12 of My Vegan Journey

I attended a really cool event in NYC yesterday called The Seed. There were great speakers all day long, exhibitors with very cool vegan products and services, over 1000 attendees, and a food court with delicious food! There was a sense of peace and health and concern for the planet. Some of the kindest people that you would ever want to meet were there. I definitely made some new friends and contacts.

I feel a sense of peace throughout my entire body. I am not rushed. I am not hyper. I am calm, cool and collected. Toxins exiting!

pig and dogI feel healthy. I feel younger than I did before. I never realized what a “cleanse” meant. I have heard that term for ages and it means different things to different people. I think being vegan is the permanent cleanse. Nothing bad is going into this body any more.

One of the speakers yesterday, a doctor, stated that vegans have the cleanest guts on the planet. I have been researching, and it seems as though the human digestive system seems not to have been designed for animal products. It is much longer than those found in carnivorous animals, hence the problem with animal protein rotting away in people’s guts who are eating meat, eggs, etc. If you do not believe me, try eliminating all animal products for just one week and tell me what you notice.

I was doing some shopping at the organic food store today. I loaded up on healthy organic produce. Yes, I pay more for organic, but I look at it as my “health insurance.” No Obamacare needed for me!!!

I forgot a few things at my main market so I made a quick stop into Trader Joe’s on my way home. The cashier was spending a bit of time talking to the woman in front of me about some of her favorite restaurants. She was describing all of the steak, salmon, crabs, chicken, etc. that she eats at these restaurants and was rating it all. I was listening with a bit of sadness.

When it was my turn, I smiled and made some pleasant conversation with the cashier. I told her that it sounds like she loves food and eating out. She said yes she does.

Me: Do you love animals?
Cashier: Oh yes, of course I love animals.
Me: Well, maybe it’s not a good idea to eat them if you love them.
Cashier: Honey, I come from Ukraine and everyone eats meat there. As I was growing up, that’s all we ate.
Me: Oh, really? Well things are changing and you really don’t have to eat them now.
Cashier: But I would go hungry if I didn’t.
Me: No you wouldn’t. I am not hungry and I don’t eat animals.
Cashier: But I am from Ukraine.
Me: But you are no longer in Ukraine. You are in the US. And you REALLY do not have to eat animals. As a matter of fact, you would be healthier if you ate a plant based diet.

I could see that there were people behind me, and the man behind me actually was listening pretty intently to our conversation. I did not want to hold up the line. I promised the cashier that we would talk again and asked her to think about what I was saying. I smiled and said goodbye!

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