Week 17 of My Vegan Journey

“Dave, are you 100% vegan?”

People ask me this question almost every day.

I actually am not sure how to answer it. What does it mean? Why are you asking?

I do not eat animals. I do not eat fish. I do not eat birds. I do not eat anything that comes out of an animal’s body such as milk or eggs.

Now, over four months after going vegan, when I see the food I used to eat, it actually makes me sick. Bones sitting on a plate. Wings from an animal that used to fly peacefully, being scarfed down by drunks at a football game. Dead flesh that contains antibiotics. Yogurt made from the milk of a suffering cow, scared and in pain.

Here’s what I have been finding. The health of the food that we eat ultimately determines OUR OWN health. When we eat healthy food, we become healthy. When we don’t, we develop disease. We are made from the food we eat. As it is commonly said, “we are what we eat!”

But am I 100% vegan? I try to be. But in a world where we kill animals and use their by-products for almost everything, it is virtually impossible. The tires that are on our cars contain animal products. The streets are paved with concrete that contains animal products. My 2005 Volvo still has leather seats (selling that car and getting one with cloth seats will help no animal).

Bottom line: I try to personally do the very best that I can.

I feel great. And people tell me that I am looking better every single day!

You? Just do the best you can and do what makes you comfortable.

That’s it!!!

Sending my love to you today. Can you feel it?

Dr. Dave

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