104 – You Become Them

This is the show where I help you live stronger, thinner, healthier, happier, and so much more! Welcome to episode #104!

Before I get into today’s show, I have really been getting into Periscope lately. It is an app on iPhone or Droid. It is basically a live video broadcast. I have been sending out live inspiration every single morning. Sometimes I will do my walk or run on Periscope. And then roughly around the 9pm (EST) hour, as I am winding down I will turn on my iPhone and do a short Periscope broadcast for YOU. To get you motivated for the upcoming day. And the cool things about Periscope is that it is totally interactive. I can talk to you and you can ask questions. It’s a cool little app. Make sure that when download and install it, you follow me @davidmadow. If you follow me, you will receive notifications when I am “live”. It’s growing and I think in a year or two it will be tremendous. It’s owned by Twitter so it’s gonna be big. I believe it will be around for a while and gain popularity.

The important message I have for you today is…

“You become the people you hang around with.”

In order words, whomever you hang around with is the type of person you evolve into. It doesn’t happen overnight but it does happen. You are the average of the five closest people you hang around with. If you hang around with people who like to go to the bar and drink, chances are you are going to the bar and drinking too. If your friends are all smoking, you will probably be smoking. If they’re doing drugs, guess what? You are probably going to be doing drugs. Likewise, if you are hanging around people who are vegan, then you are more likely to be vegan. If you hang with people who like to read books, then you you’re going to be reading books. If you are with people who are very responsible with their money, then chances are you will be responsible with you money. If you are hanging around people that live just for the weekend and blow their money on the weekend, then you’ll probably be doing the same thing.

Yesterday, I pick up some dry cleaning from the local dry cleaners. Next the the dry cleaners, a few doors down, is a tremendous sports bar. So it’s a Saturday afternoon and outside by the sports bar I see a group of guys hanging out there smoking cigarettes. They were talking really loudly and cussing. Every other word is “f” this and “f” that and they were talking about the game that was on today. But here’s the deal, those people all became the same person. They all sound the same, they use the same dirty language, and all they care about is the game. And they are kinda living in the moment. I am not knocking that necessarily. But people that hang around those types of people become those types of people. As opposed to maybe if you are hanging around someone who is a runner, you’re going to probably become a runner. If you are hanging around a skier, you are probably going to become a skier. Hanging around someone who is goal oriented and is focused and writes goals down everyday and reads them. Then you’re probably going to become that type of person.

We can sort of design our lives based on the people we hang around. For example, about a year and a half ago I got involved with a group. My friend, Sharon McRae, organizes this great potluck plant based meetup dinner that she hosts once a month. When I go to these dinners, I am with very like minded people. Everyone there is personable. They are really nice, generous, and caring people. And they are plant based. It’s this large caring community of people who think the same way and feel the same way about life. You start to become friendly with the people that go to the dinner. And you start living your life the same way. There are people who attend that no nothing about the vegan community and before they know it they are immersed in it. I know it sounds a little weird, somewhat like a cult. But it’s not. It’s a very healthy way of living and eating. If you choose to hang around with people who are drinking beers, eating chicken wings and nachos, then you’re probably going to be doing that. Be very careful about who you hang around with!

This morning I did a Periscope broadcast and talked about this very topic. I received a lot of questions. One of the questions I received was “can you really control who you hang around with? Can you really control who your friends are?” The answer to that is ABSOLUTELY! You have total control over who your friends are or who you hang around with. I have actually released some friends that I really didn’t align with. I did not feel that having a relationship with these people was really doing my life any good. I don’t want to hang around someone who is only focused on money and has no other purpose in their life. To me that’s crazy and that’s not the way my life is going.

I choose to hang around a lot of people who eat really healthy plant based diets. Not all but a lot of my friends are. I have some friends who are not but I hang around people who like to get out and move their body not people who like to sit on the sofa watching college football all day. I don’t choose to hang around people who hang around bars or wineries. Going to a bar or winery is fine, but some people make that their whole life. And I just choose not to live my life that way. You can pick the people you hang around with. And also the people that are hanging around you. If you are leading by example, they’re going to become more like you. It’s kinda like a husband and wife, hopefully some of the best qualities of each of them meld together to become one really cool individual. Someone asked me “well, what about your family members? You can’t pick your family.” That’s very true and that sometimes becomes a dilemma. I have some family members, and I truly love them all, but in my opinion they are not living a healthy life. It’s very frustrating. Seeing them at family dinners and holidays, it really makes me cringe on the inside knowing that they live an unhealthy lifestyle. And then they complain about their health issues and things going on. They are overweight and I want to scream and say “if you just follow my lifestyle, you probably wouldn’t be having the medical issues you are having. But I try to keep cool and stay calm. I try to lead by example.

I went out to dinner with my dad last night and he had a helper with him since my mom was not around. She was a very nice lady named Alice who was probably in her mid-70s. She began telling me about her health problems. She has type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure among some other issues. I spoke to her about my lifestyle. I said to her, “Alice, if you would follow the same plant based diet that I do, I am almost certain, although I can’t promise, but I am almost certain that many of your health issues would go away within a few months.” She even agreed that she knew she should do that but I doubt she will make the change. It is difficult for people to change their lifestyle. If Alice spent more time with people like me, I would say there is a very good chance that she would be more prone to living a plant based lifestyle.

In the United States, where I am from and live, most people live off of the SAD diet otherwise known as the standard American diet which is full of animals products, lots of meat and cheese. It why we are all so sick. But we are all doing it. If you went to another country who did not eat like that, you would be more likely to eat differently.

You are who you hang around with. Choose those people very very carefully because you will become them. I guarantee it!

My son is getting married in San Diego, CA next weekend! I am going to try to record episode #105 from there. So stay tuned for next week’s podcast and if for some reason I can’t record it, it will be up as soon as possible so please be sure to check back. I will also try to continue my daily “scopes” on Periscope.

We can change the world, even if it’s one person at a time!

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