112 – Seven Deadly Lifetime Mistakes

On today’s show, I am going to share 7 mistakes with you that you could be making. I am going to guarantee that you are making at least 3 of these mistakes. If you are making any of these, then it may be time for a change…

In case you missed it, I finally posted the video of my vegan parody song titled, “Vegan on A Jet Plane”. I performed the song live a few weeks ago at a vegan meetup. I received a lot of positive feedback and a lot of applause. It went better than I could have ever thought. See it here.

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7 Deadly Lifetime Mistakes

1. Don’t hold a grudge

Are you holding a grudge against somebody? If you are, I beg you to please let it go. This is not new, I have said this before. Holding a grudge is negative energy and will only make you sick. It won’t help anything or anybody. Forgive if you can and stop hating. You can remove them from your life but don’t hate or be angry. When you hold it in you have negativity, hatred, stress, and anger. Your cells change and they change for the worse. I am convinced of this. So let it go!! Do it for yourself.

2. Being in the wrong job

This is so important. If you are in a job that you don’t like, try to figure out a way to change it. Find out if you can be transferred or maybe change your job duties. Do whatever you can to enjoy your job. Even if that means taking some college or continuing education courses and redirecting what you are doing. Going into a job everyday that you don’t love, can be a very negative experience. If you really don’t like your job and there’s no way to make it better, go out and try to find another job. I know a lot of you are afraid of the unknown but if you don’t like your job make it better or find another job.

3. Being in the wrong relationship

I have talked to many of you personally and have heard that I have opened your eyes. You know you are not in a good place in your relationship and need to get out. But I wonder how many of you have taken that step. Have you done it? I am not a proponent for just leaving someone or divorcing them but I am a proponent of happiness. So if you are in a relationship that is toxic, do whatever you can to try to make it better if you really love this person and want them in your life. But, staying in a relationship that is toxic and that you know is not working out is not right! If you have tried everything you can to make it better, than it is probably time to move on. Sure it’s difficult. It is not easy. I moved on after 23 years of marriage. It was horrible. But I got through it and I am in such a good place now. I truly love every day.

4) Don’t live beyond your means

It makes no difference how much money you earn. If you make $40,000 a year and you are spending much less than that. You are able to save some and put money away. Guess what? You are doing a better than most people in the country. On the other hand, if you are making a $1,000,000 a year and are living a lavish, extravagant lifestyle and are spending $1,200,000 a year. You are in much worse shape than the person that’s making $40,000 a year. There is nothing wrong with making $20,000 or $30,000 a year as long as you are doing it honestly. There may come a time when you need to earn more to put food on the table or to pay bills. But do whatever you can to live below your means. Financial issues are one of the two primary reasons for divorce. The other is a lack of communication. Money is not the root of all evil. We need money to do the things that we do. But if you don’t use it properly than it can become the root of all evil.

5. Not preparing for retirement

You will wake up one day and you may be 50,60, or 70 and have not gotten nearly enough money saved for retirement. When you look back on your life you will say WOW I bought all these things. I had to have the best style, or look good, or have the best jewelry or fastest car. I had to live a lifestyle that was maybe a little fake. And now here I am and guess what I don’t have anything to show for it or have very little in retirement savings. Please do not be in this situation. If you are following #4, that means that you are able to put money aside for retirement. I am not a financial planner, but I have lived long enough and have enough experience to know what to do. I have made mistakes but I was able to recover from them. At this point, I have no debt and I have a good amount of money saved in my retirement plans. I feel very comfortable just because I have done the right things over the years. I am not a genius, was not born into a wealthy family, and have never had an inheritance (with the exception of about $600 that I received from a great grandparent when I was about 20). You can do it too! I am not smarter and no luckier.

6. Not loving yourself

Until I loved myself, I could not do what I wanted to do in my life. I certainly couldn’t help others. If you look in the mirror every day and are not happy with who/what you see, re-evaluate and ask yourself why not? Why don’t you love yourself? There is nothing wrong with loving yourself.  It does not mean that you are a narcissist. It does not mean that you love yourself so much that you do it at the detriment of other people. I am talking about being really happy with what you see in your heart and in your soul. You’ve got to be confident. So please if you have a problem with that, send me an email or private message and I can steer you in the right direction. I have been through it and I believe I can help. You have to love yourself in order to be able to help others.

7. Not living a life that is the true YOU

What that means is that you are kinda faking it. You are doing things that are not truly you. Maybe you are holding back. For example, maybe you are a real comedian and you like to laugh and crack jokes. But for some reason you feel that you are held back and can’t do that. You feel that if you let your true personality come out then people are going to think you are crazy and weird or that they will make fun of you. Please, please, please live a live a life that is true to you. Pleasing other people is good but don’t live your life to only please other people. Live your life the way that you want to live it and if you do that, it will free up your energy and you soul so that you can help other people. If you feel confined or restricted and you are living your life the way that you think other people want you to live your life than that is a problem.

I really hope this helped. I try to come up with the best possible information and topics every week. If there is anything you ever want to hear me talk about or if you have questions please message me.

Thank you so much for being a listener. We are coming to the end of 2015 and I have got some really exciting things to help you make 2016, your absolute best year ever!

Time goes so fast so be sure to make the best of every day!

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