12 – 26.2 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

Slice-Your-Age-PodcastDecember 19, 2013 – Episode 12 – “Are you ready for the holidays?” Don’t you love that question? In this episode Dr. Dave gives you 26.2 ways that will help you deal with all of the holiday stress you will likely encounter. He covers working out, eating, removing yourself from stressful situations, financial, scheduling, end of day activities, and much more.

Take a listen to the show. Download it and throw it on your iphone or ipod and listen to on the go in your car or while you are going for a run or walk inside or outside. Live Stronger, Healthier, and Happier!
#1  Focus on maintaining and losing ground
#2  Plan your workouts in your calendar every Sunday evening for the week ahead
#3  Consider doing a shorter workout or two shorter workouts. Something is better than nothing!
#4  Find a workout buddy for the month to keep each other on track
#5  Consider switching up your regular workout time this month due to the craziness of this month
#6  If the weather is not good outside or if it is too much effort to go outside, hit up the treadmill. This will allow you even a quick 15 or 30 minute workout while dinner is cooking or while watching your favorite television show.
#7  Sign up right now for a fitness event or race in 2014. Depending on where your fitness level is: this could be a 5k, 10k, marathon, tough mudder. Commit to signing up THIS week. It will be something for you to focus on and have a goal to work towards.
#8  Eat before going to a holiday event to keep you from being extremely hungry and overeating
#9  Use a small salad sized plates at the parties and events. Do not take big plate and fill it up!
#10  Do not take seconds. Do NOT take seconds! It all goes downhill after that!
#11  Limit your alcohol to just one drink per event.
#12  No desserts! Unless a healthy dessert like fresh fruit and cheeses.
#13  Practice Yoga Daily. Here is a link to great images of Yoga Poses and Information http://www.yogajournal.com.
#14  Have a morning ritual. You may want to get up a bit early than you normally do just to get some time to yourself. This may even create a good habit in the new year.
#15  Get plenty of sleep. If your battery is not fully charged, it is going to make it very difficult to cope with the high stress of this month. Try for 6-8 hours each and every night.
#16  If you are uncomfortable during the holidays with a person, conversation, or situation – take a time out! Use the old “I gotta go to the bathroom” excuse and get away from that area.
#17  If it is a very stressful event or situation, LEAVE. You do not need to stay. You are your own boss of your own life. You don’t HAVE to do anything or stay anywhere. Leave if need be.
#18  At the end of each day before you go to bed, write down what you want to accomplish the NEXT day. I find a notebook at the bedside night table good for this.
#19  Release the day and any of its frustrations. The day is done and it is over.
#20  If you are VERY stressed or worried and you can’t seem to sleep. Get out of bed! Do something to reset your mind – do some yoga, some breathing, drink warm drink of tea or milk, or some reading with a soft light. Try your best to release all the frustrations and anxiety before getting back in bed.
#21  Reflect on 3 things that you are grateful for that happened during the day. It could be that you got a good run in, or connected with a friend and had a good visit, or that you are in good health, or about your family and kids and grandkids. Again, the notebook next to the bed is good for you to even write these 3 things down.
#22  Go to sleep with really positive thoughts. You are strong, you are healthy, you are loved. The last 5 minutes of thoughts before you sleep live in your mind and subconscious for hours while sleeping. A great book by Dr. Wayne Dyer called “Wishes Fulfilled” talks about this in his chapter called “Now I lay me down to sleep.” http://www.drwaynedyer.com.
#23  Remain calm and relaxed. There are a lot of crazy stress and situations during this month.
#24  Weigh yourself every single morning. Use this measuring device to hold yourself accountable just like your speedometer or gas gauge on your car. It will help you keep things in check.
#25   Do not overspend. Say right now “I will not overspend”. Do not overspend on gifts, food, travel. Live below your means. Every single person you know needs gifts. Do not overspend! You will regret it come January and that is no way to start 2014.
#26   ENJOY!  Spend quality time with the people you truly care about.
#26.2  Listen to next week’s program because I am going to give you some New Year’s Resolutions and goals to start out 2014 right!
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