135 – Goals, Highways and Vegans

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Hey there it’s Dr. Dave and welcome to The David Madow Lifestyle Show. This is the show where I help you live stronger, thinner, healthier, and happier. It’s episode #135 and right now I am on US Route 15 heading north through the beautiful state of Pennsylvania on my way to Toronto, Ontario. It’s hippie road trip part 2! I had such an incredible time on part 1 driving from Phoenix, AZ to Memphis, TN between speaking gigs. And this is part 2. I am speaking in Toronto on Saturday and I could have flown there, worked, and then flown back. But I said to Yoko that I think I want to do part 2 and she said “if you want to do it you should do it.” So I thank my wife Yoko for totally understanding me and “getting” me. Maybe most people don’t, I don’t know. But she really “gets” me. So I had her blessing to go on hippie road trip part 2, so here I am. I have an incredible show for you today. I am going to pack a bunch of stuff in. So fasten your seatbelt, we have a lot to talk about.

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So I am driving on US Route 15 going through Pennsylvania and I saw this sign a few miles ago that was advertising for a restaurant that is in Williamsport, PA. Which is where the International Little League Headquarters are located. So I saw this billboard for a restaurant named Olive Tree. I was driving by it quickly but noticed it said home cooked vegetarian and vegan meals in Downtown Williamsport. That’s all I had to hear! Coincidentally it was coming up on lunch time and I was getting hungry. So I got on my Waze and searched for it and then programmed in my GPS. When I got there it was nothing like I thought it would be. It was a very tiny restaurant and shop in a residential/business area of downtown. I walked in and there was a small counter and a few tables and chairs. A woman greeted me and I walked in. I assumed it was the person that owned it since no one else was in there.


So as I am looking around checking the place out, the woman kind of frantically tells me to sit down. I said ok no problem. So I decided to sit at the front counter. So I asked her for some change so that I could feed the parking meter and when I came back in she not only had menus but also a huge board of all the specials and soups, and entrees, and salads and sandwiches. You name it! It was incredible. So I told her that I saw the sign a few miles back that said vegan and what can you make really good that’s vegan. So she asked me what types of food I liked and I told her that I typically eat ethnic foods at home. I decided on a bowl of artichoke soup that was highly recommended and a vegan gyro (after being assured that it was completely vegan). So I took my laptop out and began doing some writing. A few minutes later my soup came it. I took a picture of it. It looked beautiful and my first spoonful was delicious. It also came with homemade bread with a touch of cinnamon. So the woman, her name was Sophie, began talking to me. She was from Greece and tries to go home to visit as much as she can. We were talking about the restaurant and I asked her about the sign and how does it do? And she told me all about that and how she used to own a pizza place. Sophia and I continued talking and she was so incredibly kind. I got only about 2 to 3 minutes of work done but it was such a cool experience sitting down in a restaurant in Williamsport.

And this is exactly why I am doing my hippie road trips. If I was in a plane I would never get to sample these things. If I were on a place I would not get to experience this country. I would never get to see the beautiful mountains in northern Pennsylvania. It’s beautiful here! I have to give this are a plug. If you drive up US 15 through Pennsylvania into New York, do it. Don’t put things off. Life goes by too quickly. I know you have plans for the future, but do it now! You can do a road trip very inexpensively.  Sophia and I were talking about how we both want to get a recreational vehicle. If you are ever in the Williamsport area of Pennsylvania visit The Olive Tree owned by Sophia Daskalakis at 412 Williams Street.

Goals (free download)

There is something major I want to share with you. One of the reasons that I am able to do the things that I do now is that I came up with goals. I wrote them down and studied them very carefully. I read my goals every single day. It’s a lifechanger and you heard this from me before. I have had a lot of people recently say, “Dave, I want to do what you’re doing. I want to have goals. I want to live my life exactly the way that I want to live and not the way somebody tells me. I have a lot of goals and I don’t really know how to make them come true. Are you telling me that if I just write down my goals and read them they will come true? How do I do it?” I used to write them in a notebook. I do read my goals every single day. As old goals become reality, I formulate new goals. I am always a goal oriented person. But, since there has been some questioning and people aren’t really sure where to write them, I have come up with a goals worksheet. It’s actually 5 pages. It’s a very very simple goals worksheet that takes you from the start to actually coming up with the exact goals. These are my personal goals worksheets. I made them for you just because so many of you have been asking me about these. So how do you get them? Click HERE to grab your free copy. I recommend that you print it out. I do almost everything online but in this case I recommend that you print out the goals worksheet. It should come to five pages. Fill them out. Take your time. It doesn’t have to be done today so take your time and do it right. And then the instructions are on there to read them every single day. Once you do this, your life will change. You will see it. It’s a guarantee from me!

I do have my conversation starting “Oy Vaygan” T-shirts on my website now. If you don’t believe me that these are conversation starters. Believe me! I went to the Baltimore Veg Fest last weekend and I wore my “Oy Vaygan” and I had a lot of people come up to me and say I love your shirt. Where can I get one? It was a a big hit. And not just a veg fests, I have had flight attendants tell me they love it, checking into hotels people tell me they love it. And you don’t have to be “vaygan” to wear the shirt.

This episode went by so fast. When I am recording these I have so much fun. I love helping you, I love teaching, motivating, and I love inspiring. Next episode, I have some incredible stuff for you.

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