159 – NJ VegFest and Vibrations

Welcome to David Madow Radio! I am Dr. Dave. They also call me “Mr. Vaygan”. Thanks so much for being with me today on the David Madow Lifestyle Show.

We’re going to have a great show today. I’ve got many things that I want to share with you and not a lot of time. So let’s get right into it.

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Audience Question

Let’s start off with a question. I received a question by Facebook messenger from James in Austin, TX.

James asks: “Dr. Dave, you oftentimes make a joke about this on your podcast but when you’re podcasting outside a lot of times noise happens to find you. Noise and craziness. And I understand that, and don’t take this the wrong way Dr. Dave, but do you think that when you kid around about that all the time that you are pretty much asking for the universe to give you noise?”

James, that’s a great question. I thank you very much for sending that to me. I’m going to say “no”. I know I kid around a lot about this but something I’ve found when I record outside is that things happen. What I’ve learned is that this planet is just not a peaceful place anymore. There’s noise and commotion everywhere. Even if you think you are in a fairly quiet place. Right now I am walking on a country road but who knows what’s going to happen? I don’t know. I pressed the record button about 3 minutes and I walked by this dog and this dog was barking incredibly loud. So I just stopped it and started over. It was at the very beginning and I just didn’t want to have that. It was just too much. The world is just a noisy crazy place.

I am oftentimes in the backcountry backpacking or maybe skiing somewhere and a lot of times these places that are far from civilization per se they’re pretty quiet. But it seems like wherever I go, wherever we go, that is an inhabited area with human beings, we’re going to encounter more noise than not. There’s motor vehicle traffic, there’s landscape crews, there’s emergency vehicles, there’s planes and helicopters flying overhead, there’s people blasting music out of loud sound systems, I mean need I say more? You just have to roll with it. I even live in the country. When I step outside of my house it’s extremely quiet, but if you walk about a mile to a certain area it becomes a lot more noisy and congested.

So it’s a really interesting question. I don’t think I am asking for it. I really do believe that when we ask the universe for things, whether it’s intentional or unintentional, the universe does respond. So it’s a very interesting question. And I don’t know maybe you are onto something in some way. When I kid around a lot and I’ll say I’ve found a remote area and I’ll be doing this podcast, and all of sudden a landscape crew just shows up. I don’t know! It’s a great question and I don’t think we’ll have the answer to that.

NJ Veg Fest

Before I move on I want to give a tremendous, and I mean tremendous, thank you to my good friends Kendra and Marissa. These ladies are two individuals that had a vision.

I’m not sure how long ago it started but they had a vision to start a Veg Fest in the state of New Jersey which up until then they had not had a vegetarian festivals. They had a vision and they had an idea that they wanted to do it at an indoor venue and bring in speakers and make it a paid event. A lot of these vegetarian festivals are totally free events. They are outside and you show up for an hour or two then you leave. They get people there. But they (Kendra & Marissa) wanted to have a paid ticketed event. You can’t walk in for free. You gotta pay to get in. A lot of their friends, whether they were in the veg world or not, were telling them no you can’t do this, it’s gotta be free or people won’t come. But Kendra and Marissa had a definite vision and they wanted to do it a certain way. So they went against what their friends were telling them, what their peers were telling them, what other people in the veg community were telling them. And they persisted. They did it the way they wanted to do it. This Veg Fest just took place yesterday and when all was said and done, let me tell you something, 1500 people paid to get into this event at the Hyatt in Morristown, NJ. It was an incredible success. I mean to the point where they need more space because there were times in the exhibit space where there were so many people you couldn’t even get by. There were so many people. And to get through and actually see what some of the vendors had, it was so crowded.

But I give two thumbs up to these wonderful women because they had this vision and I don’t think they could have been any happier with the success!

First of all, there were so many positive like-minded people hanging around. It was just a great day! So I want to thank Kendra and Marissa both from the bottom of my heart for not only making this possible but for including me as well.

I want to share with you what happened to me there. It’s a very interesting story. I kinda got involved with this veg festival a little bit late in the game. I found out about this veg festival and Kendra told me they really didn’t have any speaker slots available but I could come possibly and play some of my vegan parody songs in the exhibit hall. And that sounded great because there would probably be a lot of people there. So I immediately said thank you very much and took her up on this kind offer. So I am practicing my songs and getting my songs together not knowing what to expect. And I threw it out to her about a week before the event that and I said, hey Kendra listen, I am going to be coming back from another speaking gig. I’m going to have everything with me so if for some reason you find that you need a speaker, I’m here. I going to be available and I will do whatever you want. And I left it at that. Well, interestingly enough I did not hear anything back from her until the day before the event. The day before the event, I got a message from Kendra that went something like Dave, would you like a speaking slot tomorrow? [Dave laughs] Here I am, I’m on Hippie Road Trip #3 in this rented vehicle that’s got my stuff all over the place. And I saw the message from her and I immediately messaged back and said, Absolutely, I’ll do whatever you want me to do.

And as it turned out she thought she had a little bit of time either at the beginning, which by the way is not a very good speaker slot. I’ve found that, in my experience, that’s not the best time to go in because people are still coming in; they’re registering, they’re getting their tickets, and they’re just kind of milling around and seeing what’s going on. They’re not really ready to sit down and see a speaker. I would do anything she wanted but I said if there is anyway around that I want another time slot.

So there was a speaker slot wedged in between two speakers. My time would have been limited and it would have taken me some time to get on stage. It would have been limited but I think that was actually a lot better going in between two speakers than at the beginning. So I said let’s try that. A short time after I arrived, I met up with Kendra and Marissa, and we are looking at the venue. Kendra said something to me like Dave, there’s a chance our 2:45pm speaker won’t show up. And I said “what do you mean?” She said well he’s experiencing some kind of family problems or something’s going on and he might not show up. And I said, ok if you think he’s not going to show up let’s find out. So when push came to shove the guy said he’s not going to show up. It was actually the next morning that we found out. We found out the morning of that he wasn’t coming. I’m not sure why but it was serious enough that he wasn’t going to show up. So an entire hour and a half opened up between speakers. So guess who grabbed it? Guess who grabbed that slot? Guess who was ready, willing, and able to do anything? Yep, yours truly. I grabbed the slot.

They had a little board outside of the room showing who is speaking for the day. And I went in with a sharpie pen and just kind of scribbled my name in there for 2:45pm. [Dave laughs] You have to improvise. Always walk around with a sharpie. If you learn one thing from this episode, walk around carrying a black sharpie pen. You never know when it’s going to come in handy. [Dave giggles]

So I scribbled 2:45pm: Dr. David Madow – 10 Ways to Supercharge Your Life. Not knowing what to expect at all. Well let me tell you this! I was in the room at 2:20pm and people were already starting to come in. By 2:35pm, I was standing at the door greeting people, telling them to come on in, it’s going to be great.

Here’s the thing. I was not just a speaker coming in, delivering a talk, and then leaving afterwards. No! I was in the room ahead of time greeting my attendees, hanging with them, answering questions, introducing myself, I was one of them. And they loved it! And guess what? By the time I was ready to start at 2:45pm, every seat was taken and there were people standing in the back. I went on to give one of my best talks ever! By the time it was all over, I had great questions coming from the audience, great interaction, people were smiling, people were loving. And it was an incredible hour spend with these people.

So if you’re listening and you happen to be one of my new listeners listening in the audience, thank you so much for being there. I appreciate you and so many wonderful people. I had a blast and I want to thank you for being there. Again I want to thank Kendra and Marissa. And yes ladies, I am going to take you up on your offer. I am saying this publicly. I am going to take you up on this offer and speak in one of the large rooms next year. I have a feeling your size is probably going to grow next year because you turned people away. You maxed it out at 1500 and you turned people away. Next year is going to be bigger and better if that’s even possible.

But I want to be in one of the large rooms like we said. Remember, I filled this room up. I was not on the website, I was not on any of the announcements, I mean I was not on any of the printed materials. Nothing! And I filled this room up with standing room only. Imagine what I can do in a larger room with a little bit of publicity. It’s going to be awesome. So I am marking this off on my calendar for next year as soon as we find out the dates. I am super super excited!


But the reason I am talking to you about this is because it segways into something that I am extremely extremely passionate about now. And I’ve been telling you about this either on Periscope or on Facebook or wherever you might be following me as well. But I think it might be the first time that I am officially getting into this on The David Madow Lifestyle Show. And that is…our energy. Our vibration.

How we are vibrating in this universe. It’s real. It’s so real. We are matter and all matter vibrates at a certain frequency. Whether it’s the pen you hold in your hand, or your laptop, or your phone. The street that I’m walking on there are vibrations here, the trees, our bodies, the food that we put into our bodies is vibrating, it’s live food. The way we are vibrating determines how we interact with other beings and the universe. There’s just no question in my mind. Have you ever walked into a room full of people or even come in contact with one person, you know within 5 seconds if that person is vibrating on the same level or at the same frequency as you are. You can tell within seconds. And you can tell if there’s somebody that you want to hang out with and if maybe there’s someone that you just don’t feel the love. And I don’t mean they’re a bad person. I don’t mean they’re not a loving person. But you just don’t feel a connection or a similar vibration. You know exactly what I am talking about. Exactly!

When we’re vibrating at a higher frequencies, we attract the right people into our lives. The right people. The people that we feel a connection with, a serious connection, and good things happen when that takes place.

There’s a lot more that I can talk about when it comes to vibration and connection and the universe and the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is not just attracting other people, but it’s attracting anything you want into your life. Whether it’s money, a different type of job, where you want to be, where you want to be living, where you want to be hanging out. The Law of Attraction is extremely powerful.

I’ve talked about it in the past but I really haven’t put it into these words as far as vibration and the universe. But I’ve known about this for a long time. I saw the movie The Secret a long time ago and I’m going to revisit that again because it’s so powerful. It’s incredibly powerful. But I’ve found, interestingly enough, when I really started changing my life. By changing my life, I mean putting the right foods into my body. Think about this for one second. I heard this on somebody else’s show the other day, it was very very interesting.

You know, we are all different, different races and different skin colors, different religions, and many of us are different. But the one thing that we all have in common is the food we put into our bodies. We all need to put healthy nourishing healthy food into our bodies as fuel. Everybody. No matter what religion you are, no matter where you are on this planet, no matter what color you are. That’s something that we all have in common. And when I started taking out animal products and substituting them for whole food, organic, plant based, healthy rainbow type food. I mean different colors of the rainbow. Just imagine a bowl of green and different types of veggies that are different colors, and fruits that are incredibly rainbow colored. And not only that but the processed stuff that comes in the bags. When you take that out of your life, things change. Things totally change! It’s amazing what happens!

And don’t be surprised if some of the people that you used to hang out with, you don’t hang out with anymore. That does not mean they’re bad. That does not mean you hate anybody. It just means that sometimes new things and new possibilities and new people come into your life. There’s never been anything more powerful in my life than going plant based. Taking the suffering, taking the pain, taking the fright. I won’t ingest those. I won’t eat animals because when you are eating an animal, you are eating exactly that. An animal that was scared, frightened, and hurting, and now you’ve got them on your plate. It doesn’t seem right to me to do that. I’m not going to tell you what to do but to me that just does not feel like what I want to do. Maybe I’m more mindful. Maybe over the past few years, I’ve become more more mindful.

Think about this! The average person who has a plate of food in front of them and they’re not really thinking about what went into that and they’re cutting into it with a knife. They’re not thinking. They’re not mindful enough. And maybe I’ve reached a level of spirituality in my life that I do think about that. It’s not that it’s just a piece of food on a plate. It’s an animal that suffered and was killed. And I’m going to eat that?! No, I’m going to vote with my wallet and not ever buy anything or consume anything from that industry. Since I started that so many great things have come into my life. Whether it be my health. Admittedly, my health has always been pretty good, but I’ve had some minor medical issues that have cleared up totally. I’m talking about acid reflux, skin problems, sadness. I don’t have anything going on now. I’ve got nothing bad. Knock on wood!

But I am trying to do everything I can in my life. And I want you to at least think about it. I’ve said this before if you’re not vegan or plant based, I still love you. You are where you are for a reason. I don’t look down upon you, I don’t think I am any better than you. As Don Robertson said on my show a couple of weeks ago. He said, everybody is where they are for a reason and that’s they way it is. And we’re all at different points on our timeline.

I’ve got so much more to talk to you about. And I will! Trust me! I’ll be back next week! We are always learning. I am always learning, I am always reading, I am always thinking, I am always listening to podcasts. Of course I listen to mine but I listen to other ones as well. It’s all about growing, learning, and being the best people we can be. I’m Dr. Dave. I love ya! And I’ll see you next week!


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