162 – The Vaygans Are Coming

Welcome to David Madow Radio! I’m Dr. Dave. Welcome and this is The David Madow Lifestyle Show! It’s great to have you! I’m the “Vaygan”.  This is the show where I help you live stronger, thinner, healthier, happier, and a lot more. I’ve got a great one for you today.

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You’re going to hear me walking through some leaves as they rustle because I am in my outdoor studio. I talk a lot about being outside. A lot of you go to the gym. I used to have a gym membership but I don’t really go to the gym anymore. I truly believe that when you are outside and you are one with nature; you see some real changes in your body, in your life, in your mental capacity, whatever it is.

I recorded a Facebook live video that went out to my Facebook audience just a short time ago. Right before I came on here and pressed record for this episode. I talk about the “Magic 4” which I’ve talked about quite a bit with you. I believe it’s a life changer. I tell people that instead of running on a treadmill at the gym, go outside and experience the Earth. Experience your feet touching the Earth. It really does make a difference. Trust me on this one. Unless you’re living in a climate that’s so difficult to get outside, and I doubt many of you are.

When I am in Colorado in the winter, I still get outside way more than I’m inside. I’m outside almost all day walking and skiing because I just love being with nature. It really is a game changer.

I started off by saying it was going to be a great episode today and I was just thinking about that. Well, I am here to change lives! I’m here to change YOUR life! And I can’t do that with a mediocre episode. So every episode that I put out is a great episode. So if you hear an episode and you don’t think it’s so great, I want you to write to me and tell me. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. Now, there might be a topic that you don’t love. It’s possible. But I try to give every episode my 110%. I really do. Because I want to help you. I really do.

Now, before we get into today’s topic. I started a Facebook group just a few days ago. Go to superchargehangout.com. That link will redirect right to my Facebook group. We’re going to supercharge your life. No question about it! It’s an incredible group of people. Come in with a great attitude. We don’t judge. We just help everybody. We do.

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I want to share something with you. A great guy, a listener, a fan, a friend of mine, and viewer named Steve Moore wrote a letter to me. Actually, he posted it in one of my Facebook groups. I want to read this letter to you. And I am going to answer Steve on this podcast. It’s fairly lengthy but as I get into it you’ll see why I want to read this letter on this show today.

Before I read it I do want to tell you one thing. Steve uses the word “vaygan” in this letter. And as you know if you’ve been with me for some time, I call myself the “vaygan”. And it’s kind of just a light-hearted way of saying vegan. Kind of with an accent. No harm meant, it’s just fun. A lot of my fans and friends call me “Dr. Vaygan” or “Mr. Vaygan” or just “The Vaygan” in public. Well, Steve likes that. Let me read his letter and share this with you.

“Dear David,

I listened to your podcast this morning titled Why do they makes fun of us? This got me contemplating about it very deeply that I went for another walk this morning. And it turned out to be a very long walk. This after doing my Magic 4 already this morning.

You and Yoko became “vaygan” because of your love for animals and the way they are being treated. My wife and I became vegetarian and now “vaygan” because of our desire to be healthier. Don’t get me wrong, we both love and care for animals that was just not our motivation for becoming “vaygan”. Most “vaygans” preach about the way animals are treated to the extent that non “vaygans” get very tired and frustrated to the point where they’re considering “vaygans” as an extremist group. Now Dave don’t get upset with me until you have read my entire rant 🙂

We’ve looked into joining some “vaygan” groups here in Oklahoma City but have been turned off from them due to the get togethers being all about the mistreatment of animals. Nothing about being healthier or helping others to become “vaygan”. We left one get together early because I was being ridiculed for saying “vaygan” instead of vegan. The whole group was trying to tell us that saying “vaygan” was damaging to their cause. We no longer attempt to join any of the groups now. These types of groups are what everyone is seeing and hearing about.

There was a news story here about a speaker at the New Jersey Veg Fest that said if you were a vegetarian that you did not belong there. You are either a vegan or nothing. I don’t know if this is true or not but this is what the media is putting out there for everyone to hear. It’s why most non vegans make fun of us. Save the animals now sounds no different than save the whales to most people. They just hear it too much.

You talk about different views and reasons for being a vegan. The healthier lifestyle needs to be pushed out to the public through the media a lot more than it is. Which its not at all here in Oklahoma.

You have brought me a long way in my lifestyle change which I can’t thank you enough for. You’ve come a long way from that idiot “scoping” in Breckenridge from his living room not even in front of a window to being an awesome mentor. We need a lot more people like yourself in this world.

After seeing how the change has affected my life and how I feel, our son and his wife are now starting the change towards veganism. Yay! 🙂 He used to be one of them that made fun of me when I decided to change. But now he’s changing. Yes, we have lost some good friends because of it but I wouldn’t change a thing.

THANK YOU DAVE! Sorry this turned out so long but like I said it was a very long walk”


Steve, first of all, I thank you for that letter. It’s an incredible letter. I will try to touch on some of the points you made but I first want to let my audience know that I had the pleasure of meeting Steve. When I was on hippie road trip #1, some of you may remember this, but I was driving from Phoenix, AZ to Memphis, TN. And on the way there was a city called OKC or Oklahoma City. When Steve saw that I was coming through his town, he said “hey Dr. Dave, “Mr. Vaygan” can you meet up with me?” So I said sure let’s meet up. We met at the Panera right off of the interstate 40 which was not out of my way at all. So I figured I would go into Panera and meet up with him for 2, 3, or 4 minutes and shake his hand.

I walk into Panera and the first thing I heard from this man sitting at the table, he stood up and said “Mr. Vaygan”. The whole place stopped and looked up. He looked at me and I looked at him and I think we gave each other a big hug. He looked at me and said “you will never know how much you’ve changed my life.” And Steve, I will never forget those words. And up until that point I had no idea. And the 2 or 3 or 4 minutes I was going to spend with Steve turned into 10,15, maybe even 20 minutes. We did a video together, he shared some stories with me, it was just an incredible time. And let me tell you Steve if I had more time, I would have spent hours there with you. It was a really great morning.

So I have come to know Steve. And Steve is one of my fans on Periscope, right here on this podcast, in my Facebook groups, he’s a big fan. But you know what’s more important than him being a big fan? He’s changing his flippin’ life!

Steve is a retired truck driver. He grew up and worked in Oklahoma and Texas his whole life. The land of beef, cattle, meat. In Oklahoma and Texas they’ve never heard of vegans. Pardon my terrible pun here but Steve decided to take the bull by the horns and change his life. And that he did. He’s lost weight and medical issues have gone away.

Steve is going to be at my Weekend to Awesome in April 2017. I am only taking 10 people total but if you happen to be there you can hear his incredible inspiring story.

But getting back to some of the things that were said by Steve in this letter. I feel really bad about the groups that you have come into contact with back in Oklahoma City. I’m gonna use the word “vaygan”. I don’t care what they say. You can play this for them for all I care. I want you to play this podcast for the people in the group because they are narrow-minded backwards people. Because if they make you feel bad about using the word “vaygan” when clearly you know the real word; and, clearly you are doing it like I do tongue in cheek to have some fun. Life is about having fun too! It’s not about being flippin’ serious every second of every day.

And let me tell you something. I donate to animal charities, farm sanctuaries, I can’t even tell you the number of animal charity envelopes I get in the mail every year that Yoko and I donate to in order to help some animals. And not only that we’ve gone to farm sanctuaries and held the animals and helped out so it’s not just money but we do whatever we can.

We’ve tried to save animals when we can. We love animals. We have animals. And guess what? I use the word “vaygan”. So using the word “vaygan” does not mean that you don’t care or you’re some weirdo. It doesn’t mean that. It means you’re having a little bit of fun in life. And if this damn group cannot understand that then they’re not helping anybody. I don’t care what anybody says. They are just not helping anybody. Because if they would make fun of a member and his wife that are coming there to join in to their cause and they make fun of this person who not only wants to help the animals but Steve says he loves animals in this letter. And they want to make fun of him and ridicule him. They don’t even realize how much of an ambassador Steve could be in the Oklahoma City area for becoming a vegan. Just because he pronounces the word a little bit funny. Steve I think it’s pitiful. I think it’s really really sad what they did. They lost a good person.

I recommend that you look around and try to find some other groups. There’s got to be something. There might be something under the radar, Steve. I know here in the Baltimore area there are tons of get-togthers and groups. All of them are just a little bit different. My friend Sharon runs a group that’s definitely geared pretty much all to health. She talks about eating plant based whole food. And she’s really really smart when it comes to health. My friend Don Robertson runs a group and has been a guest on my show. He’s probably a little bit more towards the animal ethics but neither of them would ever make fun of somebody who’s trying to spread the word as well. That’s just crazy. It makes me sad.

As far as the New Jersey Veg Fest goes Steve, I am very close with Kendra Arnold, the person who runs the New Jersey Veg Fest. She and her friend Marissa are the ones that started it. This is their first year. I was there. I was a speaker there this year and I didn’t hear anything about another speaker saying anything to the effect that you have to be 100% “vaygan” or that you should just leave. I didn’t hear anything like that there. I saw many of the speakers. I didn’t hear anybody talking about that. So there may have been some misinformation there Steve. I’m just not sure. The New Jersey Veg Fest was an incredible event. I was proud to be a speaker at the inaugural event. I think next year they are probably going to double their attendance. It was just awesome.

Steve, I appreciate you. And when I am talking to Steve, I am actually talking to all of you not just Steve. But I appreciate you sending in this lengthy letter. I’m glad I had a chance to comment on it.

There are all kinds of people on this planet. Are all vegans good? No! There are some crazies out there. Are all meat eaters bad? No! I’ve got family members and friends that eat meat. I’ve said this almost every show. I do not look down on anybody because we are all in different stages of our lives.

I’ve been a “vaygan” for just about three years now. And I’m thinking back and five years ago if somebody were to look down on me and tell me I was a pathetic person because I ate meat, that would not have set well with me. Because I was not a pathetic person. I was actually a very caring person but I just wasn’t ready to hear the message yet. That’s all. That’s the only difference. I just wasn’t ready. And some people maybe will never be ready. And that’s ok. That does not mean they are bad people. Everybody does things on their own timeline. That’s just the way it is.

I will be back with you next week with another great show. Of course hang out on my Facebook group. I want to see you there. The easiest way to get there is www.superchargehangout.com. But if you want to say something private, you can send me a Facebook message or you can send me an email (see below for contact info).

Hey guys! It’s been great! I’m Dr. Dave. I’ll see you next week.


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