163 – Against All Odds – You Can Do This

Hey! Welcome to The David Madow Lifestyle Show. I’m Dr. Dave. Dr. D the “V”. Of course Dr. D the “V” refers to Dr. Dave the vegan. Because I am “vaygan.” Yes, sir! Yes ma’am!

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I welcome you! I’ve got so much to share today on the show. We’ve gotta jump right in. But before I jump in though I want to welcome all of my new listeners. For some reason, and I don’t know why, but things have been going crazy lately. I’m gaining a lot of new followers and friends and I love it!! I love you! And whether you’re a brand new listener or if you’ve been with me for quite some time, I consider you my friend and I am so glad to have you here.

There are a lot of really cool things going on. If you have enrolled in my goals course, I really hope you got something out of it. It’s a two-part course and I put it online about three weeks ago. And we have had so many people come through this course so far. It’s been unbelievable. I have pretty much changed the way I live my life based on how I created goals for myself over many many years. Basically everything I know about goals is in a two-part lesson that’s online. More about the course here

I’ve got a great Facebook group going now too! It’s amazing. You guys have been really really active and cool. We’re sharing a lot of great advice and positivity. If you want to get there and join us, we’d love to have you there. Simply go to superchargehangout.com. It is a Facebook group but I set up a really easy redirect so you don’t have to remember how to get there through Facebook. I will let you in as long as you don’t look suspicious. [Dave laughs] You’ll be having a great time with us!

So I want to share a few things with you now. As I am recording you may hear some water in the background. I know Rory, my producer, plays this really cool relaxing spa type music in the background. And I hope it’s not competing with this wonderful river that I am standing on the bank of. Right now I am in Zion National Park and it’s just beautiful.

The reason I’m here is that Yoko and I took a little extended trip. All last week in Vegas I had my annual convention there. And it’s a lot of work and just tiring. There’s a lot going on when you have 1500 people that you have to take care of and make sure that they have the best two days of their lives. So after that Yoko made reservations out west here. So we were in Bryce Canyon yesterday and the day before. And now we’re in Zion and we’re going to do some hiking today and tomorrow.

It’s just gorgeous. And I’ve got to be honest with you. We just got here and we’re outside of a B & B right outside of the park. There’s a beautiful river (which I believe to be the Virgin River) overlooking this beautiful canyon and rock formation. If you get a chance to travel, I am going to really encourage to visit some of our incredible national parks all over the country. I’ve been to Grand Canyon National Park so many times and I’ve done some backpacking through the back country there. I don’t have a lot of experience with other national parks but Yoko is turning me onto a lot more. It’s really amazing the beauty that surrounds us here in North America. If you’re from someone else on the planet, I know you have your beauty too. I’ve been throughout a lot of Japan and there’s so much beauty there. We’ve hiked Mt. Fuji.

I guess my point is to get out and enjoy nature. I’ve been telling you this a lot lately. That’s one of the reasons I don’t really go to a gym and I don’t exercise on a treadmill or on a elliptical machine, or a stair stepper. I like to have my feet planted on the Earth. Just the way they are right now. When you become one with nature there really is a special feeling. As opposed to being inside an artificial gym doing a workout. I don’t get that! I know sometimes maybe the weather is bad and you have to do it indoors. That’s ok but I don’t even belong to a gym anymore. I love being outside.

Yesterday, Yoko and I did a really nice decent hike in Bryce Canyon. A couple days before that after my convention was over in Las Vegas, we ran the Rock N Roll Half Marathon which starts around 5pm so it’s dark and they run us down the strip which is amazing. They basically close off Las Vegas. Can you imagine that? They close off Las Vegas for an evening so that 40,000 runners can run through the streets of beautiful Las Vegas. So yeah I love being outdoors.

In my group, I asked people what they’re goals are for next year to make next year they’re best year ever. What it is they want to accomplish. And it seems like the most common response I’m getting is that people are saying that they want to lose weight. They want to exercise more. They want to lose weight. But that seems to be the most common answer. And I’m going to share some things with you right now on this episode about losing weight. Now maybe you don’t need to lose weight but if you don’t need to listen because I am going to share some really important concepts, tips, and principles with you. And some secrets as well.

First of all, congratulations to anyone that can even say that this is going to be the year that I am going to lose weight. Congratulations! Because it’s a start. What I want to say to you is don’t get intimidated. There are so many gurus out there that are telling you what to do, how to exercise, what to eat. I will tell you this  – weight loss is generally a combination of the two. A combination of moving your body and putting the proper foods (fuel) into your body. Some people say you can do one without the other. For example, some people say that if you go out and run a marathon everyday, you can eat whatever you want and you’re still going to lose weight. I don’t know if that’s true.

First of all, I would never want to run a marathon every day, it will kill your body. As a matter of fact after we ran this half marathon this past weekend in Las Vegas, I kind of said to myself that I think I’ve had it with marathons for a while. I just think they are really taxing on my body. Running 26 miles is really really far. I don’t think I’ve ever ran a marathon and then gone out and thought hey I can do anything I want. No you’re always tired and you feel sore. But a half marathon is different because I can generally run a half marathon every day and it doesn’t really change the rest of my day. I can run a half marathon and then I can go about my business. I can go to work. I can do anything. It’s 13.1 miles. That’s a lot but it’s not going to kill my day as opposed to a marathon. I have to be somewhere resting for hours and hours after a marathon. They are tough on your body.

I think for the foreseeable future I am going to stick to a half marathon as being my longest distance. Now that does not mean that I am going to run a half marathon every week or even every month. But when I register for a race or go out a do a run, I think I think 13.1 miles is going to be my longest. I just don’t feel the need right now at this point in my life to be doing anything longer than that. In fact, I am honestly not so sure how healthy it is to be running marathons. I think running 26 miles or even running/walking, which is what I do, just might be too much. That’s my gut feeling. I’ve been running for roughly 40 years now and I’ve just developed these gut feelings. I just think 26.2 miles is probably too much for my body.

I still am a tremendous fan of the “Magic 4”. So don’t feel that you’ve gotta go out there and run a half marathon. The Magic 4 is still the best. So if you can get out there and move your body and walk 4 miles every single day (or as close to it as you can), then you’re doing great!! Trust me!

Going back to weight loss, I want to emphasize a few things to you right now. I want to just do the best you can. You don’t have to excel at anything. I don’t think I excel at anything. I really don’t.  I ski, I run, I backpack, I climb, I do a lot of things. But I can’t say that I am an expert at any of these. I am good. I am good enough. When I get out on the mountain and when I ski, I am good enough. I do what I want to do. Am I one of the best skiers on the mountain? No! Am I one of those guys jumping off of cliffs and going fast down double black diamond courses blindfolded? No! But you know something? I have a great time and I am pretty darn good. I just feel like I’m good enough. So I want to stress this. Whatever you’re going to do, just do your best. Don’t feel like you are competing with anybody else. Don’t look at other people and see how they’re doing and if you’re not doing as well. If you’re not losing as much weight, if you’re not as fast, don’t let it get you down. Do your best. Just do the best that you can for you.

It’s different for everybody. Some people go hog wild and they want to lose as much weight as they can within a month. But others want to take their time and have a plan and map it out. That’s ok too! As long as you’re going in the right direction. As long as you know where you want to go and you’re taking the steps to get there. You’re doing fine. You’re doing great. I can’t emphasize this enough. Just do your best! That’s all you need to do. Don’t beat yourself up over something that maybe you’re not doing what you think you should be doing. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t go crazy. Don’t lose sleep. Don’t get depressed. Don’t get upset. Just do your best. If you miss a day. That’s ok. The sun is going to rise tomorrow. It’s alright.

Let me tell you something else. I believe that you can do almost anything. No matter what anybody else tells you. Yeah you can! You can do it!

I am going to use this past election as an analogy. Now I want to tell you and make it very clear that I am not a political pundit. I am not a commentator. I am certainly not a politician. And I am not a political expert in any way shape or form. Nor do I get political on my show. I never tell people who they should vote for or who I vote for because I don’t want this to turn political ever. But I will share something with you that I think is a pretty cool analogy to prove to you that you can pretty much do anything you want against all odds.

Guess what? Everybody thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win. When you went on the websites, when you looked at the polls, when you looked at the maps of the electoral college and the states that the experts thought that Hillary was going to win; when you looked at everything it looked like it was almost impossible for Trump to win. That’s what everybody said and everybody went into this thinking that they were going to get up the next morning, whether they were for her or not, most people thought that Hillary was going to win. And I have to say this, I think Hillary herself  got a little bit cocky and just felt that it was so wrapped up. It was a no brainer for her. It was done.

But guess what? Everybody was wrong. People said it was impossible for Trump to win. If you watched the news or read the papers leading up to the election, the biggest experts in the world, all pretty much said it’s going to be almost impossible for Trump to win. Almost impossible! In fact, some said it was impossible.

I was in Las Vegas the evening of the election. I was at a dinner in a restaurant and I remember they had a TV overhead. And I’m watching this T.V. and I am looking online. In the beginning, they had the odds makers saying it was pretty much a wrap for Hillary Clinton. As it got later and later into the evening, the odds were switching really quickly to Trump. Like within a matter of hours. It went from Hillary to looking like Trump was going to win this thing. Against all odds. Against what every single expert said.

So what’s the analogy here? I don’t care what other people think I can do. It doesn’t matter what other people say you can do or cannot do. You are your own person and you make your own odds. And guess what? I think you can do practically anything you set out to do in your life. I swear that’s the truth! Within reason. We can all do practically anything we want in life.

I want you to take a look at what you want to accomplish in 2017. Write your goals down. What do you want to do? If you need help with and have not enrolled in my goals course yet. I highly recommend you sign up. It’s a great course that can really really change your life. I promise you!

And again remember please do your best. I think Trump’s people were probably telling him to prepare that he would wake up the next morning and he would not be the President-elect. But guess what? It just happened the other way around. Every expert was wrong. They were wrong. And I even share with you in my goals course things that I have overcome at incredible odds. I will share this with you if you take the course 😉 Including experts telling me that there’s no way I can do something. Experts that I paid money to. They said,”Dave you’re wasting your time. There’s no way at all you will accomplish this.” And I said screw it! I am on my own and I am going to do it. I am going to accomplish this. And I did it! Yeah, against all odds. I did it!

I know you can. I’ve got faith in you. Trust me, you’ll do it!! And I want you to let me know too. Please keep in touch with me. Let me know what you’ve accomplished and how you went against the odds to achieve what you did.

I’m Dr. Dave. I’ll see you next week! I promise you I’ll be here. Love ya!


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