177 – My Therapy Session

Hey welcome back! It’s Dr. Dave! Dr. D the “V” and this is the show where I help you live stronger, thinner, healthier, and happier. Thanks so much for being back with me on The David Madow Lifestyle Show. I’ve got a great one for you today.

Before we get into it, I want to remind you first that Hippie Road Trip #4 is beginning on March 4th. So if you’re listening to the show before that just know that I am going to be on the road for about 5 or 6 days. It’s between two speaking gigs and I will be driving from Memphis, Tennessee all the way down to West Palm Beach, Florida. It’s going to be a great one. I’ve got a few stops already that I am thinking about. One of them hopefully is stopping off in Jacksonville, Florida to see my daughter, son in law, and two grandkids. So if that works out schedule wise, that could be a really good one.

Hippie Road Trips pretty much don’t have schedules so I could pretty much go with the flow wherever I want. Stopping at truck stops along the way. As long as I get to my gig in West Palm Beach by Thursday, March 9th, I’ll be ok. So I’ve got a bunch of days for hippie road trippin’.

And by the way, thanks so much to all of you that have commented on some of my Facebook posts lately. My wife Yoko and I really want to ultimately look into taking an RV trip. Getting rid of some of the junk we have, finding an RV, and going off and exploring the country. Maybe for a long period of time. I’m not sure. It’s still in the works. I am researching it. There are pros and cons. I found out about RV traveling and it looks very glamorous from the outside but there are some crazy things when you dig into it and find out. It’s not as easy as it looks so it’s something we are exploring right now.

Coincidentally, there happens to be a RV show in Maryland tomorrow which we are going to go check out. I’m not going to buy anything tomorrow. But I’m doing my research and figuring it out. Yoko and I want to be on the ultimate hippie road trip and just exploring this beautiful country of ours.

The thing is as soon as I posted this on Facebook, that I just wanted to get into a RV and travel around the country for a long period of time. Maybe a year or whatever. So many people responded like “go for it”, “I wish I could do this”, “I’m jealous, this is my dream”. And it led me to start thinking; wow, people have a lot of dreams but maybe they live vicariously through other people because they can’t fulfill them. Why can’t you do this? Why can’t I do this? Why can’t we do what we want in life instead of getting up in the morning, working for “the man”, doing a 9-5. Why can’t we live out our dreams? I am doing this.

You can do this! I am no different than you, trust me. We can live our dreams and if you want to live your dreams vicariously through me that’s ok but I want YOU to live the life of your dreams. Not just listen to me. Not just watch what I do. You can watch what I do but I hope you follow. That’s why it’s The David Madow Lifestyle Show. It’s not just me telling you what to do.I’d like you to try this stuff because it really does work.

Trust me. I am no smarter. I am not special or gifted in any type of way. I just figured out how to do this stuff and you can do the same thing. Just follow me. If you’re brand new start with Episode #1. Now we’re into the 170s so it’s going to take you some time. [Dave laughs] But start with episode #1 and start listening. Immerse yourself in the culture and we will change lives for sure.

By the way, one other quick announcement. If you happen to be local to the Maryland area and even it you’re not, I’ve got some people traveling in for this little event. It’s going to be taking place on Saturday March 18th. It’s the Vegan Indian Buffet and Open Mic. We are renting out a room at a local Indian restaurant and they are setting up a special vegan buffet. We’re going to have a great time! It’s actually pretty full right now. I’ve got maybe a couple of seats left that I am holding for VIPs and last minute people. I didn’t want to use every single ticket just in case.

By the way, if you’re ever doing any kind of events or anything like that always hold back a couple tickets just in case. You never know what’s going to happen at the last minute if somebody that you didn’t think about wants to come.

But it’s going to be an incredible event! And we’re going to do another one. We’re definitely going to. This one will take place on March 18th and then we’re going to look at sometime in May to do another one. I’ve got people coming in from out of town so no matter where you are on this planet look for future announcements for future vegan buffets and open mics because this is going to be a wild cool fun event. I’ll be hanging out with you guys and Yoko my wife will be there. It’s going to be full and it’s going to be fun!

So I want to segue into today’s topic. This is a free form podcast where I just talk and help you. It’s never scripted. Never. It’s basically what flows out of my brain.

This morning, I turned on my music and for some reason I was in the mood to hear an album that I hadn’t heard in many years. It’s called Seventh Sojourn. Without going to Google, do you know the artist that made that album? I’ll give you a hint. It came out in 1972. It’s old, very old. Seventh Sojourn was the seventh album by a group called the Moody Blues. I loved them when I was back in high school and college. They are just one of my favorite groups. I had a chance to see them live in the early 70s at the Baltimore Civic Center. It was one of my first concerts ever actually. I remember that it was so loud and distorted and I brought this little tape recorder and I tried to record some of their songs and it didn’t work. Just imagine someone sitting in the 50th row in this big arena with this little tape recorder. Imagine how that sounded. I played this album this morning.

So anyhow, I played this album this morning and it was really strange. I had this flashback to 1972 and I started feeling the way I felt in 1972. I had visions of me being in high school. I graduated in 1972 and I think it was right before I graduated high school when this came out. It was not necessarily a good thing. I had these feelings that I was kind of like a misguided kid who had no direction in life. That’s the feeling that came over me when I put this on. And I remember I was on a family camping trip with my dad and brothers and a couple other dads and their sons. It was a really cool time. It was very misty out and raining and I kind of had a flashback to that. But the overall feeling was that my childhood and adolescence was weird. To this day, I don’t know if I was depressed, misguided, or no ambition. I don’t know. But this all came from this album. My parents didn’t give me a lot of guidance. God love them. My parents were great! But they weren’t really on top of things as far as guiding me in the right direction.

I sort of remember to this day how I chose the college that I went to. I went to two undergraduate colleges because I transferred after two years. But the first college I went to was called Randolph Macon which is a very small liberal arts college in Ashland, Virginia. It’s not like a did a whole lot of research to find the perfect school for me.

I will tell you how I landed at Randolph Macon in Virginia. I don’t know how it happened, but it’s weird as shit. My mom, her friend Elaine, her son Jeff, and I went down to visit this college Randolph Macon. The four of us went down to visit this college and walked around the campus. We had dinner at some restaurant in Richmond, Virginia. That evening we decided that not only would Jeff and I go to this school but we decided that Jeff and I would be roommates. Boy that was stupid! That’s the way that I was guided to pick my college. It was ridiculous! And he was a nice guy and everything but Jeff and I didn’t really fit as roommates at all. It would have been much better if I maybe had someone randomly selected for me. I would have met someone new maybe from a different culture. It was just bizarre. It was weird and the school turned out not to be good for me. Not at all. It was tiny, very conservative, maybe something like a southern Baptist. I’m Jewish and they were sending me to a southern Baptist type school with maybe 1000 students total. And they had just begun admitting women the previous year. So there were like 930 men and 70 women in this whole school. Talk about a formula for disaster.

So this is what I started thinking about when this Moody Blues album come on this morning. I really did flashback to my whole weird life. It was like one series of misguided steps to the next. Don’t get me wrong. Anybody looking at me from the outside probably thought things were ok and I don’t really know that they were. I’m wondering if I had been guided in a different direction, would my life be different? Better? My life is good so maybe I needed the weirdness when I was younger. Maybe I needed that. But I lasted 2 years at that school. Jeff lasted all 4 years. He loved it! It was probably good for him but bad for me.

In the second year, I did have another roommate. Jeff and I kind of parted ways. I guess we figured we weren’t the best as roommates for each other. I think he moved into the frat house anyway. My second roommate’s name was Scott. He was a diabetic. It was like my first introduction into diabetes. I didn’t know anything about diabetes. But this guy had to take insulin. I didn’t even know what that was back then. He was a diabetic and he was a big masturbator. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the diabetes, but this guy masturbated so much. I would always walk into the room and catch this guy masturbating. It’s not like a really uncomfortable thing for me to always walk in on this. It was just really weird.

And again this album flashed me back to this weirdness. After 2 years at Randolph Macon. I came to my senses and I transferred closer to home at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). By the way, my grades at Randolph Macon were average at best. They were “B” and “C” type grades. They were ok not great. I didn’t even know what I wanted to do with my life so I transferred to UMBC where I then figured out that I had to grow up a little bit. I’ve got to start studying and working hard. And then I started getting “A’s”. It not that UMBC was easier. It was probably more difficult. But I totally grew up a little bit and moved back home. I studied hard because I wanted to go to dental school. Why did I want to go to dental school? I have no flipping idea. Again, it was probably because I was guided in that direction. But nobody gave me any tests or said, “Dave, I think you should be a dentist because…” So I am going to do something for the rest of my life because somebody said to try this.

This album brought this all back. I feel like this is my shrink appointment now. I feel like I am talking to my shrink. I don’t even have a shrink. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with seeing a shrink. I have seen shrinks in my life. When I was married the first time, I saw shrinks when I got divorced. I saw shrinks when I met Yoko because I was trying to figure out my life. There’s nothing at all wrong with it. It actually helped me a lot.

I’ll tell you the last time I spoke to a shrink. I remember exactly what happened. I spoke to my shrink 9 years ago. The reason I remember it was 9 years ago or so was because Obama was campaigning to be president. It was before he was elected. I said to my shrink, “I don’t think I am going to vote for Obama. I just don’t love him.”And she looked at me straight in the eye and said, “well Dave, if you are not voting for Obama that means you are racist.” And you know, I will never forget that. Because I wasn’t voting for somebody whose skin happened to be black, that meant I was racist. That was my last appointment ever with this woman. Up until then I thought she gave me a lot of good advice and helped me along with some questions I had with my life. That was the last time I ever saw shrink. The nerve of her looking at me and telling me, who loves everyone and looks at everyone the same regardless of skin color or sexual preference or age or gender. Whatever it is. I try my best to look at everybody as a human being. And this woman told me that I am a racist. So does that mean if I didn’t vote for Carter back in the 80s who I think ran against Reagan. Does that mean I hate southern people? That’s such a weird statement for a professional to tell me that if I didn’t vote for Obama I was racist. That’s just crazy.

Anyway, I digress. But again, my life was weird. I did a lot of crazy things and weird things when I was in college and dental school. But I just felt like I was a misguided mess. Thank God I finally came to my senses. It was really not until I divorced my wife of 23 years. And I went through some really tough times after that. I dated different women but I finally met Yoko and we got married. It was not until then, that I really figured it out. We’ve been married for 13 years now and it wasn’t until then that my life really started to come together. And I am going to thank the Moody Blues for coming on my iTunes this morning. Actually it might have been Spotify but I am the one that played it. But I want to thank the Moody Blues for flashing my entire adolescent life in front of me simply by playing that album. I might play it again. I’m not sure. I don’t know if I am going to play it again but I probably will. But I am going to be prepared to go back into 1972.

How about you? Do you ever listen to any music from your past that suddenly takes you back to that past whether it was good, bad, a mixture? Do you ever do that? Does it ever get you to think about how you’ve come such a long way? And how you’ve changed over many years?

I think a lot of it just has to do with life experience. When I was 17, 18, 19, I had almost no life experience and very little guidance and I had to figure things out on my own. But now about 45 years later, I think I am just starting to figure life out. Oh I wish God could give me 60 more years because I think in 60 more years I could figure a lot more out. But until then I have to enjoy every single day I have on this planet. The way I enjoy every single day is not only doing my thing but working and exploring this beautiful planet. But the way I really get my pleasure is by helping you. I love to help YOU live your best life!

Until next week! I’m Dr. Dave. I love you!


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