181 – Changing Conditions

Hello there! It’s Dr. D the “V”. This is The David Madow Lifestyle Show. And I am here to teach you how to become stronger, thinner, healthier, and happier.

I’ve got a great one for you today! You can tell I’m excited! You can probably tell in my voice. I hope my voice always sounds excited because that’s the way that I live my life. Do I ever have bad days? Shit yeah! Of course I have bad days. Just like you do. But I try to figure out how to handle the bad days so they turn into good ones. Or realize that they’ll pass.

But I’m having a great day today. I’m in Park City, Utah and I want to share a few things with you. I’m here with my buddy, Mike. We are skiing for 6 days as I talked about on my previous podcast. He’s a good friend of mine who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. In the old days, we used to spend every winter skiing. We would meet somewhere in Colorado or Utah and just ski for a week. But our lives got busier. And now Yoko and I spend a good part of the winter out in Breckenridge, Colorado. And it just became more difficult. For no reason other than we just didn’t try to schedule it. But now we’re out here together. We made it a point to schedule 6 ski days.

One of the reasons I was able to do it pretty easily is because I am on my way to Portland, Oregon. I am speaking there next week. Like I told you before I always try my best to combine a business trip with a fun trip if possible. I’ve done 4 Hippie Road Trips already. All combined with business. This one is combined with business.

It’s April 1st today and we are having Spring skiing conditions. When I am in Colorado skiing, it is generally cold all day and all night. So when the snow falls down on the mountain, it falls in the form of powder. And then the powder starts to go away as either the wind blows it away or it gets skied off. Underneath the powder is generally very hard packed snow. Anywhere from 60″ to over 100″ of packed snow.

But when it turns into Spring ski conditions like it was today, here’s what happens. It’s very cold at night. It goes below freezing at night especially up on the mountains but during the day it gets warm. So imagine the snow during the day on the mountain starting to melt and it gets a little bit slushy like melting snow. And then in the evening it gets frozen over. So it changes. In other words, when we get out there first thing in the morning, we’re basically skiing on frozen icy hard snow. It’s hard if you’re not a seasoned skier. Sometimes your skis go in a direction that you can’t manage. It’s hard to maneuver through this thick hard crud and junk. It’s hard to explain but it makes skiing very difficult.

But then as they sun comes out, it starts to warm up and probably at about 11am you notice a definite difference. The snow starts to soften up. So basically from 11am to the end of the ski day at about 4pm, you’re skiing in Spring conditions. It’s not powder. It’s softer more granular snow.

So it’s not like you go up on the mountain and you’re always skiing in the same conditions. Being a skier, you’ve got to be prepared for changing conditions. I’m talking about powder, ice, soft snow, hard snow, steep conditions, not so steep conditions, windy, snowing, raining; you have to be prepared for anything. Your technique has to change depending on what type of snow or conditions you are skiing in.

That’s kind of like life isn’t it?! It’s kind of like life. I’ve never thought about that but skiing is kind of mimicking life. We wake up every day and you never know what’s going to hit us or what kind of situations you’re going to be in. You never know what kind of problem you’re going to have. Is it going to be fun or is it going to be bumpy? We never know. But whatever conditions we’re in, we have to adapt. We have to be good at adapting.

In your life you’re going to hit obstacles. As you hit these in your life, I want you to think about this metaphor that I am describing and remember what David Madow is teaching you. Life throws a lot of different things at us and we have to be able to handle all of them. Sometimes beginning skiers and intermediate skiers get to a point where they can’t do it because they are afraid it won’t be safe enough so they take off their skis and just walk down or slide down. Sometimes in life you get to an obstacle that you feel you can’t handle. Get around it somehow. Work it out. Get around it. Get down to the bottom of the mountain if you know what I mean. And life will be much better. And you’ll be able to handle it from there.

That’s my skiing analogy for you. To tell you the truth, I just wanted to describe the mountain conditions to you. And as I was describing the conditions, it hit me. This was not planned. It just kinda hit me that skiing totally mimics real life. It’s so cool!

Now, getting here was a problem. The day I was getting here, Mike was traveling from Atlanta and I was traveling from Maryland. We timed the flights so that we would literally land within 5 minutes of each other. Isn’t air travel incredible? We live basically 1000 miles apart from each other but we can time it so that we can arrive in the same spot in the Salt Lake City Airport 5 minutes apart. We get our bags, jump in the rental car, and bam we’re off to the mountain.

But it didn’t quite work like that. I got to the airport and my transfer to Denver was running really late. Over an hour late. It was so late that I had literally about 15 minutes to get off the plane in Denver and get onto the place going to Salt Lake City. Now, 15 minutes sounds like it would be enough time but remember when you’re on a plane and it lands, you don’t just walk off the plane. It takes a while to get off the plane. That adds at the very least 5 to 10 minutes trying to get off the plane. So then I would have 5 minutes to run through the airport to catch a plane. And usually they close the door 5 minutes before they taxi out to the runway. So I was praying that there would be some kind of miracle and I would catch this plane.

So,I sat down and was waiting around. As I was on my way to the gate to take this flight that was already running so late, I got a text message that said the flight was going to be delayed another hour. Now I know there is zero chance of me catching that flight to Denver.

So here I am. I’m walking from gate to gate at the airport trying to figure out what to do. And I found out that there was a nonstop to Salt Lake. It would leave around 2pm and get into Salt Lake around 4:30pm. So I would be getting in about 2 1/2 hours after Mike. So my poor buddy Mike would have to wait around the airport basically doing nothing except waiting for me for 2 1/2 hours. The line to change the flight was super long but I had an idea. I was going to call the 800 number for Southwest Airlines as I am standing in line. I figured that would probably be a lot faster. As I am standing in this long line, the person answers and I tell her my situation. She went ahead and changed my flight right then and there.

I tried to print my new boarding pass using my iPhone but I couldn’t do it. There was some kind of technical reason and it said that that I had to get re-ticketed. Well, in order to get re-ticketed, I found out I had to pass security again. That’s not too big a deal.

So I went outside and passed through security again. I went to the counter and they took care of everything for me. She was really nice. So then I wanted to make sure that my luggage, which was checked for the other flight, follows me. And she said “oh, we are going to have to figure out how to do this. We will have to pull your luggage from the flight. We can’t really do that from here so you will have to go back in through security and go up to a counter there where they can help you there.”

So I did and after talking to a couple different people, they were extremely helpful. They were able to pull my luggage and be sure it follows me on the next flight. I was excited!

Now, here I am. Walking around the airport. Going from gate to gate. Outside security, inside security. And I am getting a little bit frustrated because it’s a lot of walking.

Let me share with you how much walking I did through the airport. I wear a Fitbit. I happened to check my Fitbit and most of the steps were from the airport. I had to get to the airport super early so most of the steps were there. By the time I was ready to take off, I had walked through the airport close to 12,000 steps. For those of you that have Fitbits or any kind of device like that, you know that is roughly equivalent to 5 miles. Imagine me walking 5 miles around the airport trying to get this stuff done.

I was getting frustrated during that day. I got to the airport at around 6am and I didn’t wind up taking off until about 2:15pm. So I was there all day long. Walking around, going from gate to gate, going out, going in. 5 miles! I was getting frustrated.

So sometime during that day I was talking on the phone to my brother Rich. I was kind of sharing my frustration with Rich. I was saying how crazy this was and how Mike was supposed to be meeting me but I was going to be 2 1/2 hours late and how horrible I felt. And Rich said to me. He really helped me. He said, “Dave take a deep breath. Think about it this way. You’re in Baltimore now but before you close your eyes tonight you are going to be in Salt Lake City, Utah. Think about that! It’s a miracle! So don’t stress and don’t really worry. Even if it’s delayed, you will be there by tomorrow morning. You’re still going to be there. So just relax.”

He was right! I was starting to stress out a little bit. I should have meditated but I didn’t. I should have. But he was totally right. Think about the story. Yeah, I didn’t get much sleep the night before because I got up super early. I was stressed at the airport walking from gate to gate all over the place. 5 miles at the airport. I did get great exercise. That’s a plus! But, in the end, after all the frustration, and all the craziness, and changing my bags, and tickets; I landed in Salt Lake City at 4:30pm. Not that bad. Not that bad at all.

So friends, keep this little story in mind. When things are crazy, just relax. I know I preach this all the time and I was going against my advice by stressing out. But then I thought about it and Rich brought me to my senses. I was fine. I got there and met up with Mike, who by the way, had already gotten the rental car. He was in a totally great mood. It was fine. He understood. It was out of my control. I felt bad for him but it was out of my control.

We went on up the mountain to Park City and had a great dinner. It’s just great to be here. It really is! I’m so glad. I try to be happy everywhere I go. As you know, I live in Maryland most of the year. And when I am there I love it! I live in a beautiful rural area. We’ve got 3 cats. I walk and I run. We’ve got a beautiful Cherry Blossom tree that’s blooming right now and I’m missing a lot of it.

So I try to really enjoy wherever I am. Whatever life throws at me. Whether there’s ice, steeps, slush; I try to take whatever it is and work through it. It’s worked for me. Am I perfect at it? No! I never claim to be perfect. I try to teach you from what I’ve learned in my (close to) 62 years on this planet. I’ve made tons of mistakes. Tons!! I could do many episodes just talking about my mistakes. I share with you some of them. And I learn through my mistakes and my failures. I try to give you enough information so that maybe you won’t make the same mistakes I do.

We talked last week about financial craziness and how people are spending money on new cars that they can’t afford. I am here to tell you that almost everybody can become a millionaire. Almost everybody can do it if you look at your numbers and you spend much less than you make. I know people with very average incomes that have lived the “millionaire next door” lifestyle by being very frugal. And they wake up one day and they’ve accumulated a million dollars. Let me tell you something, that feels good! You can do that!

So just learn from my mistakes and learn from my lessons that I share with you. In the few minutes that we have left today, I want to share something really cool. We were on the mountain today taking a well deserved lunch break. It was really tough to get a seat so we shared a table with a woman. She had a ski helmet with a sticker from practically every ski resort. It was a conversation starter.

As it turns out, this woman named Carol, is 73 years old and has been skiing for 60 years! She looked fantastic! She exuded youth. She looked great and was talking about all these places that she’s skied over the years. I have so much respect for this woman at 73 years old skiing by herself on the mountains. She owns a place here in Utah. She’s from New York but she comes here and spends a good part of the winter. She said that’s why she looks so good. She is doing what she loves and she is moving her body.

Have you heard a recurring theme in The David Madow Lifestyle Show? Do what you love. Move your body. Put the right foods and the right fuel into your body.

I am vegan and Mike is gluten free. It’s really funny. We joke with the waitress that they are going to have a lot of fun with us. We have to figure out what we can eat. They are so accomodating. People want to work with you and they want to help you. Most do. I still believe that most people on this planet are good people. There is a small percentage that are not. We stay away from them.

That’s what I teach. Stick with positive people. That’s why you’re with me. Positivity exudes from this podcast. Positivity, inspiration, success! There’s great stuff in your life. Stick with me. There’s going to be more. I promise you. I’ll see you next week! I’m Dr. Dave –


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