182 – To the Hospital

Hey there! It’s Dr. D the “V”, David Madow. Welcome back to The David Madow Lifestyle Show. It’s the show where I help you live stronger, thinner, healthier, and happier.

Life has some strange twists and I want to share one of them with you. I just got back from Park City, Utah and from Portland, Oregon where I was speaking. I got back a day ago. And life is going on and regular things are happening. Then I get this call this morning from my mom saying, “hey Dave, I think I want to go to the emergency room.” And I said, “why mom?” She said, “well, I have been having chest pains and shortness of breath.” And I said, “about how long has this been going on?” And she said, “oh for about 2 weeks now.” I said, “mom, why didn’t you so something before 2 weeks?” She said, “oh because I had all this stuff to do and it was our anniversary and we were going out to dinner with the kids and I had all this stuff to get together.” So I said, “mom I am taking you to the emergency room now let’s go.”

It’s going to be a short show today and I’ll tell you why. And I’ll tell you what I want you to get out of this today as well.

My mom is a hard worker and somebody that always puts everybody before herself to her detriment. I think she has lost some of her health because she is always worried and doing things for everybody else. And maybe not worried about her own health and her own life as much as she should be. And I’ve always told you this from the start of the show, there’s probably nothing more important in our lives than our health. We cannot enjoy what’s going on around us and we can’t be happy. We have to be fundamentally healthy to be able to live a good life.

That’s the most important thing and I’m afraid my mom has let her health go because she’s just so worried about other things and other people. I was in there with her this morning and when the doc came in and said it looks like we are going to have to admit you because I want to run some tests. I am not so sure what’s going on but this could be something serious. And the first thing that came out of her mouth was, “I shouldn’t have said anything. I should have kept going the way I was.” Wow, great!

Hey look guys and gals! Let’s make sure that our health takes precedence and if something’s wrong, let’s take care of it. If something’s going on in your body and you feel something or you’re not sure of something. Get it checked out before it gets to the point where it’s too late. Promise me you’re going to do that.

But more importantly than that, while I was driving over here in the car, I was very blunt with my mom. I said mom I ‘ve told you this for many many years. My mom is really overweight. She is clinically obese. And when you are overweight, you are going to be more predisposed to chronic medical conditions. I can’t remember what she said but it was something negative like “I don’t have time to mess with that now, I have too many things going on.” She is too busy in her life right now to lose weight.

This is really tough. We all have to face parents getting older. There’s nothing that we can do about that. Like I have told you for so many years, life is unpredictable! Because I eat plant based and work out my body doesn’t mean there are any guarantees. No! Something can happen to me tomorrow. It certainly could. I am not going to be up here preaching that I am immune to any disease. I’m not! I’m human just like you are, just like my mom is, just like my dad is, just like everybody else. We’re human and we’re going to have something happen at some point. But let’s mitigate the possibility of having something happen too soon by doing the things that are smart. Putting the right fuel into our body, not junk into our body. Not overeating, not being overweight, moving our body.

I am not trying to be selfish, but sometimes we have to put ourselves first. Don’t let your own health be sacrificed. Let’s look out for our own health. Relax! Rest for a while! Don’t worry about everything you have going on in your life because that’s going to be there. Obligations are important but they are secondary to your health.

All this stuff can be taken care of. Please trust me when I say this! You can tell the difference in my voice between today and other shows. I’m frustrated and I’m aggravated because sometimes I just can’t talk sense into my mom.

She is very hard headed and very determined. And probably I guess you could say very type “A.”  And she has to get all this stuff done. But for what? To end up in a hospital.

I think today I am going to give you some food for thought. Some motivation. And inspiration to look at your life really seriously and realize that you need to do everything you can do to make your life better to keep yourself healthy.

I do everything I can do to make my life better to keep myself healthy. So then when I get better, I can teach other people. And I can make sure my life is ok. And not only that but my life, my health, and my financial situation. People let their financial situations go because they are thinking about other people and they are responsible. My parents have done that as well.

Let’s think about ourselves! Not to be selfish. Not to be narcissistic but to take care of ourselves first so that we can be the best for other people.

Guys, I’m Dr. Dave! Let me go check on her! I love you! I’ll talk to you soon!


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